Premium Umbrella Stroller Bag for Airplane Gate Check In – Travel Cover Denim

Premium Umbrella Stroller Bag for Airplane Gate Check In – Travel Cover Denim

Product Description
LuvdBaby’s New Premium Foldable Buggy / Stroller Bag

Our new travel buggy bag is designed for the jet-setting family that has enough to be worried about without worrying about checking in their stroller at the airport gate.

Our Travel Buggy Bag makes check-in and pick-up a breeze.

The durable material protects your stroller when travelling. The padded handles also make it more comfortable to carry both sides of your flight.

The bag itself unzips to a complete square making it ideal to carry most strollers.

Key Features:

STRENGHTENED MATERIAL – Tear and Rip resistant. Travel with your buggy with peace of mind.

INDUSTRIAL ZIP – strong zip designed for repeated use and the rigours of air travel

‘DENIM’ STYLE MATERIAL – look stylish as you travel with your family and your stroller. Show other travellers that black is not the only colour

3 IN 1 DESIGN – our stroller travel bag is extremely versatile. As is folds out completely flat, it is the ideal stroller accessory and can be used as a travel bag, a picnic mat or a car boot liner

FOLDABLE WITH FREE CARRY BAG – our buggy travel bag ships in a free mesh carry bag that holds the travel bag when folded


Price: $14.99

  • ★ HASSLE FREE TRAVEL – Our Stroller Bag Transport Solution was developed with you, the parent in mind. We all know how stressful travelling with toddlers can be so at least you don’t need to worry about your stroller
  • ★ PREMIUM QUALITY STRENGTHENED POLYESTER – Designed not to rip or tear, the strengthened ‘Denim’ coloured material will keep your stroller safe in transit
  • ★ STOWABLE UMBRELLA STROLLER BAG – Many of the travel bags offered by other manufacturers are too bulk to store when you land. Our bag folds into a neat little net bag on landing
  • ★ EASY TO SPOT – When you land, do you want to check every traditional black stroller bag on the carousel to see if it’s yours? Our distinctive denim look means you will locate it be out of the airport quicker
  • ★ VERSATILE STROLLER COVER – Our Buggy Bag has been designed to open out completely and can act as a picnic mat or car boot liner when you are out and about

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