Ravensburger Rivers, Roads And Rails – Children’s Game

Ravensburger Rivers, Roads And Rails – Children’s Game

Product Description
Rivers, Roads & Rails is a transportation-themed card matching game that puts kids in the driver’s seat. Players build an ever-changing transportation network that includes rivers, roads and railroad tracks on which ships, cars and trains can move freely. Each card must connect perfectly to the next, providing the proper pathway for the vehicles to travel.

An ever-changing matching game!

In Rivers, Roads & Rails, players build an intricate transportation network for boats, cars and trains.

Rivers, Roads & Rails builds creativity.

An ever-changing matching game with beautifully illustrated scenery cards.

Transportation Theme Encourages Kids to Imagine, Play & Discover
Rivers, Roads & Rails is part of Ravensburger’s Imagine – Play – Discover collection of games specially developed to entertain children with play-based concepts that also provide unique learning features. The game can be played at a large table or on the floor, providing enough room for players to create colorful pathways for the tracks, roads and rivers on which trains, cars and boats will travel. The pathway cards must match precisely, and the first player to use up all of their cards wins. The game includes instructions for two alternative play options.

Making the Right Connections
Rivers, Roads & Rails helps children practice associative skills for each of the three different transportation modes highlighted in the game – rivers and boats, cars and roads, and trains and tracks – and build an intricate network for each one. Because cards are drawn turn by turn and can be connected in many different ways, every game is different, and the alternative game options give players even more variety. Over time, children will develop strategic gaming techniques for building their networks while enhancing such skills as memory, creativity, imagination, sequencing, turn-taking and patience.

An Ever-Changing Matching Game
Rivers, Roads & Rails is a matching game that provides eye-catching and colorful designs showcasing three different transportation options that have long captivated children and adults. Each game enables players to create transportation routes for boats, cars and trains, consider the needs of each one, discuss the real boats, cars and trains they’ve seen and apply that knowledge to their own education and improved social interaction.

What’s In The Box?
140 illustrated scenery cards, 1 set of instructions.

Build an intricate network of transportation.

Each scenery card must connect perfectly to the next to provide the proper pathway for vehicles to travel.

Price: $12.87

  • 1-8 players
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Parent’s Choice Gold Award
  • Contents: 140 tiles, instructions

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