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10 best resources to get your child excel with phonics

In school all children have regular phonics sessions which are based on the Letters and Sounds. Here are a few tips how you can help your child get better at phonics:

Continue with the read-aloud. Include alphabet book and cards. Some alphabet books tell a story or talk about information. Look out for these.
Sing the alphabet often. Be careful that “l-m-n-o” doesn’t come too quickly and sound like one letter. It is a group of characters with four specific sounds; slow down at this part, maybe even pause after the letter n, and then continue with stating the alphabet slowly and clearly.

Here are the 10 best resources to help your child with phonics

Julia Donaldson Songbirds Phonics Activity Book 1-8, Oxford Reading Tree


Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds: Levels 1+ and 2. Get Started With Julia Donaldson’s Phonics Story Collection


First Phonics Ages 3-4 (Collins Easy Learning Preschool) Phonics Power! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) (Phonics Boxed Sets)


Point to alphabet characters and say their titles. Mix the characters and say their titles.
Work on titles. Teach your child to spell his or her name. Write the name on a piece of paper. Ask your child to trace over it and then duplicate. Warning: this may become a little tricky with titles that do not follow regular sound-symbol relationships. Point out the irregularities.
Make characters in fun ways with paint, play clay, sticks, sugars, or sand.
Look for characters wherever you decide to go. Examples: indications, cereal boxes, publication covers.
Look at characters, say the letter name, say the letter sound, then say a term that begins recover sound.
Make flash cards. Play letter video games such as Storage or Go Fish with characters or sounds, and when you discover a match say a term that begins recover matched sensible. Play Tic-Tac-Toe using characters other than X and O.
Start with simple words, like bat. Write the word on a piece of paper, point to the first notice, and have for the audio. Continue with each succeeding letter.
Embark on a notice hunt. Write a notice together with a sheet of newspaper, like b. Search for every one of the words of things throughout the house that begin start notice or sound. Sketch pictures or write words.

Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds: Phonics Games Flashcards


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Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo Review

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo is a fun interactive toy that encourages movement and is educational as well. BeatBo is a delightful animatronic friend that inspires your baby to get up and move and has also won Infant/Toddler toy of the year.

Feature and Details

By pushing BeatBo’s colorful LED tummy grid or the buttons on his feet will reward baby with fun songs, learning content, and dance moves. BeatBo is intended for children 9 months to 3 years old.

  • Large, multi-color LED grid tummy.
  • Fun “dancing” action gets his hips shaking and head nodding.
  • Dance ‘n Move: Fun, stimulating music inspires baby to move around.
  • Learning and Games: Introduces baby to ABCs, colors, counting & more.
  • Requires four AA batteries.
  • Includes 3 modes that grow with baby.

What are the Advantages of BeatBo?

When BeatBo is in Dance n’ Move mode he will shake his hips and nod his head to the music encouraging your baby to move around with him. He will make your baby what to move, shake, and dance along, helping to exercise gross motor skills.

When in Learning & Games Mode he will help baby to learn ABCs, colors, counting, and more; also features the Freeze Dance for even more fun.

The customized Sing-Along Mode allows mom or baby to record a phrase and BeatBo will remix it into his favorite song!

BeatBo’s colorful lights, dance moves, music, and assortment of textures will all help baby’s sense of sight, hearing, and touch. Your baby will discover how their actions make fun things happen when they press BeatBo’s tummy or feet; this is a great way to introduce cause and effect.

As your baby grows you can increase their play by pointing out all the different color on BeatBo.

Are there any disadvantages?

The only disadvantage is that the batteries that are included are for demonstration purposes only, so if purchasing this as a gift it would be a good idea to have the required four AA batteries ready to go once it is out of the package.

It should also be noted that if this toy unpredictably, it may need to be reset. To do this you will need to slide the power switch off and then back on. When BeatBo’s sounds, lights, and movements become faint or stop, it’s time for the batteries to be replaced.

Final Thoughts

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo is a toy that parents and little ones love! It is not only fun, but extremely educational. With his music and moves he encourages little ones to explore their gross motor skills by getting up and moving along with him.

His bright colors, lights, music and textures stimulate the eyes, hearing, and sense of touch. With so many buttons to push baby will learn cause and effect when they are able to see what happens when they push a button.

BeatBo has to be a fantastic toy because it has won Infant/Toddler toy of the year!

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Review

Have a child that loves dinosaurs? The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is large, bony, and extremely fun for making epic primitive adventures. He is loaded with sounds, movements, and adventures and your kids are the ones that make it happen. By turning Power Pads, kids will be able to get him walking, standing, chomping, and launching projectiles and boulders.

What is Imaginext Ultra T-Rex?

When standing at full height this T-Rex is 2 1/1 feet tall, he will get your little dinosaur lover’s imagination going with 3 Power Pads that bring him roaring to life.

With a turn of the Power Pad behind his tail he will start walking taking four steps forward with thrilling sound effects, a turn of the Power Pad behind his left hip will allow him to stand at his full height and also active the LED lights in his spikes and his eyes. Turning his third Power Pad with open and close his mouth while making chomping sounds and even firing out projectiles!

He also has two boulder launders in his chest that can be fired at the press of a button and a projectile claw.

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is intended for children age 36 months to 8 years old and includes the T-Rex, 3 warrior figures with helmets and accessories, 4 boulders, and 4 projectiles. It requires 4 AA batteries that are also included.

What are the Advatages of the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex?

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex will keep your dino lover’s hands and imagination busy. Your child’s hands will be kept busy in many other ways aside from the 3 Power Pads; pushing buttons to launch projectiles or fire boulders, putting figures in the jail, operating the trap door and using the glider.

This scary T-Rex makes no bones about it with his realistic sound effects while he walks and stands firing off projectiles, he is ready to overpower prehistoric lands and the imagination of your dinosaur lover!

Are there any disadvantages?

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is a large toy that may not be able to be moved without assistance and could be hard to store. Parents have also mentioned that it doesn’t walk great on carpet. It does also have small pieces that should be kept out of reach of small children due to choking hazard.

Additionally, because the T-Rex is so large it could be scary to some children. Therefore it is not recommended for children who aren’t already really into dinosaurs.

Final Thoughts

If you have a dinosaur lover this is the toy for them. There are so many ways to play with the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex that your child’s imaginations with really power up. With his ability to walk, make sounds, fire projectiles, and launch boulders this kind of the dinosaurs is sure to overpower any Jurassic enemy as well as all the toys in your dinosaur lover’s collection.

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex will bring your dinosaur hours of fun and adventure conquering the prehistoric lands.

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Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset Review

By Anna / July 12, 2017

Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool set is not only fun for your children, but educational as well. It will teach them about music, the world, and what it will be like to go to preschool.

What is Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset?

It is a musical preschool that will help toddlers to imagine their own preschool experience. Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset has over 35 sounds, phrases, and songs. It includes the preschool itself, Eddie, Mia, teacher figures, and a table with 4 chairs. The playset is intended for children ages 12 months to 5 years, it also requires 3 AA batteries.

What does this toy do?

There are so many things that can be done at The Little People Musical Preschool and your toddlers are the ones that will make it happen! There is an aquarium they can make “bubble bubble” sounds come from, they can make the dino roar, the hamster treadmill squeak, or even send Eddie and Mia down the slide.

When children push the buttons on the rug the whole school will come to life with many more sounds, phrases, and songs!

Just like many other preschools, each of the Little People friends has their own special place on the rug. What makes this so magical is that children can push each button to hear different sounds from the flute, violin, guitar, piano, or saxophone allowing them to build their own song! They will also be able to add sounds from the hamster, easel, aquarium, or dinosaur to make their song even more exceptional.

What are the Advantages?

If your child is coming up on the milestone of starting preschool the Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset will help them to imagine what their own preschool experience will be like. If they are already in school they could reenact their own experience they have already had, helping to build confidence.

While discovering how much fun preschool can be, they will also discover how they can make things happen, aiding in the understanding of cause and effect.

This playset is made of sturdy plastic and other Little People will fit in it as well. Although it says ages 12 months to 5 years, it is probably more enjoyable for children ages 12 months to 3.5 years old.

Are there any disadvantages?

Children and parents appear to love this fun and educational toy, the only real disadvantage found is that the power button is on the bottom of the toy which could upset a toddler if their Little People fall off when it is being turned off.

Final Thoughts

The Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset is great for older babies and toddlers, it catches their attention with all of its bright colors and sounds that it makes. They can place the Little People where they want them and make their own sounds and music. This playset also helps to learn about the real world and what going to school might be like.

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FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn Review

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of having a pet Unicorn? Well now she can with My Magical Unicorn! StarLily is a stunning young unicorn who comes from her home in the charmed forest to be a little girl’s very best friend.

StarLily will respond to voice and touch with over 100 sound and motion arrangements. When you interact with her she will mover her head, hoof, make unique sounds, and her horn lights up.

Features and Details of FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn

StarLily is the best pet friend who will play all day, make you laugh, and love you back. These huggable friends will give you unconditional love, laughter, and tad bit of magic whenever it’s needed.

StarLily will satisfy the dream of having a pet unicorn, your imagination will fly and you will enjoy enchanted journeys with your special pet friend!StarLily includes the pet, a treat, and instructions. She requires four C batteries and is intended for children age 4 and up.

  • StarLily reacts to your touch with realistic movements.
  • StarLily’s horn will light up in different colors.
  • StarLily can spread and flutter her wings.
  • StarLily lover her sugarberry treat.
  • StarLily moves her front hoof.

What makes FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn a great toy?

Your child will get to have many magical adventures with StarLily, she can be pet, hugged, held, and her horn will flash different colors to match her mood. She will keep your child entertained for hours with her moves and style.

She can sit down, lie down, or stand, and she will even move when she hears music. Her mane and tail are soft and beautiful; braid them to make StarLily look extra fancy. StarLily has tons of energy to play, but sometimes she gets tired and will need to be perked up.

Wake her up by petting her on the back or feeding her her favorite sugarberry treat. The move you love on her, the more she will love you back!

Download the My Magical Unicorn app so your child can have even more fun with their pet unicorn. There are so many games and adventures they will share when they play on the app with StarLily.

Are there any downfalls?

Little girls love StarLily, but some parents did express that it is disappointing that the app is not available on android devices and that for the price it does not come equipped with batteries. Otherwise they and their children have loved StarLily the unicorn!

Final Thoughts about StarLily My Magical Unicorn

Most little girls have the unrealistic dream of a pet unicorn; with this toy their dream can come true! StarLily is interactive and has soft huggable fur and mane. The more she is played with the better your child and StarLily will get to know each other.

Whether they are playing with the app or just cuddling with her it is sure to be a charmed time. StarLily is every girls’ dream pet and they are sure to be the best of friends!

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Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy Buck the Deer Mailman

Do you have a child that would like to communicate with you and other family members, but isn’t quite old enough for their own phone? The Toymail Mailman is a WiFitoy messenger that will allow your child to send and receive messages with you or anyone else that has an iPhone or Android phone.

What is the Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman?

They Toymail Mailman is the only kid friendly WIFI toy messenger. You can record a voice message from anywhere and send it to the Mailman anytime from the free iPhone or Android app. Messages can be recorded and delivered in your voice or a funny voice and kids can reply right back from their toy to your phone for two-way talk.

As many approved friends and family as you want can send messages to children that they love from the free Toymail app!

Amazing Features of Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

  • Built in WiFi

You can connect your child’s Mailman to your 2.4Ghz home WiFi network in just minutes and begin sending and receiving messages through the Toymail app. Toymail only uses WiFI, not Bluetooth, so it don’t not need to be close to a phone to use it.

  • Two-Way Talk

Your child’s mailman will check for messages twice every hour and when they hit the play button it will speak your message either in their silly voice, or yours. Your child can reply immediately to the message right from the toy to your phone. Voice messages are stored and memories are saved forever when you use the free Toymail app.

  • App Ready

The free Toymail app can be downloaded on any iOS or compatible Android device to send and receive message at any time from any location in the world. The best part messaging is free between you and the Mailman.

  • Alerts

Your child’s Mailman will snort, whine, howl, and growl to let them know they have new Toymail messages.

This toy is intended for children 3 years of age and up as it does have small pieces that could be a choking hazard. It also requires 4 AA batteries.

What are the advantages of Toymail Mailmen?

This toy is great for you, your child, and any other family member who loves your child and wants to communicate with them at any time.

You could be in the checkout line at the store, interacting with your child at home, or a grandparent that lives in another part of the world, it is a simple and fun way to stay in touch with children in your life that you love.

Toymail Mailmen are fantastic for younger children who don’t know how to use a phone yet and want to be able to communicate with their family members.

Are there any Disadvantages?

The only drawback to the Toymail Mailmen appears to be that it takes some time to get it set up and connected with the app on your phone. It should be noted that parents have mentioned that while it says on the packaging it is easy it takes a while to “footprint” the Mailman to their phone.

Final Thoughts on the Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

Is this product work buying to your child or that child in your life you love so much you wish to be able to message them at any time? The majority of parents have loved this device and have not had any negative comments about it.

Children will love being able to send and receive messages with you, their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else in their life that they love!


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Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall Review

Get ready to join the Paw Patrol with Zoomer Marshall. This interactive toy is sure to delight any fans of the Paw Patrol. Featuring 80 interactive actions and tricks, Marshall moves and acts just like the character from the Paw Patrol series.


If you have Paw Patrol fans in your house, then take a moment to learn more about the Zoomer Marshall interactive dog.


What is the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall Robotic Dog?


Marshall is one of the characters from Paw Patrol. If you are unfamiliar with Paw Patrol, it is a Canadian animated TV show revolving around a group of rescue dogs. Each dog has a specific skillset based on a real-life profession. In this case, you get Marshall – the firefighter dog.


What is Marshall? This toy is an interactive robotic dog that moves, makes noise, and can fire water cannons. There is atotal of 80 interactions and over 150 Paw Patrol sounds. Here is a closer look at the technical details and features:


  • Includes 1 Zoomer Marshall
  • 2 water cannon missiles
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • Interactive toy that makes sounds and moves


Zoomer Marshall is a large robotic dog with its own personality. He is dressed as Marshall from Paw Patrol, with a red firefighter jacket and hat. The 2 water cannon missiles are concealed beneath the pack that sits on his back. When you are ready to launch the missiles, simply open the pack and pull the missiles out.


Along with launching his water cannons, Zoomer Marshall can make noises and repeat phrases from the Paw Patrol television show. There are over 150 sounds taken directly from the Paw Patrol series. This includes the Pup Pup Boogie and the Paw Patrol Theme. You simply press down on his head in order to activate the sound and have Marshall deliver one of his phrases or play a song.


In addition to sounds and noises, Zoomer Marshall can do so much more. There are 90 different tricks and missions for him to perform. These missions are actually interactive learning opportunities. This makes Marshall an educational toy, as well as a good source of entertainment for your children.


What are the Positive Features of Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall?


Zoomer Marshall should be a hit with any children that are fans of the Paw Patrol television series. As is the case with most children’s programming, the toys that go with the series are often a necessary addition to your house. This includes the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall. The following benefits are among the most commonly discussed features:


  • Interactive toy that keeps your children entertained
  • Educational missions that help teach problem-solving skills
  • No assembly is required – ready to use out of the box
  • Includes a dance mode
  • The toy includes a volume control!


The best feature of the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall toy is that it will keep your children entertained. Multiple parents have commented about how their children remained entertained for hours, after receiving this toy as a gift.


While your children are having fun, they will also be able to improve their problem-solving skills. The 80 tricks and missions that are included help force your children to come up with solutions and determine how to accomplish the mission. Also, as they complete these missions, additional missions will be unlocked.


No assembly is required. Zoomer Marshall is ready to use right out of the box. Though, it does require 4 AA batteries which are not included in the packaging. So, you will need to have these batteries handy before your child opens their gift. Also, the packaging is easy to remove. There are only a few zip ties to hold the dog in place.


There are many different interactive features, but the dance mode is pretty entertaining. When you switch to the dance mode, the dog will sing and dance, helping to keep your kids entertained. Though, the fact that there are 80 missions and 150 sounds means that it will take a long time for your child to get bored of this toy.


One issue that parents are always quick to examine is the noise level of the toy. For those of you that hate toys that make a lot of unnecessary noise, you will be happy to learn that Zoomer Marshall has an adjustable volume control.


When the dog gets too loud, you can simply turn the volume down. Also, the sound is clear and audible, which makes it less annoying for adults that are in the room.


How well does Zoomer Marshall travel across thecarpet? While he may move a little bit slower on thecarpet, Zoomer Marshall still has no trouble getting around. So, your kids can enjoy playing with him on any surface. Marshall also has a sensor, so that he can follow your child around the house.


Are There Any Disadvantages to the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall Toy?


There are no problems to report, other than a couple of words of warning. The water cannons that are attached to the back of the dog do not actually fire water. Instead, they launch plastic missiles that are meant to resemble water. These hard plastic missiles could hurt if they are launched at someone standing nearby.


It is unlikely that the plastic missiles will leave a bruise, but you know how kids are, the impact could be startling and result in some crying. So, make sure that you explain to your children that the missiles should not be launched at people or pets.


Final Thoughts on Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall


Zoomer Marshall is one of the most complex, yet easy to use, interactive toys available. The abundance of tricks, missions, and the sounds will require hours of use for your children to fully explore. The missions are designed to help teach problem-solving skills, but there is also plenty of entertainment to be found with the various songs and dances that the dog can perform.


The Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall works as advertised, has a volume control, and will definitely impress your children. If you have a Paw Patrol fan in your house, you should think about getting the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall interactive pet.


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Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset Review

Are you looking for a fun play center for your toddler? The Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset could be the right fit. It is a multi-functional play center designed to help your infant develop their motor skills.


Featuring three play modes, the Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset is a versatile toy that will expand as your child grows. Learn more by taking a look at the rest of this review.


Features and Details of the Light’n Go Treehouse Playset


The Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset is meant for children 6-months to 3-years. It includes over 80 activities that should help keep your infant busy for hours at a time. The main features of the Treehouse Playset include:


  • Animal-themed play center
  • Help your child develop their motor skills
  • Three separate play modes – explore colors, dance party, and collect fireflies
  • Includes a variety of interactive objects and structures
  • Features over 80 activities
  • 3 AA batteries required (included with the playset)


This Little Tikes playset is another play center in the Light’n Go series of toys. These toys use light in order to encourage your child to move around and explore. It has a fun animal-themed design with cute animals. The variety of colors and shapes will definitely capture your child’s attention.


The use of various colors and objects are intended to help your child develop their fine motor skills. As your baby grows, they will be able to continue using this toy, up until about the age of three.


The Magic Lantern on the Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset offers three separate play modes. This includes:


  • Explore colors
  • Dance party
  • Collect fireflies


The “explore colors” play mode teaches colors by using twinkling and spinning lights. These lights are bright and visible, even in a well-lit room. Though, they are more visible if you dim the lights.


With “dance party” play mode, the Magic Lantern will play fun songs and put on a light show. This is one of the most entertaining features of the toy. The spinning lights and the happy songs will definitely get your baby moving.


The third play mode is “collect fireflies”, which is actually an interactive game. Obviously, there are not any real fireflies. The “fireflies” are actually lights that escape from the Magic Lantern and dance around the floor. The idea is that these lights will encourage your baby to attempt and catch the “fireflies”.


Along with the three separate play modes, there are also tons of activities. As mentioned, you get a total of 90 activities to keep your baby entertained. This includes a slide, a monkey zip line, peek-a-boo shutters, a mailbox, shape sorter, ball feeders, and a large arch that your baby can crawl through.


That only covers a portion of the activities available. Other features include a zig-zag ball drop, door bell, ladybug clickers, ball spinners, and swinging doors. The abundance of activities makes this one of the most versatile activity centers available.


What Should You Know About the Garden Treehouse Playset?


What do parents have to say about this toy? Do their children like playing with it? One of the greatest features of the Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset is that it can be expanded into a larger play space your child grows.


The playset can be folded into a smaller size, for small infants, and then expanded to take a larger space and to allow your growing toddler to move around.


One major concern that parents often have when purchasing an interactive toy is the noise level. The Garden Treehouse Playset does make noise and play songs, but they are not overly loud or annoying.


Though, a few parents have mentioned that the greeting that plays when you open and close the activity door can become irritating, especially if your child continually opens and closes the door. There is not a volume control, so you cannot adjust the noise level.


Your child should definitely remain entertained, once they begin exploring the various activities. Some parents have mentioned that their child plays with the playset for 15-minutes without distraction while others have stated that their child remains entertained for hours.


When raising a toddler, every minute is a blessing, so enjoy the freedom that you get while your child is busy crawling, grabbing, and exploring the Treehouse Playset.


Are There Any Disadvantages to the Light’n Go Treehouse Playset?


There is really only one disadvantage to the Light’n Go Treehouse Playset. It requires quite a bit of assembly. Also, the assembly instructions are not entirely clear. It can be a little confusing, as there are two sizes of screws and they are not separated.


It may take you an hour or longer to assemble the toy. If you are purchasing for a birthday or holiday gift, you may want to assemble the playset ahead of time. You could get it all put together and keep it in another room until it is time to open gifts.


Final Thoughts on the Activity Garden Treehouse Playset


Is the Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset a worthwhile purchase? Almost every parent that has purchased this playset have made the two same comments. They first mention the difficult assembly and then discuss how much their child loves playing with it. Overall, everyone seems to agree that the assembly is worth the effort, as this is such a great interactive playset.


There are so many different features and activities that your child is sure to become enthralled. In fact, it may take days or weeks for your baby to discover all of the different objects and features. They will begin improving their fine motor skills as they explore the playset.


Little Tikes has a lot of experience when it comes to playsets and knows how to build a fun activity center. They have done a great job of including a wide variety of activities. This includes the addition of the magic lantern, which provides three separate play modes.


In the end, it is a great interactive playset and a step up from previous activity centers. Help your child improve their motor skills by purchasing the Little Tikes Light’n Go Activity Garden Treehouse Playset today.

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Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Playset Review

Containing six different play modes and 35 sounds, the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy playset is as close as you can get to the real thing without buying an actual puppy dog.


If your child has been wanting a little cuddly friend, then consider the My Dream Puppy. Learn more with the following review.


What is the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Playset?


The My Dream Puppy is an interactive stuffed animal that responds to your child’s touch. When scratching his head or rubbing his belly, the pup will open and close his eyes. He also lets you know when he is thirsty and wants a sip from his milk bottle. Here is a closer look at the main features:


  • Opens and closes eyes
  • The face and stomach move
  • Features 6 different play modes
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries, which are included
  • Recommended for children 4-years of age and older


Designed to move and act like a real puppy, the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy features robotic movements, allowing him to open and close his eyes in an expressive manner. This happens when any of the 6 play modes are chosen.


In addition to moving his eyes, the little pups stomach rises and falls as he breathes. When he is resting, with his eyes closed, and his stomach moving, he almost resembles a real animal, despite his cartoonish design. The puppy also snores, yawns, and makes other puppy sounds.


It is recommended for children ages 4 and up, due to the small parts, including his name tag and the milk bottle. As always, you should use your own discretion. Some parents have purchased this for their 2 or 3-year old children. If you remove the collar and put away the milk bottle, then there should not be any choking hazards, as long as you keep an eye on your child.


What Do Kids and Parents Like About the My Dream Puppy?


The kids seem to love My Dream Puppy. Not only is the puppy interactive, children find the pet to be cuddly and soft. Watch the look on your child’s face as the puppy is given the milk bottle for the first time.


The funny sounds and facial movements of the puppy will amaze your child. But, the novelty of this could wear off with repeated use. As with any toy, the puppy will likely become their favorite toy for a short period, until they receive their next new favorite toy.


With that being said, the movements that the puppy makes are entertaining to watch. The puppy makes a sucking sound with his mouth, moves his eyes, and occasionally passes gas afterwards. The combination of movements and sounds does help bring this stuffed animal to life.


Your child will also enjoy filling out the adoption certificate and giving their new pup a name. The adoption license has a spot for adding the dog’s name, making it feel like they have really gotten a new puppy.


The Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy playset requires 4 AAA batteries, which are included in the set. 2 batteries are stored inside the back of each paw.


These battery compartments are covered in stuffing, so there are no hard edges. Though, if you squeeze the puppy tightly, you will feel some of the mechanics inside. Despite all of these mechanics, the puppy does not weigh much. It weighs about 1 ½ pounds, which is really not that much more than a typical stuffed animal.


Are There Any Notable Issues to Consider Before Buying?


Overall, the My Dream Puppy electronic pet has received rave reviews from parents. They have stated that their children love the toy and cannot put it down. Though, a couple of parents have mentioned that their pet stopped moving his eyes and stomach after several weeks of use.


Afterwards, they would need to smack the puppy to get its parts moving again. Since this has only been mentioned a couple of times, this does not appear to be a common problem and could be the result of rough play.


Other than that rare issue, there are no major complaints. Parents have discussed how the puppy moves and interacts as advertised, without any problems. Though, you should be prepared for the noise level of the puppy.


As mentioned, the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy contains 35 different sounds. The overall sound level is rather loud and there is no option for muting the pet. Also, on occasion, you can hear the mechanical whirring of the gears and mechanics inside the puppy.


Final Thoughts on the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy


The Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy really is adorable. The movements, interactions and the cuddle factor of this robotic stuffed animal all combine to create a fun interactive toy.


As always, you need to balance the strengths and weaknesses of the product. This includes the level of entertainment for your child, the amount of noise that it generates, and whether or not it works as advertised.


On the plus side, the puppy features fun movements and can interact with your child in entertaining ways. It includes a milk bottle, for when the puppy is thirsty, and can also sleep, yawn, and make various noises. Kids seem to love the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy playset, especially if they have other Little Live Pets toys.


Some parents may notice a low-level noise as the mechanical parts move. Also, the overall noise level of the puppy sounds is louder than you would expect. If you find toys that make noise to be annoying, then you may not enjoy the My Dream Puppy.


The final consideration is whether or not the toy works as advertised. You will be happy to know that the movements, sounds, and other details all work as they should. So, in the end, the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy playset is fun for the kids, makes quite a bit of noise, but really does mimic some of the sounds and movements of a real puppy.

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Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow Review

Get ready for the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow, a fun robotic puppy that lights upand plays songs while moving various parts – including his head and tail.


Designed to introduce your baby to the basics of counting and colors, the Beat Bow Wow is colorful and entertaining for children 9-months to 3-years. Learn more by taking a look at the following review.


Basic Features and Technical Details


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is an adorable toy dog. He moves and plays songs, to entertain and teach your child. Here is a closer look at the main features:


  • Weighs 1.7 pounds
  • About 1-foot tall
  • Intended for children 9-months to 3-years of age
  • Large, multi-colored LED display on tummy
  • The head bobs and the ears wiggle
  • His soft tail contains a LED light and wags back and forth
  • Beat Bow Wow has soft, floppy ears


What exactly is this toy? The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is a robotic puppy with a large, multi-colored LED grid on his tummy. When your child presses the buttons on his paws, his tummy lights up, he dances, and he plays music. The soft tail wags back and forth, his head bobs, and his ears wiggle.


What Do Parents Like About the Beat Bow Wow?


Even though the body and head of the dog are constructed from plastic, the pieces that extend from the body are made of soft cloth. Along with this benefit, you and your child may enjoy the following:


  • 25 different songs and phrases
  • Cute facial features
  • Cute voice
  • Stimulate your child’s senses – sight, touch, and hearing
  • Helps teach cause and effect
  • Can help teach your child to count
  • Easy to remove from packaging
  • Includes batteries


When you press a paw, the dog plays a song or repeats a phrase. Beat Bow Wow contains a total of 25 different songs and phrases. As he plays his song or talks, the moving parts go into action. His head bobs side to side and his tail wags. The voice does not sound robotic. Instead, it actually sounds cute, so it is not too annoying to have to listen to constantly.


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is designed to help stimulate your child’s senses. The various textures help with the sense of touch, while the lights, movements, songs, and phrases stimulate their hearing and sight.


By pressing a paw, the puppy will begin his song or phrase. This helps to introduce the concept of cause and effect. Your child will learn that when he or she presses the paw, the puppy will perform an action.


As your baby grows, they will be able to use Beat Bow Wow as an introduction to counting. You can ask, “how many paws does he have?” or “how many stripes are on his ears?”. Basically, as with many modern toys, the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is intended to entertain and teach.


Another advantage is that you do not need to purchase any batteries. The toy comes with 4 AA batteries. It is also incredibly easy to remove from the packaging. Instead of using twist ties, the puppy is secured to the box with 3 small plastic clips. Within minutes of opening, your child will be able to start playing with the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow.


Does the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow Work?


One of the main questions that parents have when thinking about buying a toy is whether or not it actually works. There is nothing more frustrating than unboxing a toy and discovering that it does not function properly. This is not the case with the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow.


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow works as advertised. As mentioned, when you press his paws, the puppy will dance, move, play songs, and repeat phrases. All of this works properly.


It should be noted that some children may not particularly be interested in counting along with the songs. The lights on the tummy of the puppy are so fascinating that some children will simply sit and stare at the funny puppy.


Several parents have mentioned that their child did not find Beat Bow Wow as entertaining as Beat Bo – the other dancing dog available from Fisher-Price. Though, this will vary depending on your child. If you do not already own Beat Bow Wow, then your child will likely be enthralled with this funny puppy.


Final Thoughts on the Beat Bow Wow


Should you buy the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow? As always, the decision is yours. Quite a few parents have mentioned that this is a great toy for occupying your child’s time. It is a great distraction.


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow works as advertised and includes 25 different songs and phrases. The way that the product is marketed, you may think that this is an interactive toy, but really it is an entertaining robotic dog that makes sounds, lights up, and moves several body parts.


Even though you may not be able to consider this an active play toy, it can help stimulate your child’s senses. For this reason, the recommended age range of 9-months to 3-years may be a little off.


There is a good chance that a 3-year old may not find this puppy entirely entertaining, especially considering the limited interaction. But, it is great for younger toddlers.


There are no major drawbacks or technical issues with the toy. Nearly every parent that has reviewed this product has mentioned howcute the toy is. The fun facial features are comical and the voice is not as annoying as some other toys.


In the end, the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow provides a great solution for keeping your infant entertained. As a bonus, you do not have to purchase any batteries and the puppy is easy to remove from its packaging. If you are looking for a fun little toy to entertain your little one – get the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Wow.

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