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Top 5 Bouncy Castles To Buy in 2017

Bouncy castles are a great way to become fit and healthy and are really fun to play on for kids. Here are the best bouncy castles reviewed to help buyers make the best decision.



1.AirFlow Bouncy Castle



With the colourful Airflow bouncy castle from Action Air, your children can have hours of fun and laughter jumping and  bouncing around, creating the ideal centrepiece for gardens and parties. Made from durable PVC material, this bouncy castle is double stitched for additional strength and semi-transparent mesh walls keep everyone safe inside whilst also allowing for easy supervision.

2.Homcom Kids Bouncy Castle Inflatable Bouncer Bounce House and Slide Inflatable Jumper with Airflow Fan

This inflatable bouncing castle is a perfect choice for children fun time, made with a non-woven fabric which is fire, waterproof and puncture preventive material.

3.Duplay 12ft Turret Bouncy Castle complete with Airflow Fan (Rainbow)

The Turret Bouncy Castle is our most popular inflatable and comes in 3 amazing colours, Classic(Blue), Rainbow(Orange) and Purple and is suitable for 3-4 kids to play at once.

4.Bubble 4-1 Play Center Kids Bouncy Castle – MODEL 9214

The bubble 4 in 1 play centre is one of our most popular home use garden bouncy castle perfect for small families accommodating up to 3 children in a fun filled bubble design and completed with a ball pool that comes with 30 balls included, a slide and a basket hoop.

5.Mega Fun 24ft Water Park Bouncy Castle Inflatable Twin Water Slide  

The Duplay Happy Hop Mega Fun 24ft Water Park features tunnels galore and 2 amazing water streaming slides that kids can plummet down until their heart’s content. A great way to entertain children throughout those long summer holidays.


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Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy Buck the Deer Mailman

Do you have a child that would like to communicate with you and other family members, but isn’t quite old enough for their own phone? The Toymail Mailman is a WiFitoy messenger that will allow your child to send and receive messages with you or anyone else that has an iPhone or Android phone.

What is the Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman?

They Toymail Mailman is the only kid friendly WIFI toy messenger. You can record a voice message from anywhere and send it to the Mailman anytime from the free iPhone or Android app. Messages can be recorded and delivered in your voice or a funny voice and kids can reply right back from their toy to your phone for two-way talk.

As many approved friends and family as you want can send messages to children that they love from the free Toymail app!

Amazing Features of Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

  • Built in WiFi

You can connect your child’s Mailman to your 2.4Ghz home WiFi network in just minutes and begin sending and receiving messages through the Toymail app. Toymail only uses WiFI, not Bluetooth, so it don’t not need to be close to a phone to use it.

  • Two-Way Talk

Your child’s mailman will check for messages twice every hour and when they hit the play button it will speak your message either in their silly voice, or yours. Your child can reply immediately to the message right from the toy to your phone. Voice messages are stored and memories are saved forever when you use the free Toymail app.

  • App Ready

The free Toymail app can be downloaded on any iOS or compatible Android device to send and receive message at any time from any location in the world. The best part messaging is free between you and the Mailman.

  • Alerts

Your child’s Mailman will snort, whine, howl, and growl to let them know they have new Toymail messages.

This toy is intended for children 3 years of age and up as it does have small pieces that could be a choking hazard. It also requires 4 AA batteries.

What are the advantages of Toymail Mailmen?

This toy is great for you, your child, and any other family member who loves your child and wants to communicate with them at any time.

You could be in the checkout line at the store, interacting with your child at home, or a grandparent that lives in another part of the world, it is a simple and fun way to stay in touch with children in your life that you love.

Toymail Mailmen are fantastic for younger children who don’t know how to use a phone yet and want to be able to communicate with their family members.

Are there any Disadvantages?

The only drawback to the Toymail Mailmen appears to be that it takes some time to get it set up and connected with the app on your phone. It should be noted that parents have mentioned that while it says on the packaging it is easy it takes a while to “footprint” the Mailman to their phone.

Final Thoughts on the Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

Is this product work buying to your child or that child in your life you love so much you wish to be able to message them at any time? The majority of parents have loved this device and have not had any negative comments about it.

Children will love being able to send and receive messages with you, their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else in their life that they love!


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Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone Review

Drones are becoming more popular, with dozens of different consumer-level drones available. This includes a wide range of options, including small remote control drones and larger drones capable of recording HD video from the air.


The Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone falls into this latter category. It is equipped with an HD camera that streams directly to your smartphone. If you want to take aerial photographs or video, then check out the rest of this Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone review.


Primary Features and Details of the Sky Viper v2400 HD Drone


What do you get with the Sky Viper Drone? Well, you get a hobby grade 4-blade copter, with remote control, 13-inch span, and an HD camera. It is designed for people that are new to the use of drones and for experienced remote control aviators. Here is a closer examination of the primary features and technical specs:


  • 4-blade copter
  • 13-inch span (from blade to blade)
  • Large remote control with holder for your smartphone
  • HD StreamPro camera
  • Weighs just under 3-pounds
  • Rechargeable 3.7v LiPo battery
  • Includes a charging cable
  • Comes with 4 extra blades and 4 extra screws
  • Screwdriver is included
  • Instruction manual provided


The large remote control gives precise control over the flight of the drone. Some people have trouble with this, but most of you should get the hang of flying this device without any issues. There is also a holder on the remote control for your smartphone. This will fit most smartphones and acts as a viewfinder for the camera that is attached to the drone.


You will need to download the compatible app for the StreamPro HD camera. Once installed, it will display a live feed from the camera. So, even when your drone is flying over your house, you can watch from its perspective on your smartphone. Press a button to take a snapshot or to begin recording video.


The Sky Viper is durable, with plastic support to protect the blades, in the event that the drone crashes. It has been made to withstand the impact of a crash. Though, a severe crash could damage some of the components. Replacement parts are available and it also comes with a few replacement pieces. This includes 4 blades and 4 screws, along with a screwdriver.


The drone is powered by a rechargeable 3.7v LiPo battery and includes a charging cable. You should make sure that the drone is fully charged before every flight. You do not want to lose power mid-flight.


Advantages of Flying the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone


There are quite a few reasons to consider purchasing the Sky Viper v2400 HD streaming drone over other drones on the market. This includes:


  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • Live video streaming directly to your smartphone
  • Durable design with replacement parts available


If you have never used a drone before, you will not have any problem getting used to the controls. Unlike helicopters, which feature one propeller on top and one stabilizer, these drones have 4 rotating blades, providing more control and precision over your flight path.


As mentioned, the highlight of this device is that it can stream live video to your smartphone. Record video or take a photograph and then upload your media to the internet, where you can instantly share on Facebook or Twitter.


The durable design is also great. You are bound to have a few crash landings. Even though this drone is easy to maneuver, it may take a while to get used to the available range. When the drone gets out of range, it will eventually come crashing down to the ground. Luckily, the HD camera is secure in the center of the drone and unlikely to get damaged during most crashes.


Disadvantages of the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone


Some users had trouble learning how to fly the drone, though, everyone adjusts differently to the controls. The majority of users had no problem picking up the control and getting the drone into the air.


Another issue that may come up is the range of the transmitter. The device has a range of 200 feet. Beyond this distance, you can lose connection with the drone and no longer be able to send it commands. This appears to more of an issue when using the HD streaming.


So, if you are flying and taking photos or video, then you should be careful not to exceed the recommended distance. Though, this can be difficult to judge, when an object is flying through the sky.


As a side note, the Sky Viper requires four AAA batteries for the remote control. These batteries are not included. If you want to be prepared to fly your drone as soon as you open the package, then buy your batteries ahead of time. Though, the drone itself uses a rechargeable battery.


Final Thoughts on the Sky Viper HD Streaming Remote Control Drone


The idea of streaming video straight to your smartphone is pretty cool and the Sky Viper does a good job of delivering on this feature. The video and photos are crisp and clear. Get an aerial perspective of your neighborhood.


The Sky Viper is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. When you are first getting used to the controls, it may be a good idea to practice indoors, until you get the hang of the buttons and options.


The only problem that you may have is flying out of the range of the remote control or the streaming connection. The Sky Viper has a range of 200 feet, beyond this, you may run into trouble. Though, 200 feet is plenty of distance to have fun flying indoors or outdoors.


Whether you are shopping for your first drone or have already owned one of these devices, the Sky Viper is a great option. The HD video camera is clear and capable of recording wonderful video from the sky. If you have been searching for a drone that can record video or take photos from the air, then think about getting the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone.

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Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack Review

Are you looking for a new collectible toy for your child? The Twozies could be a great match.


The Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack includes a variety of Twozies babies. Every pack is random. You never know what you are going to get. There is a total of 29 baby and pet pairs in the series.


Learn more about this collectable toy. Check out the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack review.

Features and Details of the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


What are Twozies? They are small toy figures, but makes them stand apart is that each character has a matching animal. So, Twozies are a combination of a baby and a pet. Here is what you get in this Two-Gether pack:


  • A random assortment of pairs
  • You get 6 babies and 6 pets
  • 5 babies are visible and 1 hidden
  • 2 pets are visible and 4 are hidden
  • Collector’s guide


Similar to other small collectible figures, there is a large number of baby and pet pairs to collect. As mentioned, there are 29 different pairs. This particular pack of Twozies includes a total of 6 pairs. This means that you get 6 babies and 6 pets.


The fun of buying these sets is that you never know exactly what you are going to get. This makes it an entertaining collectible for children to trade, as you will likely end up with a few duplicates if you purchase multiple sets. Though, this should be expected when buying a collectable item.


Within this pack, 5 of the babies and 2 of the pets are visible. Though, 1 of the babies and 2 of the pets are hidden inside a blind bag.


You also get a collector’s guide. This includes images of all the babies and pets in the series. Your children can keep track of which characters they have and which ones they still need.


Advantages of the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


The premise of these toys is the that Twozies have lost their pet friends. Your goal is to help them get together again by finding and matching the babies with their corresponding pet friends. You can then display them in the shadow boxes located in the packaging.


There are 29 different pairs in this series of Twozies, but there are a total of 140 different babies and pets when you factor in the solid color figures, including the ultra-rare neon Twozies.


Twozies are recommended for children ages 5 years and up, as the Twozies are relatively small. This is especially true of the pets, as the pets are a little bit smaller than the babies.


The characters are quite cute. They all have unique headgear that matches their pet friend. For example, Woolbur and Woolsin are a pair resembling sheep. The pet friend is a small little sheep while the baby has a sheep hat on with matching diaper. This makes it easy to match the babies to the pets.


This is just the first series of Twozies. Moose Toys, the company that produces these toys, plans on releasing additional series, referred to as seasons.


Kids seem to love these little characters and it is easy to see why. They are adorable figurines and the fact that each baby has a matching pet is a neat idea.


Moose Toys, the company that manufacturers Twozies, also created the popular Shopkins toys. These are similar in a way. Though, instead of food and items that you would find in a mall, you get small babies and pets in matching pairs.


Along with Shopkins and Twozies, Moose Toys is also responsible for Mighty Beanz and Little Live Pets. So, this company knows a lot about making miniature figurines that appeal to young boys and girls.


Pretty much every parent that has commented on these toys have exclaimed that their children absolute love collecting the baby and pet pairs. Just remember that after you buy one pack, your child will likely ask for more. They will want to collect them all.


Disadvantages of the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


The idea that you do not know exactly which characters you are going to get can be disappointing for some. There is no way of telling whether or not your child has some of the characters in the pack. Though, this is also part of the fun of collecting these figures.


As with trading cards, the idea of purchasing a pack of characters and having to collect them over a period of time is an exciting aspect. As mentioned, your child could also trade duplicate babies and pets with their friends, if they happen to know anyone else that collects these toys.


Final Thoughts on the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


The Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack is a cute set of little figures. The mystery of not knowing which characters you are going to find means that you have to purchase multiple packs in order to collect all of the baby and pet pairs.


For some, the idea that you may get duplicates can be annoying. But, if you just want a fun little gift for your child, they should be happy with the variety included in the pack. After all, you get 12 different miniature figures.


Along with these Two-Gether packs, Moose Toys have additional sets in this series of toys. This includes a Twozies Holiday Gift Bundle, a Two-Playful Café, and the Sweet Row Boat. These additional sets include exclusive Twozies that you cannot find in the Two-Gether pack.


As discussed, this is the first season of Twozies. After you and your child collect them all, you should keep an eye out for the next season. Though, it may take a while for you to actually collect all 140 figures.


Overall, Twozies is targeting a niche market. If your child likes playing with small toys, the Twozies are a cute little set to begin collecting. Just keep in mind that some of the pieces are small, especially if you decide to purchase any of the additional sets.

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Lil Lockitz Memory Studio Review

The Lil Lockitz Memory Studio is a locket making craft kit that lets your child make their own original lockets, bracelets, and charms. It includes everything that they need to get started.


Discover perfect gift for the creative kid in your life, check out the rest of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio review.


Features and Details of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


What exactly are Lil Lockitz? They are reusable jewelry lockets that can be customized in dozens of ways with the included accessories. Take a look at the rest of the features to learn more:


  • Includes enough pieces to make 10 reusable Lockitz
  • A complete design studio with storage compartments, lights, and music
  • Includes custom charms, keychain clasps, necklaces, photo stencil, tweezers, and backgrounds
  • 121 pieces and accessories
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Intended for children 5 years of age and up


How does this toy work? Easy. Your child starts by filling the base of the locket with an element from the includes accessories. There are 10 different lockets to choose from along with a selection of backgrounds.


Next, your child gets to add their choice of charms and gems to tell their own story with a locket. This is the fun part. There are many different charms and gems to choose from. The top is then attached, to keep the charms and gems in place.


The locket can be attached to a keychain clasp, a necklace, or a bracelet, giving your child multiple options for wearing their own custom locket.


The Memory Studio stores all of these accessories and pieces. There are 11 covered compartments with room to organize and sort the charms and assorted pieces. The top of the studio even features 4 jewelry holders for displaying their 4 favorite lockets. With this single kit, your child can make 4 necklaces, 3 keychains, and 3 bracelets, for a total 10 different jewelry lockets.


There are 40 charms to choose from. This includes an assortment of small items, such as a popsicle, a guitar, sunglasses, flip-flops, and a paw print. Your child gets to choose the charms that represent the things that they love.


Along with 40 charms, there are 30 different gems and 16 backgrounds. There are literally thousands of ways to combine all of these pieces into various jewelry lockets.


Since some of the pieces are small, the studio also comes equipped with a pair of tweezers, a photo stencil, and instructions. The instructions are easy to follow, as the process is really simple. As mentioned, your child just needs to add a background, charms, and gems to a locket and then place the top on it to keep everything inside.


Advantages of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


Who is this toy designed for? Creative children that enjoy making their own items will absolutely love the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio. Kids that like craft projects, playing with small pieces, and designing things will be able to express their creativity with this fun little jewelry studio.


The Lil Lockitz Memory Studio does require a small amount of assembly. It does not take long to put the studio together. But, the individual pieces, such as the charms and gems, will need to be punched out.


The variety of charms and gems should keep your child entertained. The jewelry lockets are cute novelty items. The jewelry is not high-quality, but it is original, as you would expect from a simple craft kit like this.


One of the greatest advantages is that the jewelry lockets are reusable. The top of the locket can be removed and your child can create an entirely new locket. It is not a permanent design. They are free to mix and match the pieces in any way that they choose – as many times as they want.


The addition of lights and music is an interesting choice. This is the reason that the studio requires batteries. What this has to do with the jewelry making process is hard to guess, but it is a neat little addition.


Disadvantages of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


Are there any disadvantages to the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio? Overall, nearly every parent has mentioned how much their child loves making their own original lockets. But, there are a few instances where people have claimed that the locket does not remain secure.


Before your child wears the locket out anywhere, you may want to double check the top to make sure that it is securely attached. This appears to be a rare issue, as an occasional manufacturing defect is inevitable with any toy.


The other issue is the size of the charms and gems. There are definitely small parts that could pose a choking hazard for small children. This is why the recommended age is listed as 5 years of age and up. This does not mean that a 4-year old will not love this toy, but you will probably want to supervise the creation of their jewelry lockets.


Also, you may need to help your child punch out the pieces. They come attached to a sheet of plastic. So, the setup of the studio and the sorting of the pieces may require supervision.


Final Thoughts on the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


Is the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio worth buying? If your child loves crafts or enjoys plastic jewelry or charms, then this will be a hit. Most kids fall in love with the studio as soon as it is unwrapped.


Though, it is always hard to predict whether or not this will last for more than a few days. Luckily, there are thousands of ways to combine the charms, gems, and backgrounds.


If your child begins to get tired of using the same charms and gems over and over again, there is no reason why you could not use charms and small items from other sets or charms that you purchase separately. The studio contains enough storage space to add additional charms and pieces to their collection.


Overall, this is a decent toy that children of all ages enjoy, especially if they like crafty toys. The Lil Lockitz Memory Studio is a hassle-free jewelry kit with no mess.

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Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump Review

Thomas & Friends are as popular as ever with children. Now, your child can watch Thomas jump through the air with the Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump. What exactly is this toy? Does it work? Find out with the following review.


Features and Details of the Sky-High Bridge Jump


The Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump is a fully functioning train set with a few special additions. Check out the features and details:


  • Complete Thomas & Friends train set
  • Includes motorized Thomas train
  • Includes Harold the helicopter, cargo hopper, and cargo piece
  • Thomas travels nearly two feet during his jump
  • Recommended for children 36-months to 6-years of age
  • Only requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)


The long track takes Thomas on a trip through various twists and turns. After going under the bridge, Thomas travels up the spiral track. Once he reaches the end of the track, Harold is there to lift him to the top of the ramp. Thomas then shoots down the ramp and flies through the air before landing safely back on the track.


You get over 8 feet of track, making this the biggest Thomas & Friends train set ever manufactured. You will not find a longer track. It is also incredibly tall, reaching over 3 feet in height.


Advantages of the TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump


So, you know what this toy is supposed to do, but does it work? Yes, it really does work. Every time that Thomas flies through the air, he lands safely back on the track. Your child will love watching this amazing aerial stunt.


There is a large plastic tunnel with a funnel shape to help catch Thomas. This ensures that he always makes it onto the track after his launch. In addition to actually working, you and your child can enjoy the following advantages:


  • Decent price for a complete train set
  • Harold the helicopter is removable
  • Only requires 2 AAA batteries
  • Can be combined with the Shipwreck Rails Set


The TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump includes over 80 pieces and is a fully functional train set. Despite all of the great features of this toy, it is still reasonably priced. Depending on whether or not it is on sale, you should be able to get it for less than a hundred dollars.


Harold the helicopter, who carries Thomas to the top of the track, is removable. This allows your child to play with Harold separately. Though, Harold will need to go back to his position at the top of the track in order to help Thomas reach the top.


The TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump only requires 2 AAA batteries. These are not included, but it is surprising that such a massive toy can operate on just two small batteries.


If you own the Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Shipwreck Rails Set, you can actually combine the two sets. The Shipwreck Rails Set is nearly as large as this set, so you will need twice the space. Keep in mind, these sets are not purposely designed to connect, but you can position the tracks so that you have one super long track.


Disadvantages of the TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump


As you can tell, there are plenty of great features and advantages for this toy. But, there are one or two drawbacks, depending on a few factors. These disadvantages depend on how much space you have in your house and whether or not you enjoy assembling toys.


The first drawback is also a benefit – it is a very large toy. If you have a small apartment or have limited space, then it will be hard to set up the Fisher-Price Thomas Train TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump.


As mentioned, you get over 8 feet of track. Once the toy is fully assembled, you need about 8 ½ x 3 feet of floor space. It is also about 3 feet tall. So, before purchasing, make sure that you have enough room to set up this massive toy.


Another minor issue is the amount of time needed to assemble the toy. It should take you at least 30 minutes to fully assemble the TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump.


As expected, you will need to assemble this toy before use. Luckily, the instructions are very easy to follow. Each piece is carefully labeled and matches the assembly chart.


Final Thoughts on the TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump


At the end of the day, the Fisher-Price TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump is a great toy. The complete train set includes everything that you need. This includes over 8 feet of track and a motorized Thomas the Train. You also get Harold the helicopter, who can be removed and played with separately.


If your child is a fan of Thomas the Train, he or she will absolutely love the Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump. They will watch Thomas go around the track, climb the spiral track, get lifted by Harold, and then go shooting down the track and across the ramp.


Thomas flies about 2 feet before landing in a funnel-shaped tunnel that safely places him back on the track. Around and around he goes and he never stops.


The only disadvantages are the size of the toy and the required assembly. As discussed, you should expect to spend at least a half an hour assembling the track and connecting all 80 pieces. Once assembled, the track takes up about 8 ½ x 3 feet of floor space and is about 3 feet in height. So, you need plenty of space and a considerable amount of time to assemble the toy.


Overall, the Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump is sure to delight. If you get this for a birthday or holiday gift, your child will likely put away all other toys in favor the train set. Order your TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump today.

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Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Toy Review

The Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart allows your little one to play doctor with a rolling pet hospital cart. The car is equipped with a talking EKG area with a real working drawer and a bed for the pet patient.


Is the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart worth buying? Do kids love it? Discover the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Hospital Care Cart toy.


Features and Details of the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Toy


What is the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart toy? As the name suggests, it is a rolling cart based on the Disney television series Doc McStuffins. As you are probably aware, this series is about a girl that can fix toys and pets with her special vet skills.


The overall theme is that of a pet hospital, as it comes with a patient – Fido. Take a closer look at the main features and details:


  • Plays “Welcome to the Hospital” song from the Doc McStuffins television show
  • Intended for children ages 3 and up
  • Rolling cart with a pet hospital theme
  • A talking EKG area with a printout EKG roller
  • Light and sound patient scanner with two interchangeable cards
  • Blood pressure pump
  • A working drawer
  • Patient bed
  • Fido the pet patient


With the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart, your child can play along and pretend to be the doc as she helps revive and cure her stuffed friends, including the patient that comes with the cart. Though, if your child is like others that have played with the cart, they will likely bring in other patients from their existing collection of toys.


That is part of the fun of the Hospital Care Cart, your child can use it with any of their stuffed toys. Though, Fido, who comes with the set, is the perfect size for the small patient bed on top of the cart.


There are many features on the rolling cart. The talking EKG area includes a “printout” EKG roller that appears to display a readout of the EKG results. The light and sound patient scanner give an x-ray view of the patient, with the help of two interchangeable cards. Other items include a blood pressure pump and a working drawer for placing all of the small items.


Below the patient bed is an open compartment. This gives plenty of space for stowing additional patients. Basically, there are many ways to use the cart, which is only limited by your child’s imagination.


Advantages of the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Toy


What are the advantages of the cart? What do kids like about it? By far, the feature that stands out the most is the various fake machines, such as the EKG machine and the patient scanner. This alone will keep your child entertained.


Even with these machines, the cart only needs 3 AA batteries to operate the various lights and sounds. The batteries are included, so the cart is ready for use as soon as you assemble it, which brings us to the disadvantages.


When a button is pressed, the cart will play the theme song from the television series. Your child can listen to “Welcome to the Hospital” whenever they want, bopping and singing along as they work on their patient.


You may also want to know whether or not this toy is sturdy. When you have a large toy, such as a rolling cart, you want to ensure that it is safe for your child.


You will not have to worry about the cart tipping over. It has a wide base and is relatively short. This helps prevent it from falling over, as long as your child does not attempt to climb up onto the table themselves.


Disadvantages of the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Toy


This kid-sized cart needs to be assembled. While the assembly is not overly difficult, some parents may have trouble. You should always read through the assembly instructions before you get started.


Read the instructions and make sure that you have all of the necessary parts. In the event that a piece is missing, you should consider a return. The assembly of the cart can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.


The recommended age group for this toy is ages 3 and up. Though, you should use caution, as there are small parts that could pose a choking hazard. If your child still puts objects in his or her mouth, then you may want to hold off on this toy.


Also, the height of the handle bar of the cart may be a little tall for some children. But, they will grow into it. The main consideration is whether or not the small doctor utensils are too small for your child.


Final Thoughts on the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Toy


The Disney Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart is a cute playset for budding doctors and fans of the television series. The abundance of features, plus the fact that they can push the cart around, is the main reason that kids love this toy.


There are a couple of minor disadvantages. This includes the size of some of the pieces and the fact that you have to assemble it. There are small parts that may not be suitable for children ages three and under. As usual, you should use your own discretion when deciding whether or not your child is old enough to play with the toy.


So, is this a good buy? This depends on what your child is into. If they are a fan of Doc McStuffins, then there is no chance that they will not enjoy the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart. Every time that their favorite comes on, they will want to wheel their cart out into the living room to play along as they watch the show.


If you have a child that is obsessed with Doc McStuffins, then this rolling kid-sized cart is a must and will likely appear on their birthday or holiday gift list. The electronic components and parts all operated correctly and it gives your child the chance to play doctor, just like Doc McStuffins.

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Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit Review

The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit includes everything that you will need to make your very own flavored lip gloss. You start by choosing your flavor, add sprinkles, then mix everything in the lip gloss ice cream machine. The result is custom flavored lip gloss.

If you are looking for an original gift for girls of any age, then learn more about the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit, as we review the top features.


What is the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit?


The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit is a fun toy that actually allows you or your kids to create something. It is designed to resemble an ice cream truck, complete with a miniature ice cream machine. Though, instead of making ice cream, you are going to be making lip gloss. You get everything that you need to get started, including:


  • 1 lip gloss base
  • 2 lip gloss flavors
  • 1 set of sprinkles
  • 1 cupcake making tool with a cherry spatula
  • 1 special edition scented Num – Cherry Scoop
  • 3 lip gloss container Noms
  • Lip gloss menu
  • Intended for ages 3 and up
  • The ice cream truck case holds all the ingredients and components

The process is simple, you start with the lip gloss base and then choose which flavor you want to use for the lip gloss. The ingredients are placed in the ice cream truck. You can then add sprinkles and mix everything together. The ice cream machine can then be used to dispense the ice cream lip gloss.


You can store the lip gloss that you have created in the 3 lip gloss containers that are provided. They are designed to resemble ice cream sundaes. Once the lip gloss is thoroughly mixed, you place it in the containers and allow it to set.


As the lip gloss sets, it begins to harden and should be ready for use within a couple of hours. If you find that the lip gloss does not harden as quickly as it should, then place it in the fridge or make sure that you have used enough of the lip gloss base.


If you need help figuring out how to combine the various ingredients and how much of each item to use in your lip gloss, you can check the lip gloss menu or look in the instruction manual. It really is easy to use.

What Do People Like About the Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit?


The main advantage of the Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit is the fact that you, or your children, get to experiment and make something out of nothing. This is always a fun activity, especially if your children like using lip gloss.


The design of the truck is cute and all of the little Num Noms and accessories match. Overall, it is a fun set that should provide hours of fun, until you run out of lip gloss ingredients.


So, what do you do when you run out of ingredients? You can find refills at most toy stores, as Num Noms are popular products. The top department stores often carry them as well. Though, you may have difficulty finding the refills online. This can be a slight disadvantage for those that are used to buying everything online.


While the refills may not be incredibly easy to find, they are available at local stores. This gives you or your children the option of purchasing new flavors in order to create new, interesting lip gloss flavors.


Along with the Num Noms containers, there is one special edition scented container. The scented container is slightly larger than the other containers, allowing more room for lip gloss.


As discussed, there are refills available for making more lip gloss. In addition to these refills, you can buy additional containers, including special scented containers. Once your child has enough of these containers, you could add a Num Noms compatible storage box.

Are There Any Disadvantages to the Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit?


There are no major disadvantages to the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit. Though, there are a few minor issues. The fact that the truck only comes with two flavors means that you are limited to the variety of lip gloss flavors that you can create.


You can either use one flavor or the other or combine them to make a mixture of the two. This gives you three options, which is rather limited. If you want to explore additional combinations, you will need to purchase extra refills.


The other issue is the size of the Num Noms containers. You only make a small amount of lip gloss at a time. Though, it does go a long way. Still, your children will likely waste some of the gloss attempting to get it all into the container. So, you should expect them to use up the included ingredients relatively quickly.


Final Thoughts on the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit


The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit is a fun craft toy that gives children the opportunity to mix their own lip gloss flavors. The only downside is that there are only two flavors available with the set, which limits your options. Other than this minor complaint, children that like to experiment and mix things together will get a lot of enjoyment out of this product.


The bottom line is that you get a small craft kit for making your own lip gloss. As a bonus, it is made to resemble a cute, little ice cream truck. All of the accessories are designed to fit the ice cream theme, including the small Num Noms containers that are used for storing the lip gloss.


If you know someone that likes crafty things, then the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit could be a great gift. The main thing to consider is whether or not they enjoy craft projects, lip gloss, or both. If so, the Lip Gloss Truck craft kit should provide hours of fun.


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5 Children’s Portable Mobile Camping Bed that will make family camping a great experience

1. Kid-O-Bunk Children’s Portable Mobile Camping Bed

Where fun meets function…the patented Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk offers a mobile sleep and seating solution for kids on the go! The Kid-O-Bunk is ideal for slumber celebrations, browsing grandparents, camping, as a supplementary bed in hotel rooms when visiting or wherever space reaches reduced. 1 solution with many versatile options, utilize the group of stack adapters to place one cot on the various other maximizing floor space, convert it right into a seated bench throughout the day or additionally use as 2 one cots. The sleeping decks, without third leg or center beam conforms to your body condition for true contoured ease and a standard better nights rest. The 2 2 matching area organizers can be used to retailer personal belongings including a water bottle and easily put on each one of the sleeping decks. Each cot’s parts and extras packs down into its zippered, polyester carry tote for fast and simple storage and transportation.


  • Colour: Teal blue
  • Total: 2 single beds
  • High-quality PU backed polyester sleeping deck: Water-resistant, simple to clean, no middle brace
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame
  • Patented disc system
  • 4 stack adapters
  • 8 black polypropylene discs
  • Use as a bunk, a sitting down bench or two solo cots
  • With less than 1-m (3-ft.) high, fits most domed tents with quick access to the most notable bunk
  • Rounded bed end body increases stability and protects floors or tent bottoms
  • No program assembly for quick convenient setup
  • Each bed’s parts are packed in a simple zippered polyester carry bag for convenient storage and transportation
  • Excess weight capacity: 90.7 kg (200 lb.) per cot

2. Milestone Camping Folding Camp Bed – Green

The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your house and garden. This superb camp bed from the Milestone spectrum includes a 600D polyester covers meaning it really is waterproof, anti-static, tear resistant and flame retardant. An aluminium body implies that the bed isn’t just strong but also extremely lightweight which means you can easily carry it and theres no fear of tipping it over in the night! The camp bed comes with a useful carry tote meaning the bed is definitely portable and so ideal for dealing with camping trips, fishing excursions or even to festivals. The bed folds apart to a concise size making it simple to store away or travelling with. Please search for more great things from the Benross Group on incorporating an extensive selection of Christmas, Back garden, Solar Lights, Equipment, Polaroid Tablets, Playthings and Gizmos, Camping plus much more.


  • 600D Polyester Cover
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Carry Bag Included
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Assembled : H.42 x W.64 x L.189cm

3. Skandika XX-Large Portable Camping Bed – Blue, 210x80cm

Extra large portable camping bed with a 210 x 80cm size raised 48cm above the bottom
Features a light in weight yet strong aluminium frame that can carry a load of 120 kg
Quick and simple to setup and pack away
The easy-care campbed could be sponge-washed and comes filled with a handy carrying bag.


Skandika XX-Large Lightweight Camping Bed – Blue,

210x80cm is manufactured by Skandika.
The packaging has the following dimensions,

Height: 11.99cm X Length: 105.99cm X Width: 19cm and weighs: 38g

4. JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Breathable Airflow Mattress

Every residence has space for the JAY-BE® Worth Folding Bed. The small style when folded means it might be stored just about anyplace; under a bed, in a closet or even the boot of your car when visiting family and friends. This lightweight and lightweight bed may be the perfect solution for both unexpected friends and regular sleepovers; easily unfold and it’s prepared to use in seconds.

The breathable Airflow Fibre mattress works in harmony with the J-Tex™ sprung base system to support the complete body for a comfortable night’s sleep. All JAY-Get® folding beds are made in the united kingdom and have a FREE lifetime frame warranty for your complete top quality assurance.


  • British made with a lifetime frame guarantee
  • J-Tex™ sprung basic system for support & comfort
  • Breathable Airflow Fibre mattress
  • Resilient powder coat paint finish
  • Exceeds Uk and European safety standards
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Ideal for regular use

5. Children Ultralight Aluminium alloy Folding Bed Portable Outdoor Camping Bed

Framework material: Aviation aluminium alloy

Bed cloth materials:Anti-tear PV oxford cloth

Supporting frame materials:Reinforced nylon


Unfolding size:1200*500*119.2mm

Folding size:¦µ120*400mm

Item extras: cross bar x2; support rod x4; leg x 8;mat x 1; bag x1


1.Super compact and portable.

2.Super strong bearing.

3.Applicable to a number of environments.

Host to origin: China

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10 Best Kids Luggage Sets in 2017

By Anna / February 7, 2017

When searching for the perfect kids luggage, you wish to get something that isn’t too large, or too pricey since your child will grow out of it, yet created to last. At The Travel Gear Assessments, we’ve come up with a list of 10 of the greatest luggage for kids featuring cute rolling hand bags, colorful hard-shells and extra.

Marvel Ultimate Spiderman 2 Premium Wheeled Bag4.8

Peppa Pig George Premium Wheeled Bag4.4

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase: "Tipu" Tiger print4.7

VTech Kidizoom Travel Bag - Pink4.8

TOMY Aquadoodle Colour Travel Bag - Multi-Coloured4.5

Children Kids Boys Paw Patrol Marshall Rubble Chase Travel Outdoor Fun School Trolley Bag4.4

Yodo Playful 3-Way Kids Insulated Lunch Bag - Preschool Toddler Backpack,FDA-approved liner, Large Front Quick Access Pouch for Snacks or Knickknacks, Pink Owl4.6

Kids Trolley Cabin Bag Suitcase with Wheels and Telescopic Handle - Ideal for short breaks, holidays, sleepovers and school trips (Shopkins)4.4

Star Wars Episode 7 Box Wheeled Bag5

Yodo Convertible Playful 3-Way Little Kids Rolling Luggage or Toddler Backpack with Wheels, Large Front Quick Access Pouch for Snacks or Knickknacks, Little Suitcase for Boys and Girls Age 3+, Shark4.6

1. Trunki Ride-On Suitcase: “Tipu” Tiger print


The Tipu Tiger Trunki is a suitcase designed to appear to be a tiger that delivers the perfect travel companion for children, since it offers them space to store their belongings, but can be sturdy enough to allow them to ride on.
The suitcase is sculpted to be ergonomic also to maximize the effectiveness of the case, reducing the amount of plastic found in production. A main element of the look is a exclusively engineered plastic wheel hub, simplifying development and removing the volume of metal in produce. The case is designed to become lightweight and simple to carry, but also stable and strong so children can properly ride upon it.

World’s first drive on kids suitcase
Space for children’s belongings and also being sturdy enough to allow them to ride on
Lightweight and durable
Measurements: 46cm x 20.5cm x 32 cm (H x W x D)
Ideal for age 3+, maximum of 50kgs
Rubber trim around the within of the circumstance to protect fingers
Grab handle
Adjustable straps – therefore the suitcase can be carried or pulled along
Hand luggage size
18 litre capacity
Key and ID tag essential in brightly coloured strap


Excellent item. My daughter loved to carry it.

2. VTech Kidizoom Travel Bag – Pink

Handy and stylish camcorder case for convenient portability – lets you take your Kidizoom In addition and Pro or Kidizoom VideoCam wherever you go! Made out of tough and durable components, this bag will keep your Kidizoom very well protected and free from damage.


This is an excellently manufactured product and matches the kidizoom camera exactly.

3. Yodo Playful 3-Way Kids Insulated Lunch Bag – Preschool Toddler Backpack,FDA-approved liner, Large Front Quick Access Pouch for Snacks or Knickknacks, Pink Owl

3-Way Take Bag: a bag or a backpack? Adjust it anyhow you want.With some easy strap adjustment, your kid’s lunch bag can quickly transform right into a shoulder bag, handbag or simply a back pack.
6-Pack Potential: The insulated walls of our lunch bag keep carefully the kids lunch boxes nice for 3 hours, so kids can always have healthy healthy lunches anywhere they go.It can easily carry 6x 12-oz drinks and has a lot more room for snacks.
Padded Front Quick Access Pouch: Our snack pouch is large and it offers boys and girls and even moms, a quick access to other lunch time essentials.The playful padded lids makes lunchtime so joyful.
Safe and sound and Washable Lining: Our washable lining is definitely BPA no cost and FDA compliant.Stains, marks, foodstuff residues from lunch time boxes could be easily washed away or perhaps cleaned and it will dry fast.
Let’s Play It: Youngsters want to play , whenever it is possible.We style our lunch time backpack to end up being playful with creature feet, ears for just about any moment to come.Youngsters enjoy lunch as a result let’s make their lunch moment enjoyable! so youngsters can will have healthy healthy lunches anywhere each goes.


My daughter is very happy with this bag and she can’t wait to take it to school.

4. TOMY Aquadoodle Colour Travel Bag – Multi-Coloured

Aquadoodle’s Colour Doodle Carrier is packed with time of mess-free magical innovative colouring fun for drawing on-the-go
The padded bag opens out to supply an easel with two drawing areas for twice the fun, Doodle on one side, then switch to the other
Fill the Aquadoodle pen with drinking water, manage the nib more than the mat and check out your drawings look like magic
Once the normal water has dried, drawings fade, ready to start yet again – no mess, not any ink, no stains
Suitable for ages 1 . 5 years and over.


This is a brilliant travel idea and it is a total must have.

5. Children Kids Boys Paw Patrol Marshall Rubble Chase Travel Outdoor Fun School Trolley Bag

The Paw Patrol trolley bag featuring Chase, Marshall & Rubble perfect for short breaks, holidays, sleepovers & school trips for when little ones wants their own suitcase It consists of one main zip closing compartment and front zip pocket, with two wheels and feet on its base to stabilise the bag. Trolley tote offering Chase, Marshall & Rubble Extendable handle for easy activity with wheels. Spacious and easy to use Approx. Dimensions: 45cm X 28cm X 12.5cm Minimum recommended Years 3 Years+


Our granddaughter was very happy.

6. Marvel Ultimate Spiderman 2 Premium Wheeled Bag

This wonderful ultimate spiderman Wheeled bag is suitable for school trips and weekends away, it will come in a red style with blue accents and includes a picture of spiderman on leading pocket. It really is zip fastening for easy access and possesses feet so that it stands you should definitely being pulled. Proven in 1999, Trade Mark Selections has been designing and selling quality licensed children’s carriers, umbrellas and gadgets for over a decade. During this time, we have gotten the acknowledged market innovator throughout the UK and Ireland priding ourselves on high quality character products and friendly trustworthy customer service.


Great for my little boy to use as hand luggage when we went on holiday.

7. Peppa Pig George Premium Wheeled Bag

This wonderful Peppa pig George Wheeled bag is suitable for school trips and weekends away, it will come in a blue style with yellow accents and includes a picture of George on leading. It really is zip fastening for easy access and has feet so it stands you should definitely being pulled. Established in 1999, Trade Mark Selections has been building and selling quality certified children’s handbags, umbrellas and equipment for over a decade. During this time, we’ve gotten the acknowledged market leader throughout the UK and Ireland priding ourselves on top quality character products and friendly reliable customer service.


My toddler loves it and can’t wait to take it on our holiday this week!

8. Star Wars Episode 7 Box Wheeled Bag

Star Wars Episode 7 Elite Squad Field Wheeled Tote Children’s Luggage, 47 cm, 21 Liters, Navy Blue
Soft convenient pull handle is mild on little hands
Base feet so it might stand when still or not in use.
part mesh pockets for refreshments and quick to reach items
A great weekend tote this wheelie will come in navy with crimson accents and features star troopers from Celebrity Wars seven and the expression Star Wars The force awakens on the front pocket.
Safety Warning


my 4 yrs old loves this bag.

9. Kids Trolley Cabin Bag Suitcase with Wheels and Telescopic Handle – Ideal for short breaks, holidays, sleepovers and school trips (Shopkins)

PERFECT LUGGAGE FOR Youngsters: This trolley tote suitcase cabin handbag for the Shopkins supporter which includes everything your child will require for transporting their belongings. This case is suitable for short breaks, holidays, sleepovers and school excursions for when your little ones desire a suitcase or handbags of their very own.
UNDERTAKE MOST AIRLINES: This tote will fit the 55x40x20cm cabin constraints distributed by 95% of the airlines, this means you’ll manage to take your luggage up to speed with you on major airlines such as for example KLM, British Airways, KLM, Atmosphere France & Ryanair, Virgin and many more. The 50cm carriers will allow you to have your luggage with you on all airlines incorporating Easyjet.
GREAT KIDS DESIGN: Portable Lightweight wheeled trolley cabin bag with handle suited to children and almost all of the airlines cabin. It includes a pull handle, wheels and tear resistant materials, Ideal for kids / children.


very lightweight and cute.

10. Yodo Convertible Playful 3-Way Little Kids Rolling Luggage or Toddler Backpack with Wheels, Large Front Quick Access Pouch for Snacks or Knickknacks, Little Suitcase for Boys and Girls Age 3+, Shark

3-Method Playful Luggage for Children: a Hand Bag, a Luggage or a Backpack? Just anyhow you want.The shoulder straps could possibly be hiden when you merely want luggage. Hide -aside wheel covers with elastic is effortless for you when you merely want Backpack.
Padded Front FAST ACCESS Pouch: Our snack pouch is very large and it offers boys and girls and even moms, a quick access to other travel and leisure essentials. The playful padded lids makes travel time so joyful.
Further thick padding panel at returning side to hiden the stiff trolley, and it’ll make you confortable when you are using it as Backpack. Mesh bottle pockets at two sides.
Large Key Compartment with Resilient Yodo Steel Double Zips: Measures 9.5 x 4.5 x 14.5 inches, large enough for Kids for school or small amount of time traval.Two zips allow youngsters to open by two directions.
Let’s Play It: Kids wish to play , whenever it’s possible. We style our , Luggage backpack to end up being playful with creature feet, ears for just about any moment to come.Youngsters enjoy travel as a result let’s make their travel time enjoyable! They’ll want to pull their private luggage just like the adults.


Very well made and interesting design.

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