Recorder from the Beginning

Recorder from the Beginning

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Recorder from the Beginning Book 1 is our biggest-selling Recorder tutor book by far. As a beginner recorder book it is suitable for students from about 6 or 7 years old. Written by John Pitts, it is the first in a whole series of books which includes tutor books for 3 different levels and also recorder repertoire when the instrument has begun to be mastered.
With cheerful coloured illustrations, the student is encouraged to start playing simple tunes right away and by the end of the book, old favourites like Old Macdonald and Hole in my Bucket, as well as new works in different styles like Fandango and Harrison’s Rag have been introduced. 
Elements of music including time signatures and rhythm are brought in as the exercises progress.
Recorder from the Beginning Bk. 1 is widely used in schools across the U.K.

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  • Recorder from the Beginning Book 1 is a very popular recorder beginner book for children aged 7 to 11 years with it’s colourful array of fun pieces. Its designed for complete beginners
  • with no prior musical knowledge
  • starting with clear direction as to how you hold your new recorder and how to begin playing. Fun learning The 42 original solo and multi-part pieces in Recorder from the Beginning Book 1 all have funny names and exciting illustrations that bring the story you are playing to life. Through these pieces you are gradually introduced to new notes with fingering diagrams to show you how to play each note.  Although the games and activities scattered throughout Recorder from the Beginning make learn
  • the inductions to basic music theory and essential notation techniques ensures that you become a well-rounded musician. By the end of the Recorder from the Beginning Book 1 you are encouraged to make up your own tunes using the notes and techniques you have learnt and you will be showing off to your family and friends in no time.  If you want to learn the Recorder form the Beginning then this book will take you on a colourful and exciting journey!

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