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SELFIE MIC Music Set Review

By Anna / July 7, 2017

Your kids like to rock? The SELFIE MIC music set gives the chance to become popstars. They can record themselves singing using a selfie stick attached to a microphone. Allow your kids to record their own music videos and then share them with their friends on Facebook.

If this sounds like a fun gift for your kids, then read the rest of this SELFIE MIC music playset review.


What Do You Get with the SELFIE MIC Music Set?


The SELFIE MIC music set is essentially a microphone that is attached to a selfie stick. This allows kids to record themselves while belting out their favorite tunes. It includes the following features:


  • Secure selfie stick
  • Adapter cable
  • Microphone
  • Earpiece
  • Instruction sheet
  • 1000 tokens for the StarMaker app
  • Intended for children ages 8 to 15

The SELFIE MIC includes a secure selfie stick, microphone, and an adapter cable. The entire setup is easy to use and should work with most brands of modern smartphones. The earpiece is provided so that the singer can hear themselves sing as they record their video. If you need help setting it up, there is an instruction sheet provided. It is easy to follow and makes setup a breeze.


Along with the basic features, the SELFIE MIC music set is designed to work with the StarMaker app. This is the app that allows you to record your own music videos. You can add different filters and effects to the video, which can then be uploaded to the internet or shared on social media.


The product is recommended for children between the ages of 8 and 15. But, older children and young adults may also enjoy the idea of getting to record their own songs and play with a portable karaoke machine.


Highlights of the SELFIE MIC Music Set


Now that you know the basics of the SELFIE MIC music set, what are the highlights? Why should buy this for your kids? First, it should be mentioned that this is a niche product. Not every child will fall in love with this gift. But, if your child likes taking pictures of themselves, recording videos, or signing to music, then this could be the ultimate gift.


It may help to consider the individual components of the music set. First, you have a selfie stick. This works just like any other selfie stick. There is a spring loaded clamp that secures the phone in place. It has a tight fit, which is good when your child is swinging the stick around during their song.


The next component is the earpiece. There is a single earpiece for listening to your voice as you record your song. Some consumers have mentioned that the earpiece is rather uncomfortable. It is made from solid plastic is not flexible.


For some, this earpiece may be a little bit uncomfortable. Though, the earpiece is not completely necessary. So, if you find it uncomfortable, you can simply not use the earpiece.


Along with a selfie stick and an earpiece, you get a microphone. The gold-colored microphone looks glitzy and resembles a cheap child’s toy, but it actually does a great job of recording your voice. It may not offer professional studio quality recording, but it gets the job done, considering the fact that this is a novelty toy.


In addition to the components discussed, there is also a StarMaker app. This smartphone application lets you record your songs and share them or upload them. You earn points every time that you finish a song and it comes with 1000 free points. Once your song is recorded, the app will rate your performance based on how closely it resembles the real version of the song.


Overall, this novelty gift is more than just a cheap gimmick. It actually serves a purpose and does a sufficient job of it. It allows you to record music videos and share them. Whether you purchase this for yourself or for your children, it should get hours of use.

Drawbacks of the SELFIE MIC Music Set


Are there any reasons not to purchase the SELFIE MIC music set? As discussed, the microphone gets the job done, but you need to sing directly into the mic.


If you attempt to sing across the mic, it will have trouble capturing your voice. It will sound like you are singing in a cave. So, when you move the selfie stick around, you should still try to keep the microphone positioned in front of your mouth, so that you can sing down into it.


Another issue is the earpiece. As mentioned, it can be uncomfortable to wear. The solid plastic is not flexible. It also has a quiet sound level, which nearly renders it useless. Though, you do not need to use it. Still, it is always disappointing when one of the components does not perform perfectly.


Even though there are a couple of minor drawbacks, they may not impact your buying decision. The earpiece is not needed and it is not too difficult to sing directly into the mic instead of singing across from it.


Final Thoughts on the SELFIE MIC Music Set


The SELFIE MIC is an interesting toy. It combines two things that kids seem to love, music and taking selfies. While it is obviously marketed to children, young adults may also enjoy this gift. At the very least, you get a quality selfie stick. The selfie stick is very secure, even if when swinging the stick around and singing. So, you do not have to worry about your phone flying off the stick.


The StarMaker app is also a welcome addition. It increases the versatility program, allowing you to do more with the SELFIE MIC music set. Basically, the app helps transform your phone and the SELFIE MIC music set into a portable karaoke machine.


If you or your children are fans of karaoke, then this will be a big hit in your household. Get your SELFIE MIC music set today and start recording your own music videos.

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Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone Review

Drones are becoming more popular, with dozens of different consumer-level drones available. This includes a wide range of options, including small remote control drones and larger drones capable of recording HD video from the air.


The Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone falls into this latter category. It is equipped with an HD camera that streams directly to your smartphone. If you want to take aerial photographs or video, then check out the rest of this Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone review.


Primary Features and Details of the Sky Viper v2400 HD Drone


What do you get with the Sky Viper Drone? Well, you get a hobby grade 4-blade copter, with remote control, 13-inch span, and an HD camera. It is designed for people that are new to the use of drones and for experienced remote control aviators. Here is a closer examination of the primary features and technical specs:


  • 4-blade copter
  • 13-inch span (from blade to blade)
  • Large remote control with holder for your smartphone
  • HD StreamPro camera
  • Weighs just under 3-pounds
  • Rechargeable 3.7v LiPo battery
  • Includes a charging cable
  • Comes with 4 extra blades and 4 extra screws
  • Screwdriver is included
  • Instruction manual provided


The large remote control gives precise control over the flight of the drone. Some people have trouble with this, but most of you should get the hang of flying this device without any issues. There is also a holder on the remote control for your smartphone. This will fit most smartphones and acts as a viewfinder for the camera that is attached to the drone.


You will need to download the compatible app for the StreamPro HD camera. Once installed, it will display a live feed from the camera. So, even when your drone is flying over your house, you can watch from its perspective on your smartphone. Press a button to take a snapshot or to begin recording video.


The Sky Viper is durable, with plastic support to protect the blades, in the event that the drone crashes. It has been made to withstand the impact of a crash. Though, a severe crash could damage some of the components. Replacement parts are available and it also comes with a few replacement pieces. This includes 4 blades and 4 screws, along with a screwdriver.


The drone is powered by a rechargeable 3.7v LiPo battery and includes a charging cable. You should make sure that the drone is fully charged before every flight. You do not want to lose power mid-flight.


Advantages of Flying the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone


There are quite a few reasons to consider purchasing the Sky Viper v2400 HD streaming drone over other drones on the market. This includes:


  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • Live video streaming directly to your smartphone
  • Durable design with replacement parts available


If you have never used a drone before, you will not have any problem getting used to the controls. Unlike helicopters, which feature one propeller on top and one stabilizer, these drones have 4 rotating blades, providing more control and precision over your flight path.


As mentioned, the highlight of this device is that it can stream live video to your smartphone. Record video or take a photograph and then upload your media to the internet, where you can instantly share on Facebook or Twitter.


The durable design is also great. You are bound to have a few crash landings. Even though this drone is easy to maneuver, it may take a while to get used to the available range. When the drone gets out of range, it will eventually come crashing down to the ground. Luckily, the HD camera is secure in the center of the drone and unlikely to get damaged during most crashes.

Disadvantages of the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone


Some users had trouble learning how to fly the drone, though, everyone adjusts differently to the controls. The majority of users had no problem picking up the control and getting the drone into the air.


Another issue that may come up is the range of the transmitter. The device has a range of 200 feet. Beyond this distance, you can lose connection with the drone and no longer be able to send it commands. This appears to more of an issue when using the HD streaming.


So, if you are flying and taking photos or video, then you should be careful not to exceed the recommended distance. Though, this can be difficult to judge, when an object is flying through the sky.


As a side note, the Sky Viper requires four AAA batteries for the remote control. These batteries are not included. If you want to be prepared to fly your drone as soon as you open the package, then buy your batteries ahead of time. Though, the drone itself uses a rechargeable battery.


Final Thoughts on the Sky Viper HD Streaming Remote Control Drone


The idea of streaming video straight to your smartphone is pretty cool and the Sky Viper does a good job of delivering on this feature. The video and photos are crisp and clear. Get an aerial perspective of your neighborhood.


The Sky Viper is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. When you are first getting used to the controls, it may be a good idea to practice indoors, until you get the hang of the buttons and options.


The only problem that you may have is flying out of the range of the remote control or the streaming connection. The Sky Viper has a range of 200 feet, beyond this, you may run into trouble. Though, 200 feet is plenty of distance to have fun flying indoors or outdoors.


Whether you are shopping for your first drone or have already owned one of these devices, the Sky Viper is a great option. The HD video camera is clear and capable of recording wonderful video from the sky. If you have been searching for a drone that can record video or take photos from the air, then think about getting the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone.

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5 Children’s Portable Mobile Camping Bed that will make family camping a great experience

1. Kid-O-Bunk Children’s Portable Mobile Camping Bed

Where fun meets function…the patented Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk offers a mobile sleep and seating solution for kids on the go! The Kid-O-Bunk is ideal for slumber celebrations, browsing grandparents, camping, as a supplementary bed in hotel rooms when visiting or wherever space reaches reduced. 1 solution with many versatile options, utilize the group of stack adapters to place one cot on the various other maximizing floor space, convert it right into a seated bench throughout the day or additionally use as 2 one cots. The sleeping decks, without third leg or center beam conforms to your body condition for true contoured ease and a standard better nights rest. The 2 2 matching area organizers can be used to retailer personal belongings including a water bottle and easily put on each one of the sleeping decks. Each cot’s parts and extras packs down into its zippered, polyester carry tote for fast and simple storage and transportation.


  • Colour: Teal blue
  • Total: 2 single beds
  • High-quality PU backed polyester sleeping deck: Water-resistant, simple to clean, no middle brace
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame
  • Patented disc system
  • 4 stack adapters
  • 8 black polypropylene discs
  • Use as a bunk, a sitting down bench or two solo cots
  • With less than 1-m (3-ft.) high, fits most domed tents with quick access to the most notable bunk
  • Rounded bed end body increases stability and protects floors or tent bottoms
  • No program assembly for quick convenient setup
  • Each bed’s parts are packed in a simple zippered polyester carry bag for convenient storage and transportation
  • Excess weight capacity: 90.7 kg (200 lb.) per cot

2. Milestone Camping Folding Camp Bed – Green

The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your house and garden. This superb camp bed from the Milestone spectrum includes a 600D polyester covers meaning it really is waterproof, anti-static, tear resistant and flame retardant. An aluminium body implies that the bed isn’t just strong but also extremely lightweight which means you can easily carry it and theres no fear of tipping it over in the night! The camp bed comes with a useful carry tote meaning the bed is definitely portable and so ideal for dealing with camping trips, fishing excursions or even to festivals. The bed folds apart to a concise size making it simple to store away or travelling with. Please search for more great things from the Benross Group on incorporating an extensive selection of Christmas, Back garden, Solar Lights, Equipment, Polaroid Tablets, Playthings and Gizmos, Camping plus much more.


  • 600D Polyester Cover
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Carry Bag Included
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Assembled : H.42 x W.64 x L.189cm

3. Skandika XX-Large Portable Camping Bed – Blue, 210x80cm

Extra large portable camping bed with a 210 x 80cm size raised 48cm above the bottom
Features a light in weight yet strong aluminium frame that can carry a load of 120 kg
Quick and simple to setup and pack away
The easy-care campbed could be sponge-washed and comes filled with a handy carrying bag.


Skandika XX-Large Lightweight Camping Bed – Blue,

210x80cm is manufactured by Skandika.
The packaging has the following dimensions,

Height: 11.99cm X Length: 105.99cm X Width: 19cm and weighs: 38g

4. JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Breathable Airflow Mattress

Every residence has space for the JAY-BE® Worth Folding Bed. The small style when folded means it might be stored just about anyplace; under a bed, in a closet or even the boot of your car when visiting family and friends. This lightweight and lightweight bed may be the perfect solution for both unexpected friends and regular sleepovers; easily unfold and it’s prepared to use in seconds.

The breathable Airflow Fibre mattress works in harmony with the J-Tex™ sprung base system to support the complete body for a comfortable night’s sleep. All JAY-Get® folding beds are made in the united kingdom and have a FREE lifetime frame warranty for your complete top quality assurance.


  • British made with a lifetime frame guarantee
  • J-Tex™ sprung basic system for support & comfort
  • Breathable Airflow Fibre mattress
  • Resilient powder coat paint finish
  • Exceeds Uk and European safety standards
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Ideal for regular use

5. Children Ultralight Aluminium alloy Folding Bed Portable Outdoor Camping Bed

Framework material: Aviation aluminium alloy

Bed cloth materials:Anti-tear PV oxford cloth

Supporting frame materials:Reinforced nylon


Unfolding size:1200*500*119.2mm

Folding size:¦µ120*400mm

Item extras: cross bar x2; support rod x4; leg x 8;mat x 1; bag x1


1.Super compact and portable.

2.Super strong bearing.

3.Applicable to a number of environments.

Host to origin: China

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Baby Bean Bag Give Away April 2017








We are so excited to Open this Giveaway on  We have been giving lots of Baby Bean Bag away on  our Facebook Page, See our Lucky Winners.

Due to the size of the bean bag, we can only post to the UK.

Good Luck, Win Win WIn……


Baby Bean Bag Competition

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Electric Scooters For Girls

[[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]]


There are great deals of electric scooter models out there today. And also because they are primarily produced for the benefit of those that are either handicapped or also old to walk around, certainly any person can use this piece of equipment– indeed, also little girl.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter4

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter4.8
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter - Grey4

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter - Teal3

Slick Revolution Slick Scooter Folding Electric Scooter. Lithium Ion Battery, 19mph and 21 mile range.4.8

Bluefin Kids' Cobra Self Balancing Scooter, White, 8-inch

Razor MOD "Chrissy" Electric Scooter (13+ Years)

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self Balancing Electric Scooter4.2
Feber 12 V Dareway3.5

Bluefin Kids' Cobra Self Balancing Scooter, Black, 8-inch

Electric scooter dimensions vary, however some could go as light as 22 extra pounds. Girls could quickly steer scooters like these without needing to ask for assistance. Therefore, if you fret about your youngster growing tired with walking to institution everyday, you can have her usage a small electrical mobility scooter. At the very least, it’s even more fashionable than going on a common bike.

Little kids will take pleasure in riding around in electrical mobility scooters since it gives them a feeling of freedom . Naturally, you ought to not allow your child to go too far without an adult in tow. But if it’s just for simple area journeys, definitely there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with your little woman operating an electrical mobility scooter.

An excellent brand would certainly be the Zip’r Wheelchair, whose heaviest model is just 29 pounds. Furthermore, it has a tiny basket infront for your little lady to position her points in, similar to the bike she uses to head to institution in the past. And if you’re worried regarding her riding home on dark weather, you could breathe easy because it’s likewise furnished with massive fronts lights.

Another is the Guardian, which has just 22 extra pounds as its heaviest model. Not only that, it likewise has 5 various seat modifications for better comfort.

so the next time your little woman commemorates her birthday celebration, why not gift her with a nice little electrical mobility scooter? Not just is secure and also functional, yet they are additionally stylish adequate to proudly flaunt to her pals.


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KidKraft Culinary Kitchen in Pastel Playset For Ages 3+

For the budding chef in your house, the Culinary Enjoy Kitchen is a delightful kitchen place for children who want to watch Mum and Dad prepare! Complete with a detachable sink, icebox, oven and interactive knobs that move and click. This home is large enough so that multiple kids can play at once, and can provide role-play fun all night. N.B. For spares/parts, please go to KidKraft Specifications Weight: 22kg Brand: KidKraft Measurements: H 106 x W 102.5 x D 34.7 cm Minimum Age: 3+ Years Assembly Required: Yes – Approx. 2 Time: includes detailed step-by-step assembly instructions Color: Pastel Material: Composite hardwood materials.

Product Features:

  • Speckled granite style counter top, Oven knobs that turn and click
  • Utensils: Spatula, Pot Holder, Mixing Spoon and portable ‘Smart Phone’ with wall mount
  • Sink with faucet and taps that turn
  • Refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher doorways all open and close
  • Convenient space for storage below sink, Detailed Artwork


*** This is by far THE VERY BEST gift that I possibly could possess ever given my grandaughter. She definitely loves it. It had been a Christmas surprise when she was 2 1/2 and she plays with it every single day. I imagined through the summertime, it might be a good idea to put it away for awhile because she’d be playing outside constantly, but she hasn’t skipped a day of take up with it yet. It’s the essential thing she applies to when she walks in the entranceway and believe me—she features lots of other playthings. I purchased the group of pastel plates, cups, etc to go with plus they are the perfect size (not too tiny like a lot of others) This kitchen did take some time to put together, but everything is correctly aligned and the doorways open and close quickly. The home set is very sturdy, weighing 80 lbs. We added just a little towel bar on the finish. The only other matter I’d like to have seen is certainly another shelf in the fridge as there is merely one. Not long ago i purchased the desk and chairs to go with it. They will be also perfectly made–quite happy with them.

*** I bought the product for my granddaughter and she loves it! It matched correctly with her home set.

*** Bought for 3yrs old daughters birthday 2 weeks ago. Very strong. My daughter has recently enjoyed with it a lot. I strongly recommend this for child who loves kitchen set.

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Little Tikes Premium Cooking Creations Wood Kitchen

Children will have hours of function play fun with this great wooden kitchen! This beautiful wood home and home centre offers everything the little homemaker requirements. With an oven, fridge, dishwaher and microwave they can pretend to cook and clean! Addititionally there is plenty of pots and other extras.

Product Rating:

Product Features:

  • Double burner stovetop and oven
  • Dishwasher-all with clicking knobs
  • Refrigerator with ice dispenser, microwave and clock
  • Laundry section with washer/dryer and timer
  • Laundry basket
  • Granite-look countertop and sink
  • Roomy storage area shelves, and telephone
  • Many going parts for realistic play
  • Plastic pans and pots with accessories, and spice jars
  • Beautiful colour scheme complements any setting


*** I read plenty of reviews before I bought this as a Holiday present for my 2 sons, (era 1 and 2). It really is lovely. They love it.

*** My 2.5 yr old adores this kitchen, she enjoys the sound of boiling water with the pots and washing dishes in her sink. The thing that could have made this better will be if the drawers actually opened to put spoons and utensils in. Overall it has everything for a good price.

*** I purchased the tiny Tikes Gourmet Prep N Serve Playset, and my two season old daughter wants to mimic what she sees me do in your kitchen. My two year aged daughter loves this playset!

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Molto 7150 Play Kitchen with Lights

This Molto Deluxe Kitchen with Lights is brightly coloured with fun and realistic features. Molto Deluxe Home with Lights comes fully built with two different take up areas. One area works extremely well for cooking and the other side is a breakfast bar utilized for eating and storing all the accessories. Hours of fun with Molto Deluxe Home with lighting which features an extractor admirer hood, oven, fridge, dual stove cooker and hotplate. Tidy up with the sink and washer.

Product Rating

Product Features:

  • Real working lights and a breakfast counter.
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 118L x 34.5W x 110H cm
  • Contents: Kitchen and 19 accessories.
  • Batteries Required: 3 x AAA (not included).


*** Really nice little kitchen, son loves it. Whenever we set it up we discovered that one of the lights wasn’t working but Smyths very kindly substituted it for all of us and the new you have proved helpful wonderfully. It’s a major kitchen for the purchase price and seems quite strong only down side is the breakfast bar movements when lent on and gets trapped out of shape

*** I purchased this for my granddaughter for Holiday she completely loves it, sturdy and lights up wonderful toy.

*** Very nice little kitchen for my 2 12 months old. Was somewhat concerned buying it as the assessments wasn’t great on assembling. But I set this together myself and really enjoyed it. Experienced to work with your imagination for a couple of things but otherwise it was quite easy to assemble on my own. Gorgeous looking kitchen. Happy I brought it.

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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen (Pink)
















Your child is now able to have a kitchen of their very own with the KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator. Permit your childs culinary creativity run free because they enjoy the Red Retro Kitchens various features. Solidly constructed with quality at heart, the Kidkraft Retro Kitchen makes the perfect surprise and is large enough to ensure that multiple kids can take up with it at once. The Kidkraft Retro Home with Refrigerator provides time of fun and educational entertainment and as a result of its classic design, even now look great in any room in the house.

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Set features:

  • Includes Refrigerator, freezer, microwave and oven
  • Ladle, pot, and apron included
  • All devices and cabinets open and close; knobs turn
  • Additional storage beneath the sink and next to the microwave
  • Significant enough that multiple kids can play simultaneously


*** We purchased this home for our daughters Xmas, she’s merely turned 3 & loves it!! It’s a lovely color of pink with various features & space for storage for all her home essentials. Happy child = cheerful mummy!!

*** Got this for our three time olds birthday…it’s the most beautiful play kitchen, EVER! It really is hence beautifully made, so superior to what the photo can show you. It really is absolutely gorgeous! All of the little details are perfect. My daughter LOVES this! Her big sisters carry out, also. My husband is normally a carpenter and it required him about 1 1/2 hours to put it jointly. He said that is extremely well made, and very well bolted, and good. It takes too much to impress him!!! Also, my daughter’s bedroom is quite small, about 9X8′ I think. This is an excellent space saving toy, ties in very nicely. You will find a TON of storage area in it on her behalf pans and pots and play food. It is sized properly for just a little girl as well, and she actually is on the tall side. I recommend this toy! Consequently much nicer compared to the plastic ones! […] Incredibly, very, very content with this purchase! Many thanks, Toys R Us! 🙂

*** Loved the set. Ideal color. Made very well. Just a little smaller after that it looks and takes a very long period to put together. I believe there’s 31 measures to assemble it. After that though, it’s beautiful.


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Best electric scooter for 8 year old

In deciding on a best electrical scooter for kids, one of the main facts to consider is the preferred method of propulsion. A kick scooter is normally propelled by pressing against the ground with the rider’s foot (human-powered), a power scooter is driven by a power motor (electric-influenced) and is generally too heavy (or requires a little more work) to push-ride, and a power kick scooter allows the use of both propulsion methods.

We have right here the very best electric scooters for 8 time old to provide you with a head start which of the a huge selection of similar goods you should choose. As in every our other best product categories, we endeavored to provide you with an objective assessment of these present suggestions. In the end, we only want to share what we believe to be the best in their class.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter3.9 out of 5 stars

Razor E100 Electric Scooter4.5 out of 5 stars

Ripsar Blue 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre5.0 out of 5 stars

iScoot© V3 Black Electrix Electric Scooter Kids Ride On Outdoor Street 24V Rechargeable Battery - Hover Board with handles !3.9 out of 5 stars

Electric E Scooter Ride on Rechargeable Battery Height Adjustable 120W 24V (Pink, Red, Black, Blue)4.2 out of 5 stars

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter4.7 out of 5 stars

New 2017 Electric E Scooter Ride on Rechargeable Battery Removable Seat Kids Toys Ride On Cars 120W 24V Scooters +Free Protection Pads4.2 out of 5 stars

1. Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter


Power To The Key! Level up your ride with the energy Core E100 and its own innovative, in-wheel hub motor. Lighter and better, the free of maintenance Power Core technology gives 50 percent more ride time compared to the E100 – up to 60 minutes of constant use. Kick begin, twist the throttle to look and feel the maxed-up ability of the high-torque hub electric motor and see what experience awaits.

Razor Power Core 100 Electric Scooter:

  • Level up your journey with the Power Main E100 and its own innovative, in-wheel hub motor
  • Lighter and more efficient, the free of maintenance Power Core technology gives 50 percent more drive time compared to the E100 – up to 60 a few minutes of continuous use
  • Kick start, twist the throttle to look and feel the maxed-up power of the high-torque hub electric motor and see what adventure awaits
  • Challenging amazing new top features of the Power Core E100, this item will certainly meet your entire expectations
  • Step up your video game with the this groundbreaking new ride

2. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Ready to roll? Now you can enjoy effective fun at speeds up to 10 MPH. The Razor electrical scooter helps to keep you on the move for up to 40 minutes of constant use. Features add a chain-driven electric motor, a twist-grasp throttle and thumb-result in acceleration. Scoot around village in style upon this Razor electric scooter.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter:

  • Up to 40 moments of continuous use
  • Twist-grip throttle; chain-driven motor
  • Hand-operated front brake; One Speed
  • High-torque 100-watt electric motor
  • Eight-inch pneumatic front tire; 125mm back polyurethane wheel
  • Two 12-V batteries incorporated with the Razor electric scooter
  • Sealed lead acid electric battery system
  • UL-authorized battery charger and tools included; battery charge time 8 hours
  • Razor electric scooter optimum rider weight: 120 pounds.

3. Ripsar Blue 24v Kids Electric Scooter with Air Tyre

Ripsar electrical scooters are such outstanding fun and at Toyz Globe we assume that safety ought to be the top priority when getting and riding any electric scooter. Electric power scooters to the specification consider practice and skill to understand so please ensure that you have suited protective safety don such as for example helmet, elbow and knee pads, gloves and practical footwear before taking to the accelerator! This sort of scooter requires adult guidance at all times.

Features of the Rispar 24v electric scooter:

– 6 inch pneumatic front side tyre
– Robust metal frame
– Heavy duty footplate
– Comfy maintain rubber handlebar grips
– Twist grip acceleration control
– Chain Driven
– Hand operated rear brake
– Battery charger included
-Side stand

Specifications of the Rispar 24v electric scooter:

– Overall sizes 96cm (h) x 73cm (l) x 18cm (w)*
– Footplate dimensions 51cm (l) x 18cm (w)*
– Distance from footplate to handlebars 80cm*
– Maximum weight limit 54Kg
– Max speed 16km/hr**
– 120w motor
– 24v battery supplied

4. iScoot© V3 Black Electrix Electric Scooter Kids Ride On Outdoor Street 24V Rechargeable Battery – Hover Board with handles !

  • Speeds of up to 7.5mph and a range of up to 6.2 miles
  • Twist hold acceleration control with hand operated front break and all steel frame and fork
  • Antil-Slip riding deck in addition retractable kickstand
  • 100W Engine, 24V Rechargeable Battery
  • Age recommendation 8: years. Optimum load capacity 80kg

5. Electric E Scooter Ride on Rechargeable Battery Height Adjustable 120W 24V (Pink, Red, Black, Blue)

Electric scooters can be enjoyed by children with adult supervivion as a means of exercise and fun. Whereas some scooters that are available available are designed for manual transportation, for the reason that users have to force themselves along, electrical scooters happen to be motorised, which signifies that an individual can concentrate better on steering, along with to be able to move more proficiently without working your body too hard.

E-scooters have a tendency to travel a lot faster than regular scooters and require more complex braking techniques and apparatus. Our e-scooters possess a brake lever mounted on the steering handle. Depressing the brake will disengage capacity to the motor in addition to electrically slowing the rear wheel down with a more robust brake pad.

✔ Rust resistant powder coated steel framework
✔ Adjustable steering handle
✔ Easy to use twist & go adjustable speed control
✔ Side Stand
✔ Rubber wheels for a silent and easy ride
✔ 15 to 20km on a single charge
✔ Could be folded for easy transport and storage

6. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Max Out Your Trip Period with the Razor Power Core E90 Electric power Scooter! It enables you to keep the memories rolling even longer with the Power Main E90’s breakthrough hub motor technology. More efficient and free of maintenance, the innovative hub motor gives you dual the ride time weighed against similar electrical scooters in order to force the fun further than ever. It’s an ideal transition scooter from a kick scooter to a power scooter.

The unit should be traveling at least 3 miles each hour (5 km/h) before electric motor will engage. Kick commence to at least 3 miles per hour (5 km/h) while making use of the press button throttle to engage motor.


  • 80 minutes of continuous use
  • Boosts to 10 miles each hour (16 km/h)
  • Kick start, high-torque in-wheel hub motor
  • Push-option acceleration control and retractable kickstand
  • Hand-operated front caliper brake
  • Compact size deck and all metal frame with fixed handlebars
  • Urethane front side wheel and rear toned fee rubber tire for a smoother drive and increased traction
  • Power Core™ Technology and Style with an increase of ride time (2X much longer than the E90), free of maintenance (no alignment, zero chain, zero chain tensioner), fifty-percent even more torque than the E90
  • 12 hours charge time (batteries and charger included)
  • Maximum User Weight: 54kg

7. New 2017 Electric E Scooter Ride on Rechargeable Battery Removable Seat Kids Toys Ride On Cars 120W 24V Scooters +Free Protection Pads

Start mode: Button Move Battery pack and UK Charger included Removable seat Or perhaps without Seat Right hand Twist Throttle for acceleration PU Rubber wheels for a silent and smooth ride Equipped with a Part Stand Backside drum brake – operated by a lever in the handlebars Swift fold down for convenient transportation and storage Elevation adjustable Zero emission & no pollution Simple assembly guidebook approximately 15 to 20 minutes to build Requirements: 120 watt motor Leading speed 12km/h Collection 10-15 km Recharge time 3-5 time Battery 2 x 12v 4.5ah, Optimum rider weight 70kg Materials of frame – Steel HANDLEBARS – Aluminium Age guide on the manual states age ranges 14 and over but it’s right down to parental discretion for age kids. We do advise parental supervision always. Please be aware: when charging turn the main move to the ‘CHA’ job.


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