Chairs and Ladders Game. 44 Individual Pieces. Family Game Stack and Balance the Most.

Chairs and Ladders Game. 44 Individual Pieces. Family Game Stack and Balance the Most.

Product Description
Perfect for family games with parents and grandparents. Great for social gatherings and party games. Entertaining suspenseful and educational. Great for older kids birthday party games or for a fun Sunday afternoon activity. It does not matter if it’s a team of kids or adults or grandparents everyone is going to have a great time.

Don’t knock over the tower and strategically place the chairs and ladders. Perfect for parties. Improves manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, agility, and balance. Increases attention and focus. Create games and activities with these chairs and ladders. Recommended for ages 6 years and up. Guaranteed to entertain rather than frustrate. Chairs and Ladders is perfect for any anyone looking to improve eye hand coordination, problem solving with basic physics, and planning skills. Great for keeping you or your child’s mind sharp, limber, and most importantly, interested.

Price: £8.99

  • Challenging game designed for +6 years and safe for kids over 3 years. 24 chairs and 20 ladders flexible plastic with silk poly travel bag.
  • Portable Fun game – Family-friendly party game. Perfect addition to family game night with older kids
  • Team play – using 2 towers win by stacking the most pieces on your tower strategically
  • Individual play – Single Tower don’t let more than 2 pieces topple. Winner is the last one standing.
  • Balance, Dexterity, and problem solving skills – Age 6 kids and adults can compete with grandparents

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