10 Best Educational Toys for Toddlers for 2017

The very best educational toys generate learning fun. Whether they’re teaching your son or daughter about colours, numbers, designs or words – or even development, coding robotics and artwork – these playthings ensure there’s real pleasure and play worth to be enjoyed. Here’s our pick of the best of the bunch.

1. LeapFrog My Talking LapPup (Scout)

Learning entertaining with a lively doggie pal! LeapFrog’s My Discussing LapPup’s face lamps up and his oral cavity moves as Scout sings and plays with your child!

Perfect for on-the-go play and learning only a small amount ones explore forms, counting, opposites and colors with Scout. Little types can even lift up and close the lid for an interactive game of peek-a-e book with Scout!

Parents can hook up to the web LeapFrog Learning Course for customised learning insights and suggestions to expand the learning.


What We Like about It 

Definitely a great product and age appropriate for learning

2.D-Mcark Sets of 4 Early Educational Toddler Baby Toy Pull-back Push and Go Friction Powered Car

This friction tuck set includes 4 great vehicles with real moving action. It includes a construction truck, a tractor with a detachable trailer, a cement trick, and a dump truck. The colorful trucks will keep your childs attention and leave them having endless fun. Wind up the toys and let them zoom right past your child as they laugh and smile trying to chase the trucks. The 4 set Engineering Vehicles are the perfect toy set for your child.

  • Includes: a sand truck, mixer, bulldozer, and tractor
  • Wind the trucks up and watch them go!
  • Tractor comes with detachable trailer
  • Trucks have colorful designs and details
  • Recommended age: 18 months and above
  • No batteries required

What We Like about It 

I think these are really cute little vehicles. The dump truck, cement mixer and tractor are about three inches in length – a bit larger than I expected. The backhoe is bigger, almost six inches long.They are small enough to pack in diaper bag.

3.Bigjigs Toys Early Learning Triangular Activity Centre – Suitable for 1+ Years

No detachable pieces! This wooden Triangular Activity Centre is ideal when travelling and ensures no pieces are ever lost! Features five different activities. On either end of this wooden Triangular Activity Centre theres a sorting activity (counting and animal matching). Includes a chalk board, abacus and letter and picture blocks. Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Age 1+ years. Height: 226mm, Width: 290mm, Depth: 255mm.

What We Like about It 

good quality and good price.

Child’s age
1 – 2 years


4. LeapFrog Read with Me (Violet)

Give learning a personal touch with this soft, cuddly puppy that reads and asks questions. It’s an interactive get ready-to-read toy that’s doggone fun! Your puppy pal reads from the five included board books and engages children by asking questions throughout the story to help build comprehension skills.

Violet features 5 interactive spots that respond to your touch. You can pet her back to answer questions; kiss his cheek and hear him say you’re his best friend; press her left paw to hear songs; and press her right paw for more responses.

Violet completes each page and asks the child 1 of 70+ different engagement and comprehension questions over the course of the 5-book set.

What We Like about It 

My 4 year-old thoroughly enjoys “petting” and listening to Scout read the included stories. I expect to be replacing quite a few sets of batteries with this toy, which I consider a positive as Read With Me Scout successfully engages my son everyday. The only issue I see is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to upgrade or purchase additional stories for Scout to read. My family trashed the box along with any instructions as Read With Me Scout was a present left by Santa Clause.

5. Pretend & Play School Role play Set (UK Version)

Children will have hours of educational role-play fun with the Pretend and Play School Set from Learning Resources. This all-in-one toy lets your child be the teacher, it contains 149 pieces to create an enjoyable classroom experience. Contents include marking book, stickers, clock, bell, white board, crayons, calendar and double-sided map. When playtime is over the set folds up for easy and convenient storage.

What We Like about It 

So much included in it to play school and teachers and has entertained her for hours of imaginative play. Compact enough to be able to store away.

6.Wedge Whiteboards – Tub of 144 Magnetic Lower Case Letters, Spelling, Pre-school, Educational, Phonics, Teaching Aid

Your little one can enjoy learning words with this magnetic letter set. Featuring 144 lowercase letters, stick to your fridge or other magnetic surfaces and enjoy creating an assortment of colourful words. Perfect for teaching children to read and write!

What We Like about It

Very colorfull and good value for money

7.Gowi Toys Colourful Screwing Set for Babies, Toddlers & Children 

This Screwing Set will help your little one to improve their dexterity and learn all about different colours and shapes as they screw each brightly coloured, shaped nut onto the long yellow bolt and keep going until it falls off of the other end! Age 1+ years. Length: 190mm. Consists of 10 play pieces.

What We Like about It

very affordable if you are on a budget.

8.Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo – Multi-Coloured

Get baby moving with Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo! Colourful and cute with a friendly face and rainbow-coloured light-up tummy, this futuristic dancing buddy will have your little one jigging along to cheerful tunes as they learn the alphabet, colours and much more.

What We Like about It

The songs are very catchy and not annoying – in my opinion, the songs are interactive, one of the songs gets you to freeze when the music stops. The Beatbo is very well made, the quality is excellent, it is colourful and looks fun, friendly and engaging. The mechanical movement is very able and excellent, and the whole body moves and groves in time with the music

9.Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster by Fisher-Price

The fun starts with the Fisher-Price Coaster, Spinnyos Giant Yo-Ller, which is a whole new spin on defying gravity, where kids decide how they will ride. They will be delighted as the round YOs make it up to the top of the track, and they can watch them fall and spin as they roll to the bottom. When preschoolers take their YOs for a ride on the Giant YO-ller Coaster Fisher-Price play set, the YOs will spin, slide and even go upside down while they twirl around and around. Mix up the action with four different tracks, adjustable ramps, tunnels, dips and loops that stand over 2′ high. Make new fall patterns by simply adjusting the switches and levers included in the package. Kids just load up their two included YOs on the learning toy launcher and flip the switcher to choose which track they take. They can also determine how fast or slow they go, how high they jump and where they exit down below. This learning toy encourages creative track arrangement to make the YOs go in many different directions and speeds. Built for smaller hands, the device and the track are easy to line up to set the wheels rolling in short order. The magnetic connections make the spinners stick to their lane and prevent them from falling off, no matter how little ones have.

What We Like about It

kids love BIG toys, so right off the bat, this is a hit. Fully assembled it’s 30 inches tall and if you’re putting it on a coffee table or other table, you’ll need a clear 22 inch diameter surface area. Directions are clear and well illustrated… an older teen or adult will be necessary to put it together.

10.LeapFrog AlphaPup


  • AlphaPup helps kids become familiar with letters & words while walking
  • Letter buttons enable children to hear letter sounds & the alphabet
  • Floppy fabric ears & a wagging tail give this pup lots of character

What We Like about It

The toy is an impressive 3in1 educational toy. He has already learnt some of the colours. A must have for any parents who wish to give their children more than just a toy.

Child’s age
1 – 2 years

Learning hasn’t been so much fun with as a result many musical, interactive, imaginative and role-play playthings to choose from. We offer reviews of fantastic specific gifts & toys that inspire the development of imagination and stimulate curiosity about the world and beyond. Benefit from the journey! We pride ourselves in our seek out for  toys & gifts which are very well received by your son or daughter.
Above all they need to own an educational and developmental aspect; helping to develop your son or daughter in the key regions of learning and advancement. Toys are a lot more than play stuff, they are the building blocks of your son or daughter’s future, so let us help you choose the best educational playthings and games.

Our advice to you is Speaking to your son or daughter about the world around them and browsing lots of books will help them pick up numbers/colours/shapes naturally and found in a more interesting approach. ‘Educational‘ toys at these get older are more trouble solving/logic like shape sorters and puzzles.Only you understand your child.
Because small kids are too little to wait institution, kiddos learn through take up. It’s extremely important to select useful, age-appropriate toys for your children to inspire intellectual stimulation and physical progress. Below is a list of top educational playthings for toddler which will either promote intellectuality in your kiddo or inspire emotional/physical development.
Note: The recommendations are by no means an exhaustive set of educational toys for toddlers. Nevertheless, it is a great destination to commence if you are looking for something new to inspire your imaginative kiddo, or when purchasing for trip or birthday gifts.

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