The Big Bubble Thing – 22inch

The Big Bubble Thing – 22inch

Product Description
Bubble Thing! Blow the World’s Biggest Bubbles! (Or just have fun blowing 10 to 20 footers.) It’s easy! This is the famous Bubble Thing that started the giant bubble sport. The giant wand has a flexible fabric loop that you can open and close to make all sizes and shapes of bubbles—spheres, snakes, whales, doubles, triples, clusters, and kid-in-a-bubble. The package includes easy-to-follow directions on how to make your own Big Bubble solution. No Actual Bubble Mix included. (Note: Bubble Thing attracts crowds. Don’t be surprised if all your awestruck neighbours show up in your garden.)

Price: £13.99

  • Ages 6 to 96
  • Includes 22″ wand to create 10-20 foot bubbles.
  • Flexible fabric loop makes all sizes and shapes of bubbles.
  • No Actual Bubble Mix included – Just add water and dish soap
  • Make huuuuuuuuuuuuge bubbles with this special bubble wand
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