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BabyPrice Infant Baby Baby Wrap Around Crib Rail or Stroller Toy, Stroller Toy, Bed Hanging Toys, Car Seat Toy

BabyPrice Infant Baby Baby Wrap Around Crib Rail or Stroller Toy, Stroller Toy, Bed Hanging Toys, Car Seat Toy

Product Description
If you want to purchase this item as Christmas Gift, it may not match your requirement. As the Christmas Holiday coming, taking into account the transportation pressure, the typical minimum shipping transit times is 15 to 25 business days from December 1st, 2016. Thanks for your understanding and kindness.
Hope you and yours have a nice holiday. Thanks very much! Wish you have lots of love and happiness.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

The toy Will provide lots of fun opportunities for your little one to first start to engage with toys!

BPA FREE, SILICONE TEETHER, NON-TAXIC. No damage to Baby, environmental – friendly material.

Not only are they valuable sensory toys for our babies, but they are also adorable accessory for your crib. They will really live up your room!

1. Encourages cognitive skills; sensory development; dexterity; motor skills; visual sensory; stimulates senses; exercises the mind and body, Develop baby’s tactile senses and hand eye coordination naturally .
2. Easy for little hands to grasp. Helps develop fine motor skills sound; touch; cognitive skills and much more.
3. Multiple activities encourage discovery and provides multi-sensory stimulation.
4. Lots of developmental features including signature teether and rattle sounds, BPA free. Creates innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood
5. Easy-to-grab with click-clack rings.
6. A different sensory stimulating activity on each one of giraffe’s legs.
7. Baby would like to take the lovely toy with them wherever they go. Bright starts sensory TOY helps develop baby’s senses of sight, sound, and touch while on-the-go.
8. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are unsatisfied in any way with this product, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Price: $24.88

  • ♫♫ BPA FREE, SILICONE: Soft textured bandana teether, No damage to Baby, environmental – friendly material. Teether soothe baby’s gums and soft bodies are fun to cuddle.
  • ♫♫ VISUAL DEVELOPMENT: The crib toy dissolves into the variety of colors and patterns of a gorgeous, can promote children’s visual development.
  • ♫♫ SENSORY DEVELOPMENT: Loud rustling of paper pressure, more functions is made for smart baby to find out. Can attract the baby to play as well as feel the embrace and the response of the interaction.
  • ♫♫ EASY TO GRIB: Adorable, easy-to-hang clip-on toy, easy-to-grab with click-clack rings, Linkable pal easily attaches to car seats, strollers.
  • ♫♫ HEALTHY GROWTH FOR YOUR BABY: These functions will be able to fully attract the attention of the baby, enhance the strength of hand and wrist activities, and promote the development of hand muscles and stimulate the baby’s visual, auditory development.
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