Seven Fun Stories for 4-7 Year Olds

Seven Fun Stories for 4-7 Year Olds

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A collection of seven great new stories for kids on a 69 minute audio CD.

The Most Important Space Mission Ever

Captain Dom, is ready for an important space mission to find alien life forms. But, just before blast off Dom has to stop the count down. He’s forgotten something and he can’t go into space without it.

Crocodile in the Bath

It’s Mathew’s bath time, but there’s a pesky crocodile in the tub. Mum can’t help, so it’s up to Matthew to think of ways to get rid of that crocodile.

T’Rex’s Lunch

T-Rex is hungry and wants to eat the clever Hadrosaur, but the Hardosaur has other ideas.

The Bee Who Couldn’t Dance

‘Go find me the best flowers to make the sweetest nectar,’ said the Queen Bee. Unfortunately, Daisy can’t do the Waggle Dance to tell the hive where the most buzztastic flowers can be found. Will she learn to dance before the baby bee larvae scream the hive down with hunger?

Baby Bath Time Fun

Tom’s sister Lottie screams every time her toes touch the water in the big bath, can Tom convince Lottie that bath time is fun?

Steven Snuffles

Steven Snuffles can’t stop sneezing. Captain Jolly has a boat race to win. Can Steven Snuffles help her out?

Michael’s Pet

Michael wants a pet and when a caterpillar hitches a ride home on Michael’s jumper a magical friendship begins.

The stories are narrated by the multi-talented Paul Chambers, who makes these stories come alive with his fun character voices.

Price: £6.49

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