Bargain price on VTech Baby Toot-Toot Animals Farm

  • Nine smartpoint locations which respond to the animals with fun phrases, nature sound effects and melodies
  • Three press buttons teach colours, vegetables and numbers
  • Feature’s a swinging door that plays a fun mouse sound effect when the animal passes through it
  • A fun slide that animals can slide down into the farm and swing


I like to keep things in storage for presents, as tend to have a lot of friends who have babies, and so it is always useful to have a few items in stock. This VTech Baby Toot-Toot Animals Farm was absolutely perfect for that and we decided to give it to our nephew for his first birthday. He has a sister who has everything already, so it is always quite difficult to find things that would be good for him over her, or that she hasn’t got but this fitted the bill perfectly

The colours are lovely and bright and the product, like everything I have previously purchased from Vetch, is superb. Size wise it is also really good- a nice large sturdy product that looks like it will last for a long while. You do have to be aware though that this is quite a big product- it isn’t going to be something that you can put out and then leave unless you have a play room. When we put it all out it took up half the floor space in the living room once our nephew had laid everything out and made the normal mess than a young child does. His sister loved playing with it as well- she is 4, so I think it is one of those products that would work well for a wider age range and allow them to interact together.
You only get one animal included, so if you do want to create a whole menagerie then you will need to purchase additional animals- I don’t think they are too unreasonably priced though so this isn’t a problem. There is plenty of space to use them around the farm. Note that the cow comes with batteries included but the actual farm requires them. As with all V-tech stuff you can add a lot more to make it even bigger if you want to do that!

This is a great educational product- it teaches children a number of new words and encourages them to interact and play with a toy that will actually give them some benefits. I would certainly purchase it again for another child. I think it would be suitable from the age of around 9 months to a year depending on the child. My other nephew has a lot of V-tech stuff and has really been interacting with them well since he was about 8 months old whereas some of his friends didn’t really get into them until a bit later. I don’t think I would have purchased it at the full price, but for what I paid for it, it was a great deal and is going to be a long lasting gift.

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