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Lamaze Pippin’ The Push Along Pup Review

The Push Along Pup can be both fun and educational for your little one. Your children will develop sensory, cognitive, large and fine motor skills while playing with and chasing after this toy.

It features and easy push along handle for little hands and includes a rattle and squeaker bone.

What is the Lamaze Pippin' The Push Along Pup?

The Push Along Pup was designed for infants and is a colorful free rolling push along toy that has crinkly ears, multiple fabrics, ribbons, and shapes ideal for discovery. It also includes puppy toys a rattle and squeaker that helps your baby to learn put-in and take-out play.

You and your baby will love this toy.

You will love this toy because it is well put together and it and its accessories are super cute! Your baby will love pushing and chasing the puppy on the floor. Push Along Pup is brightly colored and very soft to the touch, its soft fabrics and crinkly ears are great for baby’s sensory development.

Your baby will also love chasing the pups toy’s around because the ball rattles and the bone squeaks. Your baby will be able to push the pup around on their own to because his four paws are wheels and the back of the pup is a handle made just for kids to be able to grab easily.

Advantages of The Push Along Pup

Not only is this pup fun to look at because of its bright colors it has many educational advantages for your baby as well. With its different fabrics, ribbons, and crinkly ears your baby will learn different textures and sensory skills.

If your baby is just learning to crawl or needs a push in that direction the Push Along Pup is perfect because its feet are wheels so it easily rolls on the floor for baby to follow after. Once your baby has mastered crawling the push along handle on the back will make it easy for baby to push and chase the pup along the floor.

The Push Along Pup is also helps baby’s to learn how to put in and take out as the pup’s ball and bone go in his back.

Are there any disadvantages of this toy?

Some parents have commented that the Push Along Pup was smaller than expected and that it has a hard time rolling on the floor. It would probably roll best on a hard floor rather than carpet, but overall is a great fun toy for your baby’s development.

Final Thought on the Push Along Pup

The Push Along Pup is great for baby’s that are just learning to crawl and sensory development. Touch is a major part of the way babies learn and this toy is perfect for them to feel different types of textures. It is also very pleasing to the eye with all its beautiful colors.

If you are looking for an educational toy that your baby will love you should think about purchasing Lamaze Pippin’ The Push Along Pup.

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‘Jessie G’ tests the Jungle Jumperoo. Impartial expert review! Fisher-Price rainforest baby bouncer

'Jessie G' tests the Jungle Jumperoo. Impartial expert review! Fisher-Price rainforest baby bouncer

Jessica loves her Fisher Price Jumperoo...always has!
The face says it all, this is the only review you need. Great bit of kit gives such enjoyment every day without fail. Highly recommended!

Fisher price deluxe jumperoo has many benefits that make it a favorite for babies and adults. Your baby probably loves to sit up by himself but with little control over his torso this can be a problem. That is where the deluxe jumper comes in. It will keep your baby upright while he plays. You may be thinking about buying one of the stationary centers but this is not good for a baby that does not have good control over their torso.

If you can not put your baby in an unsafe stationary center and your baby really wants to be upright what can you do now? Holding your baby so that he can sit or stand up can get very tiring. There is a simple answer and that is the deluxe jumperoo from fisher price. Can you remember the jumpers and bouncers that you use to hang on the door frame?

That is basically what the deluxe jumperoo is but without so much hassle. You do not have to attach the jumperoo to the door frame because it has a stand of it's own. The seat on the deluxe jumperoo is attached with bungee springs to the frame. Your baby will stay busy and enjoy sitting upright.

Your baby will also be able to strengthen his legs by bouncing up and down in the jumper. You may be wondering how this is something a four or five month old can enjoy if they do not have control over their upper bodies. This is not a problem because the seat goes all the way up the babies back.

The seat also has a tray around it that has several toys attached to it, to give your baby plenty of play time. You can even remove this tray to give your baby a food tray for his snacks. This toy has many benefits but there is a down side. The only downside I see is it is too large.

The one down side to this toy is that it is very big and takes up a lot of space. Being able to fold and lock this toy in half so that it can be stored easily would have been a great feature to add. Even though this toy has this one down side it is still an excellent toy.

If you are looking for more information on the Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo please visit
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Product Review – Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Product Review - Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This is the Jumperoo from the Fisher Price Rainforest Collection.

This is a re-upload. I just realised that the original video uploaded last week cut off at the 2 minute point. Here is the full review.

If you are a parent or grandparent with a baby in your home, you probably would like to provide a safe, stimulating play area for your child. Maybe you should have a look at the FisherPrice Jumperoo line of baby jumpers.

You've almost certainly heard the name Fisher-Price, but did you know that this company has been making toys and other baby items since 1930? The company has always stressed safety, ingenuity, intrinsic play value, strong construction, action, and good value for the money.

The FisherPrice Jumperoo line of baby bouncers has become much more popular than the old-style, doorway mounted baby jumpers, due to their superior design and versatility. You no longer need to block a doorway to provide your child with a play area. The Jumperoo models all feature a sturdy base that can be set up on any solid, level floor.

Now you can keep a watchful eye on your baby and stil have your hands free to work in the kitchen, garden, office, or even just to put your feet up and relax for awhile. Many of the models fold up for easy storage and portability.

It's a sure bet that a Jumperoo can make Mom and Dad's life a bit easier. But how will Baby benefit? A very good question! The FisherPrice Jumperoo:

* Encourages Developing Motor Skills by way of Moving, Spinning & Jumping
* The Comfortable Rotating Seat Provides Baby a Safe Place to Play
* Stimulates Baby's Senses with a variety of textures, colorful toys, fun sounds and music
* Baby's actions make things happen, therefore helping baby to understand cause and effect.
* Reaching and grasping onto toys helps to develop your child's hand-eye coordination.

So, do you think your baby is ready to use a FisherPrice Jumperoo? Well, the most important condition is this: Your baby need be able to hold her head up, but is not able to climb out and walk. While the specifications for different Jumperoo models vary, generally they are designed for babies around 6 months and older, with a weight limit of about 25 pounds. Most models have a simple height adjustment so the Jumperoo can expand as your baby grows.

Fisher Price has developed a theme to suit just about every taste. The models currently available include the Fisher Price Galloping Fun Jumperoo, the Deluxe Jumperoo, the Precious Planet Jumperoo, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo, and the popular Rain Forest Jumperoo. Each model has its own unique toys, sights and sounds to delight your baby.

The FisherPrice Jumperoo is so much safer than the doorway jumpers and walkers that were sold years ago. Considering the peace of mind that it can give to parents, it seems like a pretty smart investment. At the same time, you'll be providing your child with countless hours of safe jumping fun, along with delightful sights & sounds that will both entertain and help her development.

Looking for a FisherPrice Deluxe Jumperoo? See all the Jumperoo models in action videos, plus complete product details, at
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Best quality Jumperoo Sale

Fisher Price Jumperoo has been around for some time and it remains one of the best investment parents make for the physical development of their baby.  It has proved to provide hours and hours of laughter, stimulation , and well being for both babies, parents and grandparents too.  Having a Jumperoo can transform the time your baby spend his day,  imagine happy giggles, read on………….


Disney Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper8 Kg4.5 out of 5 stars

Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper9 Kg4.4 out of 5 stars

Fisher-Price Rainforest Spacesaver Jumperoo5 Kg4.3 out of 5 stars

KP1961 Baby jumper jumperoo JUMP BOUNCER TRAMPOLINE FUN PINK AND GREEN (PINK)6 Kg4.6 out of 5 stars

Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Centre - Multi-Coloured6 Kg4.1 out of 5 stars

Jumperoo rainforest rolling baby walker with jump activated lights & sound4.3 out of 5 stars

Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo6 Kg4.6 out of 5 stars

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

The Disney Baby Locating Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper includes 13+ engaging toys & activities for your little adventurer! The Nemo rollerball inspires baby’s senses with lamps, melodies, rattling beads and your favorite Nemo individuals. Bruce the friendly shark is definitely a ratchet plaything with a mouthful of colorful beads. Squirt’s interactive tummy features keys that light up and take up ocean-themed tunes. A perky puffer seafood carries a mirror for self-discovery alongside a plaything tray and starfish-designed teether. Mr. Ray completes the sea ambience and Tad and Pearl characters happen to be removable for take-a-prolonged fun. A spinning Sheldon gadget and bead chaser Dory round out the cast of beloved Nemo personas! The high seat again delivers extra support for your baby and with a chair that rotates 360 degrees, there’s ocean fun atlanta divorce attorneys direction! Four elevation adjustment options can be found to grow with baby. Permit baby explore the sea with Nemo & his good friends!

Product Highlights:

  • 13+ engaging playthings and activities
  • Nemo rollerball toy station with dancing lighting and ocean sounds
  • Interactive Squirt-themed piano
  • Tad and Pearl heroes remove from Mr. Ray for take-along fun
  • One starfish-shaped link loop for adding baby’s favorite toys
  • Unique jumping platform features four height changes to grow with baby
  • High seat again provides additional support
  • Chair rotates 360° for quick access to all toys

Customer Reviews:

My little munchkin loves her bouncer, lots of fun activities for her, she loves being in a standing position so this bouncer is perfect for my 6 month old ninja.

Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper

Little types will jump with delight because they explore a nearby with their favorite Baby Einstein friends. A NEARBY Good friends Activity Jumper has 12+ activities that surround babies and encourage 360 degrees of fun multi-sensory experience. The electric piano has lights, quantity control, and three modes: classical melodies, piano important tones, and words discovery in English, French, and Spanish. Various other fun activities include a spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum with beads and a mirror, and more. In addition, it includes additional link loops to add a few of baby’s favorite toys. The Secure Support Chair delivers extra support for children, and with five elevation options the jumper grows with baby. This Award-Winning jumper was honored by American Baby Magazine’s Best Picks 2015, with over 60,000 father and mother voting on the favorite baby gear things. As experienced on ABC’s HELLO America in 2015.

  • Secure Support Seat has added elevation and padding to supply additional comfort for baby
  • Seat rotates 360° to provide baby full access to toys
  • 5 height settings expand with baby

Customer Reviews:

Baby just loves it & so do I. I even purchased a second one. Easy to assemble. Easy height adjustment. Love that it is lower than other jumpers on the lowest setting to accommodate smaller/younger babies. I also love the fact that I can add other hanging toys.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Spacesaver Jumperoo

Product Features:

Additional bouncy, jumping, motor-skill-building Jumperoo® fun for baby than ever-in a lightweight, height-adjustable, space saving style! Baby’s favourite Fisher-Price® Rainforest Friends will be ready to play on the soft-sided activity toy arch-with a lot more sensory-stimulating activity gadget play correct at baby’s fingertips. There’s a colourful, light-up rainbow-major piano to take up, a bobble frog teether to munch on, a clacker ring bar to slide 3 colourful rings backwards and forwards, and a turtle to click-click-click! And that’s not all! Baby’s healthy jumping and kicking activities send the chair bouncing along for an extremely fun and exciting trip – and baby’s jumping is certainly rewarded with lights, sounds and music! The strong Jumperoo® framework is free-standing for comfort (it won’t block a doorway!), height-adjustable (so that it “grows” with baby!), and it’s simple to fold toned for portability and space keeping safe-keeping (with the removable gadget bar stored flat, as well!). The bouncy spring is in the trunk, enclosed in a soft-fabric cover and out of baby’s reach, and the smooth, padded fabric seat cover removes for equipment washing.

• Rewards baby’s jumping with lighting, sounds and music!
• Lets baby leap safely-no doorway required
• Light-up musical piano
• Soft-sided overhead toy bar with monkey roller ball and two rainforest good friends spinners
• Bobble frog teether, clacker band bar, turtle clicker
• Jumping and hands-on activity gadget play encourage development of baby’s engine skills
• Appears to be, music, textures and a good teether support stimulate baby’s senses
• Folds toned for portability and space-saver storage
• Machine-washable, dryer-safe seat pad
• Easy assembly-no tools required
• Requires 3 AA batteries

Customer Reviews:

The vibrant colors & different activities gives options for little brains to think and play. The music and lights is a big hit while the rolling ball gives focus to little eyes. The rainbow of flipping toys helps arms stretch and grab. The seat gives legs a chance to stand, bounce, or relax while engaging with the toys.


This baby jumper is a unique place that will give a lot of fun and joy for your son or daughter. Now your youngster can imagine that they are jumping along with their colourful close friends. Comfortable seat rotates 360 degrees, so that the kid has access to all the playthings. This jumperoo grows together with your child, because the height of the seat is variable (3 positions). Beneath the foot of a toddler can be an innovative area with a triangular condition (trampoline) which is well suited for vigorous jumping.
Ability: 2x AA LR6 batteries (not included)

– Mini-piano with light results and music
– Rotational rattle with beads
– 3 coloured buttons
– Turtle and duck
– Safe mirror
All toys are found in beautiful colours and simple to keep clean. Seat legs provide balance and prevent the couch from tipping over. The jumper’s seat is made of a good and soft washable material.

Customer Reviews:

Luv it so pretty as well.


Sassy Inspire The Senses Bounce Around Activity Centre – Multi-Coloured

Anticipate to let your creativeness run wild and also have fun with this beautifully designed activity center. Standing right out of the group, the Sassy activity center has been designed with child development experts to inspire one or more of their senses; Hearing, Touch, Vision and Style.
A perfect spot for baby to explore, be inspired and have fun! The Sassy Pod program that allows you to conveniently swap your baby’s preferred toys. Why not expand the play with the addition of additional toys to create every jumper experience unique.
The fun toys upon this activity centre add a ladybird play station with bead chaser, ladybird toy and lighting and sounds, wonder wheel with rattle which engages the idea of cause and effect, sunshine mirror spinner which helps baby develop self-recognition and is ideal for peek-a-boo fun. The 360 degree rotation seat, which may be altered to three positions, can be conveniently removed for equipment washing. The stable feet give a safe and pleasant place for baby to play and feel inspired by the high-contrast colors, bold habits, and fun textures.

Features :

  • Suitable for children from 4 months to maximum weight 11.3 kg
  • Rattles, crinkling looks and music to build up sound location skills
  • Teethers and a lot of fun textures to discover
  • Toys to attain for and draw to develop hand to eye coordination
  • Sassy Pod System: allows father and mother to easily swap in/out baby’s favourite playthings.
  • Expand the perform by purchasing additional playthings to make every jumper encounter unique. – toys sold separately
  • Ladybird Play Station: presents bead chaser, ladybird toy and fun lights & sounds
  • Surprise Wheel: contains rattle that develops the idea of cause and effect
  • 360 Degree Rotation Chair: with removable, machine washable seat pad
  • Stable and Secure: gives a safe and relaxed place for baby to play
  • Three Location Height Adjustment: grows as your baby does, offering excellent affordability
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: H 76 x W 89 x D 14 cm

Customer Reviews:

Amazing! My daughter loves this. Would definitely recommend

Jumperoo rainforest rolling baby walker with jump activated lights & sound


This wonderful baby walker has a host of exciting and interactive features for your child boy or girl to take pleasure from. They can activate the countless different sounds and lighting or spin and rattle the various hanging playthings that surround them, because they spin around in the 360 degree seat and dart around the living place. The walker also features convenient stabilising feet that can be activated by the flick of a move preventing the walker from moving anywhere. A great product to supply fun and motivate those early first methods.


  • A place filled with wonderful sights & sound
  • Great quality and a lot of fun
  • Jumping can activate music & lights
  • Overhead playthings for baby interaction & entertainment
  • 360 level spinning seat for baby to explore all of the toys
  • Interactive toy tray rewards baby’s jumping with lighting & sound
  • Baby spins drum to activate (mummy can activate for five minutes continuous play)
  • Baby can take up with dragonfly
  • Cute little tiger plays hide & look for with baby
  • Spinning lizard pertaining to rattling sounds
  • Swinging monkey for baby to push
  • Twisting elephant
  • Hidden tiger baby may press button to create him appear
  • Spinning sun
  • Plush seat pad for baby comfort
  • Retractable legs for static or rolling play
  • For a long time 6 months plus

Customer Reviews:

Exactly as described. My son absolutely adores this!


Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo

Bounce to the moon and rear, all in a good day’s worth of playtime. There’s so many for baby to discover with rainforest pals upon this Jumperoo® entertainer – music, lights and exciting sounds prize baby with every jump!
A rotating chair gives baby 360° usage of toys, activities, and friends throughout, including soft monkeys overhead, spinners, clickers, a bead bar, therefore a lot more, all within baby’s reach. Baby can reach, grasp, move, groove, and hop so high – all things that provide developing motor abilities a helpful boost.

• Music, lights & sounds prize and motivate every bounce & jump
• Wheee! Seat spins 360 degrees hence baby can discover throughout
• Sturdy, free-standing steel body lets baby jump safely – no doorway required
• Easily adjusts to 3 different heights due to baby grows
• Soft spring addresses keep little fingers safe
• colourful playthings include lion roller, alligator clicker, butterfly teether, bat at elephant and hippo, colourful lights, and more
• Tiger pal chair pad is machine washable & dryer safe
• Busy bouncing facilitates strengthen baby’s gross motor skills

Customer Reviews:  5 Stars

“My little one has sooo much to explore and is delighted by the music that plays every time she bounces.
She’s a very active baby and this is great exercise for her. I can’t carry her around upright all the time, which she loves and this is a great help.
It’s very sturdy and easy to clean. My little one hasn’t quite figured out yet, that she can turn around to face the different toys, so this way I can move her along ever so often and she has new delights each time.
This is really great. Better than I anticipated.”

Fisher-Price Roaring Rainforest is on sale now, click here to see prices now.


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