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Top 20 Best Toys And Games For Boys 10-11

If you are looking for Gifts for 11 year old boys, you have come to the right place as here we will be showcasing  the best gifts for 11 year old boys! and of course lots of ideas for gifts for 10 year old boys!

By now, your kid is starting SAT s or secondary, so you want to buy them a toy that will help them in their studies but something that they will not find “boring” according to the norm of this age. Here are the best toys that you can buy for your 10 & 11 years old boy.


1.Science4you The Science of Slime Educational Science Toy STEM Toy

Find out what viscosity is and how the gelling process is doneLearn to create silly play dough, make your own homemade play dough and create fantastic yucky slime.Educational toy that boosts brainpower – Motor Skills, Concentration, Social Skills, Learning and Creativity. Supports STEM learning.

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2.Snap Circuits Jr. – SC-100

Make radios, burglar alarms, flash lights, doorbells, and much more. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. No tools required. A colorful, easy to follow diagram lets you create each project with ease. Uses AA batteries .

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3.Science4you Water Science Kit Educational Science Toy STEM Toy

Good christmas presents for 10 year olds

Discover a whole world of water science in this Science4you 34 experiment set.

The set includes a 32 page educational book where you can find out:

How to create fantastic soap bubbles

How to make a tornado

How to turn a glass of water over without spilling it

How to make a water Xylophone and play your favourite songs

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4.4M Kidz Labs Solar System Planetarium Model

Please note these can be birthday presents for 11 year old boy

Build your own glow in the dark solar system with this Solar System Planetarium Kit! Assemble and paint your own planetarium model, and watch the 30cm model glow in the dark! Its out of this world!

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5.4M Kidz Labs Solar System Planetarium Model

An astonishing way to see science in action. Conduct seven crystal growing experiments with this great science kit from 4M. It’s fun to watch the sparkling crystals grow in front of your eyes. Grow and display them proudly in the specially designed display cases. This kit contains three large bags of white crystal compound (a base called Monoammonium Phosphate), three small bags containing seeding mixture, one large display base with hexagonal transparent cover, two medium display bases with hexagonal transparent covers, four small display bases with hexagonal transparent covers, one stirring bowl, one stirring spoon, one large ring-shaped template, two medium ring-shaped templates, four small ring-shaped templates and detailed instructions.

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6.Hasbro 387123480 Cluedo the Classic Mystery Board Game

  • Who committed the murder in the mansion?
  • Eliminate the suspects and discover whodunit, with what and where
  • Introducing a new character, Dr. Orchid as one of the suspects
  • 2 – 6 players
  • Suitable for ages 8+
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7.Learning Resources MicroPro Microscope

Toys for 11 year old boys

This comprehensive 48 piece microscope set contains everything young scientists need in order to view professional specimen slides, as well as providing them with the tools they need to create their own with their discoveries! The MicroPro offers 50x to 600x magnification, with a built in light and focusing wheel. This extensive microscope set is ideal for exploring science and technology subjects with hands-on learning.

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8.K’NEX Education STEM Explorations Roller Coaster Building Set for Ages 8+ Construction Education Toy, 546 Pieces

This Roller Coaster Building Set from K’Nex Education STEM Explorations is a fun way for kids to learn.Kids can grasp STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) concepts as they create a motorised roller coaster from over 500 pieces. This set can also be used to create a half-pipe coaster or an incline coaster and is ideal for up to 3 children to work on projects together.

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9.Monopoly Board Game

Own the world’s favourite cities in this Toys R Us Exclusive Here and Now version of the fast-trading property game, Monopoly! This version includes 4 extra tokens! The jet-set gameplay will be epic as you race around the world to visit the world’s most exciting places and buy locations. Every time you add another stamp to your passport, you get closer to the globetrotting win!

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10.Haynes V8 Model Combustion Engine

The Haynes Model V8 Combustion Engine Kit allows you to build a realistic, working model of a V8 internal combustion engine. The 300 piece kit comes with all parts and tools required to build this fully functional, motorised model and features a sound recorded from a real V8, as well as illuminating spark plugs, moving pistons, valvegear and fan belt. All parts screw or clip together, meaning that the engine can be taken apart and rebuilt again and again.

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11.Toyrific Children’s Astronomic Telescope with Sturdy Tripod

Ideal for Astronomy lovers – suitable to see stars, planets and constellations
– Child friendly – includes viewing angle adjuster
– Sturdy Tripod easy to assemble and use
– Includes 3 magnification pieces and lens cover
– Includes manual

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12.Scrabble Y9584 Deluxe Set

One of the most luxurious Scrabble set, this is an ideal gift for the Scrabble player. It contains a highly-finished wood-effect framed board with a raised grid to keep the black tiles in place. All the contents are made to the highest quality.

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13.Rubik’s Twist

Get stuck into the greatest game in history! Its simple twisting action and colours make this game not only good for development but also plain good fun! The Rubiks Cube can be solved in under 10 seconds, are you up to challenge?

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14.Gross Magic (Packaging May Vary)

Amaze all of your friends with this Gross Magic Tricks set, packed full of the most revolting tricks you can buy. Pull brown slime from an empty toilet, clean a snotty rag with the flick of a wrist, magically fill an empty dustbin with rubbish or liquidise eyeballs into red goo!

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15.Toyrific Children’s Electronic Dartboard with LED Digital Score Display and Plastic Tip Darts 

 Ideal for indoors and outdoors
· Electric dart board includes 6 darts
· 3 x blue darts – 3 x red darts
· Includes scoring system for up to eight players

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16.Air Hogs 6040305 “Hyper Drift Drone” Die-Cast Toy

Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone is a 2-in-1 vehicle: Race along the ground or fly through the sky at super fast speed with the detachable drone!
– Speed demons head to the race with Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone. Equipped with a turbo drone power source, it is made for racing at breakneck speeds.
– The turbo drone is made with a self-righting cage to ensure you land upright and are ready to lift off – even after an epic crash!
– Made for kids aged 8+. Charges via USB. 4-Channel controller requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included). Charge for 30 minutes, play for 7 minutes. Recommended for indoor use. Communication range of 200 ft. and frequency of 2.4 GHz.

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17.Meccano 6037616 Off Road Rally Jeep 25 Model Building Set

Veer off the beaten path and let your imagination run wild with the 25-in-1 Off-Road Racer Motorized Building Set. Created by Meccano, formerly Erector, this model comes with over 25 possible vehicle combinations. Engineers-in-training have full license to build, dismantle, and build again! Even after 25 combinations, the possibilities are endless.

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18.Garden Games Mega Hi-Tower in a Bag – Giant 0.9 Metres Builds Up To A Maximum 2.3 Metres Wooden Tower Block Game

Made out of 58 wooden blocks, the aim of the game is to firstly build a tower that starts at 0.9m (3ft) high and build it up to around 1.5m (5ft) tall in an average game by removing a piece at a time carefully and placing it on top.

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19.Meccano Adventure Quest Model Set (15-Piece)

Prepare your imagination for lift-off as you explore the world of real engineering with the Meccano Space Quest set! Build a rocket with a moving gantry using new anodised metal parts. Then start your countdown on a journey to distant worlds. When you get there, reassemble your rocket as one of 14 other intergalactic models including a spaceship, satellite, a lunar module and so much more! Or deploy your rocket-fueled ingenuity to build out- of-this-world spacecraft of your own design. The Space Quest set comes with 260 parts, 2 real tools and easy-to-follow instructions. Explore the mechanical wonders of the cosmos and boost your imagination into higher orbit with the Space Quest set. Box Contains 260 Parts 2 Real Tools 1 Instruction Sheet.

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20.Yoyofactory YoyofactoryYO-014 Velocity 2.0 Yo-Yo

Yoyofactory Velocity 2.0 yo-yo can be turned from a classic up and down yo-yo into a modern bind-return yo-yo with the turn of a dial. With the adjust-o-matic dials on each side of the yo-yo, the Velocity can be turned from a classic up and down yo-yo into a modern bind-return yo-yo with the turn of a dial. With the dials turned down for classic performance, you can throw the yo-yo and tug it back to your hand with ease, which makes it easier to learn the basics of yo-yoing. With the dials turned all the way up, the Velocity is capable of doing the most difficult tricks you can throw at it. Combine the adjust-o-matic dials with silicone pad response and the high quality SPEC bearing and you have the yo-yo of the future available now.

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12 best Water Guns for summer 2017

With the hot summer sun coming, we need to keep cool. These top 12 water guns will keep you having fun and are bound to get you soaking wet! Water guns are a great way to keep cool and have good fun with your family.


1.SIMREX 528 Water Guns Fun Soakers & Blasters hobby Hobbies toys.


the water gun has alot of detail and has a scope that you can see your opponent from.the large capacity tank can hold up to 450ml  of water and the range of the weapon is 33ft.

2.Hasbro NERF Rebelle Super Soaker Cascade Blaster Toy

Unleash your inner warrior and soak your target in wild water battles with the Cascade water blaster! It’s easy to load up to 20 ounces of water in the blasters tank for cool, splashing fun. When you pull the trigger, your stylish soaker launches a blast of water at targets up to 38 feet away.

Compact Cascade soaker fires a stream of water at your target.

Soaker holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water.

3.23″ Large Water Gun Pump Action Super Soaker Sprayer Outdoor Beach Garden Toy

Approximately 59 cm in length. 1100 ml water tank

Simple tank screw off and fill, then simply screw back on and start Squirting/Soaking.

Shoots 20+ft

Simply Pump the gun and spray away!

Assorted colors, randomly sent.

Hours of endless fun!

4.Hasbro – Nerf Super Soaker Bottle Blitz

Just the right toy for hot summer days and fun at the swimming pool or in the outdoor swimming pool! Simply pump and have water gun can be sprayed with the Nerf. The supplied water tank holds 250 ml, it can but also its own, clean plastic bottle screwed on for even longer water fun. Get all wet!

  • Dimensions with bottle (LxWxH) cm: ca. 43 x 12 x 6
  • Water tank capacity 250 ml
  • own plastic bottle screwed
  • up to 7,5 m reach
  • simple pump mechanism
  • Beautiful design
  • Scope of supply: 1 gun with 1 water tank

5.Nerf Super Soaker Flashflood Blaster

FlashFlood water blaster has 2 nozzles
Floor strike or flash strike
Let’s you soak your target from up to 38 feet away
Pump-action water blasting
Holds up to 23 fluid ounces

6.Theo Klein Toy Fireman’s Water Sprayer

Fun and creative, get your kids imaginations going with this fire mans water sprayer from Theo Klein. This toy is fantastic for outside role play with the water tank back pack and push pump water gun, ideal for engaging them in role play.
– With realistic water spraying
– One water jet or multi water jet function choosable
– Dimensions: 40 x 27,9 x 8 cm

7.AK SPORT Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast#

Get ready for 5-times the soaking action with the Scatterblast Blaster! This blaster’s powerful pump-fire action and 5-nozzle blast let you launch 5 streams of water at your target! It can hold up to 22 ounces of water and you can use the flip-up sight to shoot accurately.

8.Nerf 2-in-1 Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Blaster

Take your target down with a tidal wave of soakage or a dart-firing assault with the Tidal Torpedo 2-in-1 blaster. If water is your chosen assault, just launch a stream of water at your target. Your streams will reach up to 22 feet away. But if a dart is the right choice, fire away and see what happens. With the double strike of the Tidal Torpedo 2-in-1 blaster, you’ll always have an attack to make.

9.INvench Fight Gatling Toy Guns,Hand Shake Continuous Launch Water Polymer Ball Cap Pistol for Kids (Black)



Far range, easy to operate, handheld and bracket mode free to switch, let  children fully enjoy the fun of fight.Realistic shape, imitate gatlin gun shape, to meet the children’s curiosity for the toy gun.Large magazine, Can accommodate 150 7MM water bombs, range up to 25 meters.

10.Mega Hydro Cannon Kids Giant Water Gun Sprayer 360° Tripod

Mega Hydro Cannon.

Use this giant water cannon to soak your friends!

Easy to assemble and connects directly to your hose.

360 rotation with tripod stand.

11.Set Of 8 Foam Water Pistol HYDRO STORM Blaster Shooter Pump

This easy to use water gun is great fun around the pool and during the summer holidays. It can be used in the pool for several squirts in a row. The Foam exterior will allow you to leave this on top of the pool left to float while you hide from blasts. Styles will vary.

12.TeaQ Water Pistol Large Capacity 1800ml Range 8-10m for Children and Adults Funny Beach Games (Color in Random)

Soak your target 8-10m away with pump-action handle that is easy to use and powerful.,Features 1800ml water tank. Simply fill water and squirting with hours of endless fun ! Tested for quality and durability. Humanized handles greatly enhance comfort when held.

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Marvel Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Shake ‘N Smash Hulk Figure Review

Do you have a child that loves the Incredible Hulk? This is the toy for them! This gamma-green muscle superhero figure has rage that knows no limits. When evil gets to him all you have to do is give him a good shake and watch his enormous arms smash as he roars with angers. This Hulk toy is a great addition to any Incredible Hulk collection!

Features and Details of the Hulk Shake ‘N Smash Figure

The Hulk Shake ‘N Smash figure is meant for children age 4 years and up and requires 3 AA batteries that are included. Shake ‘N Smash Hulk figure smashes when you shake him and makes growling noises.

  • Arms smash
  • Soft arms for safe smashing
  • Figure comes with instructions

This Hulk is durable and built to last so your child will be able to play rough with it without working about it falling apart.

What is there to love about this toy?

This toy is great because it is sturdy and built to last. It stands about 10 inches tall and doesn’t have any small parts and its rubber arms and soft texture make it great for the younger superhero fans as well. It is easy to hold and shake and besides growling he says several Incredible Hulk phrases.

  • “Hulk smash, Hulk smash more.”
  • “Avengers assemble.”
  • “Let’s go smash.”
  • “Hulk ready for fight.”
  • “You want more Hulk give you more.”
  • “You’re no match for the hulk.”
  • “No one shakes the hulk.”
  • “Hulk mad, Hulk smash.”

No opponent will be able to stand against you and your gamma-powered ally the Incredible Hulk!

Are there any disadvantages of the Shake N’ Smash Hulk Figure?

One thing that several parents have commented is that this toy does not have an on/off switch, which can make it a bit annoying because if it moves at all it makes a noise. It was also mentioned not to purchase as a gift that is a surprise because you will be able to hear what is inside the box.

Additionally, one parent did comment that he does not move and smash his arms on his own your child will assist with the smashing. This doesn’t appear to be an issue for any other parents as children love this toy and being able to smash things with him.

Final Thoughts

If you have a child that is into Marvel Agents and the Incredible Hulk this is a great toy to add to their collections. It says multiple Hulk phrases and can smash things with his rubber arms. This action figure makes a great give and although it says that it is intended for ages 4 and up, younger superhero fans have enjoyed playing with him as well.

The Incredible Hulk Shake ‘N Smash is made sturdy and durable so it will be able to endure whatever your little one puts it through without breaking to last a long time for your superhero lover.

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Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case Review

The Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case is a complete playset, with four Shopkins and an elevator connecting three floors. The entire playset folds down into a compact carrying case, quickly going from tall into small. Learn more, with the following review of the Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case.


Features and Details of the Tall Mall


Part of the Shopkins line of toys, the Tall Mall Storage Case is a fun playset for children ages three and up. Though, some of the pieces are pretty small, so you should keep an eye on young children playing with the playset. The main features of the Tall Mall include:


  • Foldable three-level playset (folds into a compact storage case)
  • Includes 4 exclusive Shopkins characters
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up
  • Weighs about 3.3-pounds
  • Measures 15×13.9×4.1-inches (when folded)


Shopkins is a line of collectable toys based on common grocery store items. Each of the characters in the lineup is made to resemble a different grocery item and features a unique face and name.This includes characters that resemble cupcakes, television sets, avocados, and apples.


These figures can be purchased separately. Though, some of the Shopkins characters are exclusive to the playsets that they come with. For example, the Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case comes with 4 Shopkins that you cannot find anywhere else. This includes one Shopkin for each section of the mall, including the Petkins Parlor, Food Court, and the Home & Garden level. The fourth Shopkin is an alarm clock Shopkin.


There are three separate sections of the Tall Mall when it is fully extended. The lower level is the Home & Garden center and features fences and a small garden area. The midsection contains the Food Court, while the top floor is the Petkins Parlor.


Each of these floors has its own objects and features. There are shelves and a sink in the parlor and tables in the food court. Each level gives enough space for your child to move their Shopkins around as they spend the day at the mall. When play time is over, they can simply place all of their Shopkins inside the mall and fold it down into its storage case.


Once the Tall Mall is folded into its compact shape, it can be carried around like a storage case. In fact, if your child has additional Shopkins or Petkins, they can store their little people inside the Tall Mall, keeping all of the toys together inside one case. It also features a carry handle for easy transport.


If you need help figuring out how to fold the Tall Mall or use the various features, there is an instruction booklet. Though, the only piece that needs to be assembled is the attachment of the carrying handle.


As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer recommends this set for children ages 3 and older. This may not be accurate. Generally, with pieces as small as the Shopkins, you would expect it to be suitable for children ages 5 and up. But, this is always a recommendation and parents know what is best for their own children.


What Do Parents and Kids Say About the Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case?


Speaking of parents, what do real customers have to say about the Shopkins Tall Mall storage case? The most common comment was that their child loved playing with the Tall Mall. The colors are vibrant and happy, while the small Shopkins are adorable little creatures.


Shopkins are collectable toys. Some of the characters are common, while others are rare or ultra-rare. As discussed, there are also exclusive characters that come with some of the playsets, including the 4 characters included in this set.


If this is the first Shopkins toy that you purchase for your child, then you should also explore some of the other items in the lineup. This includes a variety of small packs that contain several Shopkins characters, along with other playsets. Though, the Shopkins Tall Mall is the largest of these sets.


Are There Any Problems with the Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case?


Some parents claim that it is difficult to figure out how to extend the Tall Mall to reveal all three levels while others had no problem at all. If you have trouble extending or folding the Tall Mall, refer to the instruction manual. Also, it helps if you are gentle with the mall. Make sure that you fold the levels evenly, otherwise, it will be difficult to close.


Difficulty opening and closing the mall, in order to reveal the three floors, was the only issue repeatedly brought up by parents. But, you need to keep in mind that not all parents had a problem with this.


Final Thoughts on the Shopkins Tall Mall Storage Case


Should you get the Shopkins Tall Mall storage case for your child? If they love the Shopkins, then they should be delighted with this large playset. It is one of the largest playsets available for the Shopkins line of toys.


This set also includes 4 exclusive Shopkins that you cannot get anywhere else. So, if you want to make sure that your child gets all of the Shopkins characters, then you will definitely want to add the Tall Mall to your shopping list.


As noted, a few parents have trouble opening and closing the Tall Mall. If you find that you cannot easily open or close the storage case, then make sure that you use slow, even movements. The case can be a little hard to open or close, but you will eventually get the hang of it.


In the end, the Shopkins Tall Mall storage case meets all the standard requirements of a great toy. First, it appeals to most children, especially those that already love the Shopkins characters.


As a bonus, it does not include any sounds or noises, which also means that no batteries are required. It is a simple playset with a fun design, giving your child a structure to play with their Shopkins characters.


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SELFIE MIC Music Set Review

Your kids like to rock? The SELFIE MIC music set gives the chance to become popstars. They can record themselves singing using a selfie stick attached to a microphone. Allow your kids to record their own music videos and then share them with their friends on Facebook.


If this sounds like a fun gift for your kids, then read the rest of this SELFIE MIC music playset review.


What Do You Get with the SELFIE MIC Music Set?


The SELFIE MIC music set is essentially a microphone that is attached to a selfie stick. This allows kids to record themselves while belting out their favorite tunes. It includes the following features:


  • Secure selfie stick
  • Adapter cable
  • Microphone
  • Earpiece
  • Instruction sheet
  • 1000 tokens for the StarMaker app
  • Intended for children ages 8 to 15


The SELFIE MIC includes a secure selfie stick, microphone, and an adapter cable. The entire setup is easy to use and should work with most brands of modern smartphones. The earpiece is provided so that the singer can hear themselves sing as they record their video. If you need help setting it up, there is an instruction sheet provided. It is easy to follow and makes setup a breeze.


Along with the basic features, the SELFIE MIC music set is designed to work with the StarMaker app. This is the app that allows you to record your own music videos. You can add different filters and effects to the video, which can then be uploaded to the internet or shared on social media.


The product is recommended for children between the ages of 8 and 15. But, older children and young adults may also enjoy the idea of getting to record their own songs and play with a portable karaoke machine.


Highlights of the SELFIE MIC Music Set


Now that you know the basics of the SELFIE MIC music set, what are the highlights? Why should buy this for your kids? First, it should be mentioned that this is a niche product. Not every child will fall in love with this gift. But, if your child likes taking pictures of themselves, recording videos, or signing to music, then this could be the ultimate gift.


It may help to consider the individual components of the music set. First, you have a selfie stick. This works just like any other selfie stick. There is a spring loaded clamp that secures the phone in place. It has a tight fit, which is good when your child is swinging the stick around during their song.


The next component is the earpiece. There is a single earpiece for listening to your voice as you record your song. Some consumers have mentioned that the earpiece is rather uncomfortable. It is made from solid plastic is not flexible.


For some, this earpiece may be a little bit uncomfortable. Though, the earpiece is not completely necessary. So, if you find it uncomfortable, you can simply not use the earpiece.


Along with a selfie stick and an earpiece, you get a microphone. The gold-colored microphone looks glitzy and resembles a cheap child’s toy, but it actually does a great job of recording your voice. It may not offer professional studio quality recording, but it gets the job done, considering the fact that this is a novelty toy.


In addition to the components discussed, there is also a StarMaker app. This smartphone application lets you record your songs and share them or upload them. You earn points every time that you finish a song and it comes with 1000 free points. Once your song is recorded, the app will rate your performance based on how closely it resembles the real version of the song.


Overall, this novelty gift is more than just a cheap gimmick. It actually serves a purpose and does a sufficient job of it. It allows you to record music videos and share them. Whether you purchase this for yourself or for your children, it should get hours of use.


Drawbacks of the SELFIE MIC Music Set


Are there any reasons not to purchase the SELFIE MIC music set? As discussed, the microphone gets the job done, but you need to sing directly into the mic.


If you attempt to sing across the mic, it will have trouble capturing your voice. It will sound like you are singing in a cave. So, when you move the selfie stick around, you should still try to keep the microphone positioned in front of your mouth, so that you can sing down into it.


Another issue is the earpiece. As mentioned, it can be uncomfortable to wear. The solid plastic is not flexible. It also has a quiet sound level, which nearly renders it useless. Though, you do not need to use it. Still, it is always disappointing when one of the components does not perform perfectly.


Even though there are a couple of minor drawbacks, they may not impact your buying decision. The earpiece is not needed and it is not too difficult to sing directly into the mic instead of singing across from it.


Final Thoughts on the SELFIE MIC Music Set


The SELFIE MIC is an interesting toy. It combines two things that kids seem to love, music and taking selfies. While it is obviously marketed to children, young adults may also enjoy this gift. At the very least, you get a quality selfie stick. The selfie stick is very secure, even if when swinging the stick around and singing. So, you do not have to worry about your phone flying off the stick.


The StarMaker app is also a welcome addition. It increases the versatility program, allowing you to do more with the SELFIE MIC music set. Basically, the app helps transform your phone and the SELFIE MIC music set into a portable karaoke machine.


If you or your children are fans of karaoke, then this will be a big hit in your household. Get your SELFIE MIC music set today and start recording your own music videos.

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LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit Review

With the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit, you get to build your own Darth Vader action figure. This is part of a series of character building kits. Each kit lets you construct a fully posable figure, either for show or play.


Learn more about the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit with the following review.


Features and Details of the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit


What should you know about the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader? As mentioned, this is basically an action figure. But, first, you must put him together. LEGO sets are popular and entertaining, mostly because of the fun that you have while assembling the pieces. Here is a closer look at the main features and details of this particular kit:


  • 160 pieces
  • Intended for children ages 9 to 14
  • Fully posable
  • Includes a lightsaber
  • Modeled after Darth Vader from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  • Stands over 11-inches tall


With the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit, you can feel the power of the dark side. Get ready for awesome lightsaber duels when paired with other building figures in this series of toys. Along with Darth Vader, you can purchase Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi. There are even a few characters from the latest series.


In this kit, you will get 160 pieces. Despite the number of pieces, the assembly of the toy is easy. There are instructions with full-color step by step details. Children ages 9 or older should have no problem putting Darth Vader together. Though, if you want to give this toy to a younger child, you should have nothing to worry about.


LEGO building kits are not permanent models. If you make a mistake, you can simply remove the pieces and take another look at the instructions.


Once you get Darth Vader put together, you can place in any pose. The limbs are fully posable. This includes joints in the elbows, shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, and hips. You can also rotate his torso and head. So, he is completely posable.


All of the pieces are plastic, except for his cape. It is a nice touch that they chose to use a fabric cape, to complete the effect, instead of choosing a bulky plastic piece for the cape.


Darth Vader comes equipped with a buildable lightsaber. Instead of being a single piece, the lightsaber is constructed from a few pieces. It fits into his right hand. Some people thought that joints are a little stiff. This actually helps Darth Vader stand on his own. So, if you choose to display the figure, it should be easy to position.


Pros and Cons of the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit


Other than the features already discussed, there are a few advantages to point out.


It should be mentioned that he really does resemble Darth Vader. Since Darth Vader wears a mask, you do not get to see his face. This is better suited for this style of toy, as there are a lot of sharp corners. If you look at some of the other buildable figures, such as Luke Skywalker, you will notice that the robotic style does not work as well. But, for Darth Vader this is fine.


This kit is also affordable. It costs less $30 and includes 160 pieces. It measures over 11-inches in height and is fully posable. Along with the fact that it is licensed from Disney, LEGO has managed to keep the price down.


Darth Vader definitely looks bigger than how he looks on the box. It will take a half hour or longer to assemble.


There are no problems to discuss. You get exactly what you pay for. You get a high-quality LEGO kit with detailed instructions. The figure is sturdy and can be posed in various positions. Just remember that some kids may have trouble assembling the figure.


The suggested age range is 9 to 14-years. At younger ages, children may have a little bit of trouble following the instructions. Though, this could be a good learning experience. If your little one wants to begin assembling LEGO kits, this may not be the best introduction. But, if they are Star Wars fans, then go for it.


Several customers have mentioned that they purchased this for their 5-year old kids. So, you know that the recommended age is just a suggestion.


Final Thoughts on the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Building Kit


It is not a surprise that there are hundreds of different Star Wars toys that been made available in the past couple of years. Since Disney now owns the rights to the Star Wars franchise and have released a new movie, the toy aisles are full of Star Wars toys, including a large variety of LEGO Star Wars kits.


The buildable figures released by LEGO cover a range of Star Wars films. Obviously, Darth Vader does not appear in the latest film. But, this did not stop them from resurrecting him for the release of this toy. If you want to complete your set, do not forget about the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker figures.


This fully posable figure can be used as a toy or a model. Kids will love playing with the massive action figure while older collectors will enjoy adding this to their Star Wars memorabilia collection.


With thousands of reviews, there are no disadvantages to discuss. This is the case with almost every LEGO Star Wars toy that is currently available. The pieces easily connect and the instructions are always made to be simple to follow.


In the end, this is a cool action figure and LEGO set. You get to build Darth Vader – piece by piece. The dark side may finally win. Darth Vader is back and ready for action. Build him from scratch, combining 160 pieces to construct a scale version of the famous movie villain.


Get your LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader building kit and recreate fight scenes from the movie.


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15 best nerf guns reviews for 2017

Let’s face it, as our kids grow up, they like imitating almost anything that we adults do. These days there are Companies dedicated to ensuring children enjoy up to date toys that keep up with their needs to imitate and grow. There are a number of toys ranging from cars, planes, animals and guns. Nerf guns are one of the favorite toys for the youngsters who love action game playing. Having one, permits the child this feeling of heroism. These guns will be for maintaining your child occupied and cheerful as he plays along with his friends. Basic safety is the first consideration as they are crafted to become harmless. Mostly, you will see the kinds of pictures they generate are constructed of soft components, such as for example foam, rubber or plastic material. As a means to inform you on the ideal nerfs gun for your child, the below review explores the very best 15 best nerf guns for children in 2017.

1. NERF N-Strike Elite Hyper Fire Blaster

Take aim with the Nerf N-Strike HyperFire blaster and challenge opponents with its ultimate quickness! The HyperFire is the most effective motorised Nerf dart blaster, unleashing 5 darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts on your targets! Using its 25-dart drum, this Nerf N-Hit Elite blaster brings extraordinary firepower to the battlefield, firing darts up 90 toes (27 meters). Press the acceleration button, pull the trigger, and allow rapid-fire action begin.


Xmas present for my son. He absolutely loved it. A month latter he is till playing with it and asking for more.

2. NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Get yourself a whole arsenal in one blaster with the motorized Modulus ECS-10 blaster! This incredibly flexible blaster includes a targeting scope, drop grasp and dual-rail barrel, and its own many removable parts enable you to customize your blaster in a lot more than 30 combinations. Bunch the blaster’s 10-dart banana clip with the included darts and hit the battlefield in whatever construction will make you the victor!


My son absolutely loves every Nerf gun he receives, and this one was not any different. It was purchased as a birthday gift, and he continuously plays with it. Would purchase again.

3. NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

Put a double tap on every zombie you see with the Doublestrike blaster! The small, one-handed design of the blaster enables you to load fast with one side and fire with the additional. And when you cock your blaster and draw the trigger, the dual tap is automatic for the reason that blaster fires 2 darts in a row! The zombies won’t stand a probability when you strike the street together with your Doublestrike blaster!


Great gun! Good for using in a battle. It takes 2 bullets, but I recommend you get a refill pack just in case you’re in a battle and you need more bullets. It’s one of my favorites!! I have no complaints. So that’s good. ( p.s.) It has good range and fires hard. ? ? !! So I recommend don’t play without a shirt. I hope this review was helpful. Keep up the good work, “Nerf Company !!”

4. NERF N-Strike Dual-Strike Blaster

The NERF N-Strike Dual-Hit blaster fires both Elite darts and Mega darts to blast the competition with twice the impact! Method the very best battle strategy, after that move the change to select the dart size that gives a tactical advantages. To fire 1 dart, pull the deal with again and pull the result in. The Mega Whistler darts scream through the oxygen! The Dual-Hit blaster from NERF includes 3 Elite darts and 3 Mega Whistler darts.


My son loved this Nerf gun !! It exceeded both of our expectations !!

5. NERF Zombie Strike Flipfury Blaster

Unleash a sweeping zombie-blasting security with this hardcore Zombie Hit FlipFury blaster! The blaster’s 2 flipping drums hold 6 Zombie Strike darts apiece and enable you to turn up to 12 darts without reloading. Load up both drums with the included 12 Zombie Hit darts and struck the streets to get rid of those lurching, staggering zombies. You’ll clear the battlefield together with your FlipFury blaster.


Awesome! This gun is so cool! Is the best to use during a nerf battle espesially because it holds the most darts!

6. Hasbro NERF Modulus Ion Fire Blaster

Build their have blaster for each mission or battle with the Nerf Modulus IonFire blaster from Hasbro! Customize the blaster with the barrel extension and dart storage area. Slide the dart holder onto the blaster’s tactical rails to keep darts within reach for quick reloading. Heading into struggle? Customize with the barrel expansion. On a covert objective? Remove the extension to create a stealth-sized blaster. The Nerf Modulus IonFire blaster fires one dart at the same time and includes 4 darts. Expand the customizing choices with Nerf Modulus Update Kits (each sold individually); with the full Nerf Modulus system, over 1000 numerous combinations are practical! Includes blaster, barrel extension, removable dart holder, 4 darts, and recommendations. CAUTION: Do not aim at eye or face.


Very well made, and as ever from Hasbro, very clever piece of equipment. Tough enough for the beating it take from two grandsons, “Man thing” enough for his father and me to have a go. Well worth the money.

7. NERF N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

It’s time to take your N-Hit battling to the next level with the Retaliator blaster! You can modify this extraordinary 4-in-1 blaster for just about any objective! The Retaliator blaster may be the ultimate in blaster efficiency, firing revolutionary Elite Darts at a variety of 75 ft. It includes all the equipment you have to be a genuine N-Hit Elite warrior, and you may utilize the included Barrel Expansion and Stock for 4 practical blaster configurations. Take out or attach the share, and the Barrel Extension has both best and bottom level Tactical Rails so you can provide it the ultimate in fight customization! Customize 4 techniques and dominate the discipline of battle with the Retaliator blaster! NERF and all related individuals will be trademarks of Hasbro.


Kids ages 6 and 9 both love it. They liked that it could be assembled in three different configurations.

8. NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt EX-1 Blaster

Super stealthy, the Nerf N-Hit Elite Jolt EX-1 is a micro blaster with lots of power. Load the barrel, draw down the cocking deal with and focus on your enemy with a sneaky surprise attack. The Nerf Jolt EX-1 blaster comes filled with two Elite darts.


Excellent present for my son is put it in his stOakington at Christmas and he loved it.

9. NERF Zombie Strike Dominator Blaster Toy

Eradicate complete hordes of zombies at onetime with this hardcore Zombie Strike Doominator blaster! The blaster’s 4 flipping drums hold 6 Zombie Hit darts apiece plus they rotate as you fire so you can turn up to 24 darts without reloading. Bunch your drums with the included 24 Zombie Strike darts and strike the streets to get rid of those lurching, staggering zombies. You’ll apparent the battlefield together with your Doominator blaster!


The Nerf gun works well and does not jam the way many of the multi-bullet guns do.

10. NERF Strife Blaster

Practice your aim on stationary targets happen to be against good friends with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster. Motorized blasting actions allows for fast firing and one-handed make use of so you can keep your other hand free of charge for another blaster. This Nerf blaster launches darts at distances of up to 75′, letting you hit far-away targets. The Acceleration Trigger powers up the motor for rapid-fire blasting and the Easy Reload clip enables you to reload fast to get again to shooting right away. A Tactical Rail enables you to add most N-Strike Tactical Rail extras to the Nerf Stryfe blaster for more battle gain in the discipline. Six Elite darts are included, and they work not only with this blaster but also any different Clip System blaster for added versatility and convenience. They are compatible with any N-Hit Elite blaster & most classic N-Hit blasters for added ease. Four AA batteries happen to be necessary for operation. Batteries can be purchased separately.


This model was my go-to gift for the boy children in my family ages 5-9. it is well-made and shoots far. it is easy to hold, not too bulky or over the top. the darts hardly get jammed. my only recommendation would be a larger capacity magazine to hold more darts. overall very good nerf gun!

11. NERF Doomlands Lawbringer Blaster

Bring justice to a doomed environment with the Lawbringer blaster! This powerful blaster fires 12 darts without reloading from the rotating barrel with hammer-action blasting. Bunch your darts from the storage area capsules on the stock and drop the hammer as you allow each one fly! You’ll be the fiercest protector on the battlefield with the Lawbringer blaster!


Great Nerf gun, comes with 12 darts for extensive action.

12. NERF Modulus Recon MKII Blaster

Boys may build their own blaster for each and every mission or struggle with the NERF Modulus Recon MKII blaster from Hasbro! Customize the blaster with the stock and barrel expansion to create 4 unique versions of the blaster. Be it a stealth procedure, close quarters struggle, or long-collection targeting, the Recon MKII blaster can be configured for another NERF objective. Load the blaster with the 6-dart clip and head into action. The Recon MKII blaster fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters). Expand the customizing alternatives with NERF Modulus Update Kits (each sold separately); with the full NERF Modulus program, over 1000 numerous combinations are possible!


Bought two of this to shoot at separate zombie target, set up as game for daughters zombie birthday party.Arrived promptly, well packaged and easy to set up and start firing.Only downside, as mentioned previously, darts have a tendency to get stuck, and though easily enough to remove, we have damaged some, although this was rectified by purchasing(via amazon) additional dart set.

13. NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

You’ll be the best zombie hunter with the Crossfire Bow blaster! Load one of your powerful Zombie Hit darts and draw the string back hence you’re locked and loaded whenever a zombie crosses your way. Have your shot with an instant pull of the result in and load another dart! Prepare yourself to lower the zombies one at a time with the Crossfire Bow blaster!


My son popped this right out of the box and started playing with it. Easy to assemble. Fun to play with!

14. Star Wars NERF Episode VII First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster

Start into exciting Star Wars adventures with the Nerf Initial Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster! Take purpose and unleash the fury of the Earliest Buy with this blaster that has a 12-dart clip to fire twelve darts, one at a time, without reloading. Blast them quickly with slam-fire actions! Stabilize pictures with the shoulder share and mail the darts flying through the oxygen up to 65 feet (20 meters). The blaster has a tactical rail and a removable scope. The Star Wars Nerf First Buy Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster has a 12-dart clip and 12 foam darts.


Great item, will have one very happy ‘big’ boy at Christmas.

15. NERF Nstrike Crossbolt Blaster

Make your objective count with the clip-fed bow actions of the CrossBolt blaster! Bunch the 12-dart clip with the included N-Strike Elite darts and connect it to the blaster, in that case draw the string back thus you’re locked and loaded whenever a target crosses your way. Take your pictures and load up for another barrage! Get ready to lower targets up to 90 feet away, one at a time with the CrossBolt blaster.


A very well working product that is by far worth the price

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Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car w/ Remote Control, Leather Seat, UV Lights, 2 Speeds Pink

Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car w/ Remote Control, Leather Seat, UV Lights, 2 Speeds Pink

Product Description
Best Choice Products presents this new RC Ride-On Car. Perfect for 1 child, ages 3-6 years, this ride-on car can be operated by foot pedal accelerator and steering wheel. Teach your child to always buckle up with the safety belts on the seat. Attractive and fun design features a non-toxic, ABS plastic body, leather seats, an adjustable seatbelt and functioning LED lights. 12V (2*6V) motor feature a high and low speed option to reach a maximum speed of 5 MPH. Includes a controller with push buttons for power, stop, forward/reverse, left/right, and high/low speeds. Includes AC charger and a rechargeable 12V 7Ah batteries. SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions:45″(L) x 31″(W) x 32″(H); Seat: 7″(L) x 16″(W); Leg space: 12″(L) x 16″(W); Steering Wheel: 6 “(dia); Capacity: 88lbs.; Color: Pink; Includes AC Charger, batteries, AUX Cord; Material: Non-toxic Plastic; Included battery: rechargeable 12V 7Ah (2*6V 7AH); Controller battery: (2) 1.5 AAA ; Charging time:8-12hrs; Run:1.5-2hrs; Max speed: 5MPH; For children age 3-6 yrs.; Assembly required (with manual).

Price: $199.99

  • SINGLE CHILD, RIDE ON CAR: Perfect for 1 child (ages 3-6 years), this ride-on car can be operated by foot pedal accelerator and steering wheel
  • FUN EXTERIOR FEATURES & DUAL OPTION MUSIC: Attractive and fun design features an non-toxic, ABS plastic body, leather seats, an adjustable seatbelt and functioning LED lights. Enjoy a fun sing-along by playing the built-in musical tunes, or plug in your own playlist with an included AUX cord
  • CONTROLLER OPTION FOR PARENTS: Includes a controller with push buttons for power, stop, forward/reverse, left/right, and high/low speeds
  • HIGH/LOW SPEED OPTIONS: 12V (2*6V) motor features a high and low speed option to reach a max speed of 5 MPH
  • Includes AC charger and a rechargeable 12V 7Ah batteries; Dimensions:45″(L) x 31″(W) x 32″(H); Capacity: 88 lbs.
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