12 electric toothbrushes for kids

As a parent, I worry about kids electric powered toothbrush for my son’s oral hygiene.
Like the majority of kids, he doesn’t enjoy brushing. For one more thing, he isn’t extremely proficient at it; he’s just not very coordinated, and he has a hard period reaching, specifically in the back of his mouth.
I find a power toothbrush really helps me to get those hard-to-reach areas, and I know it creates brushing go faster, so finding children’s electric power toothbrush for him to use is a priority.
Of course, if you’re a parent, you know that it’s hard to find a power toothbrush that a child can use. A lot of them are too big. Even adults find most of them too large! Children have tiny mouths and want toothbrushes particularly designed for them. Listed below are the 12 electric toothbrushes for kids.

Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush, Disney PrincessesOral-B4.4

Colgate Minions Battery ToothbrushColgate4.0

Brush-Baby Baby Sonic Electric ToothbrushBrush-Baby4.2

Oral-B Advance Power Battery Toothbrush, Powered by BraunOral-B4.4

Colgate Minions Kids Battery Operated Toothbrush (Small oscillating head, easy hold handle, 2x AAA Batteries Included) (Orange)Colgate & Minions4.0

Carejoy Electric Automatic Toothbrush Teeth care With 3 Replacement Brush Head kit (Green)Carejoy3.4

Oral-B AdvancePower Kids D 2010 - tooth brush (Colour and Design May Vary)Oral-B4.1

Braun Oral-B Advance Stages Power Kids Battery Toothbrush Disney Cars for 3+Oral-B4.6

Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush Featuring Marvel Avengers CharactersOral-B4.6

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush - Pink Edition 3rd Generation (UK 2-pin bathroom plug)Philips4.4

Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for KidsPhilips4.5

Colgate Barbie ToothbrushColgate4.2

1. Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush, Disney Princesses

Oral-B Pro-Health Levels Disney Soft Vitality Brush.
3+ years.
Effective & gentle cleaning.
Oral-B Stages Pro-Health Vitality Brush Disney Soft.
Duracell alkaline electric battery included.
1 toothbrush.
Battery toothbrush.
Created for kids 3+ years.
Rotating brush head includes a raised centre row to completely clean chewing floors where cavities tend to form.
Ergonomic handle made for children’s small hands.
Brush head isn’t replaceable.
Gently brush each tooth.


My daughter (7) LOVED this Oral-B® Pro-Health Stages® Disney Princess Power Toothbrush. She has never had a power toothbrush and I was a little worried that she wouldn’t like using it. I was way wrong! She loved using her new “Spinny toothbrush”!

2. Colgate Minions Battery Toothbrush

The Colgate Minions Electric battery Powered Toothbrush features a small oscillating head that cleans teeth and gently sweeps away plaque. The excess soft bristles help defend gums, whilst the slender handle makes it ideal for little hands.
Colours and designs may vary.
Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included). Not ideal for children under 36 months. Dentists recommend that you transformation your toothbrush at least every 3 months. Splayed bristles may damage gums. Always read guidelines.


Brilliant battery operated toothbrush.
Battery seems to go on forever.

3. Brush-Baby Baby Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Battery powered toothbrush with tiny brush mind, soft bristels and soft vibrations for keeping baby teeth and gums tidy.
Small lightweight handle and tiny vibrating brush head. 2 minute light timer to inspire brushing. Supplied with tiny head ideal for 0-18mths and greater toddler head suitable for 18-36mths. 1 x AAA electric battery supplied.

Specially made to help parents care for baby’s and toddler’s teeth. The BabySonic’s unique 2 minute timer and 30 second pulse reminder will help teach good oral care behaviors from an extremely early age.


I brought this for my son’s first birthday because it was a nightmare to brush his teeth, he now loves brushing his teeth. Includes two brush heads. Good quality and reasonable price.

4. Oral-B Advance Power Battery Toothbrush, Powered by Braun

Keep your teeth healthy with the Oral B Progress Power toothbrush. It provides floss clean and dual clean establishments, and technology that provides a more regular battery performance. It includes a very soft, rubberised ergonomic handle.

· Cleans and polishes for healthier beautiful teeth
· Clinically proven: Advanced Bristle system
· FlexiSoft Bristles gently tidy and polish teeth
· Interdental Suggestions reach deep between tooth and along the gumline
· Indicator Bristles color fades to remind you to displace the brush brain (recommended every three months))


Good design and easy fit of toothbrush head. The body has a good hold when brushing and well sealed so no water enters to corrode batteries ..motor.

5. Colgate Minions Kids Battery Operated Toothbrush

Colgate Minions Powered Toothbrush:
Includes 2.
Slim handle, simple to hold.
Discover fun brushing tips and games at www.colgate.com/kids.
Great tidy made fun!
Clean your teeth much better than with a manual brush and make brushing fun!
Enjoy all the various designs!
Energizer and all related images are actually trademarks of Energizer and are being used with permission.
Licensed by: Universal.
Minions is a trademark and copyright of Common Studios.
Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC.
All rights reserved.
Brush lays smooth for easy toothpaste request.


The toothbrush has a simple pattern, mostly yellow with stripes of darker golden yellow, with a band of white and pastel bubbles. There is a cute little happy looking minion featured towards the bottom.

6. Carejoy Electric Automatic Toothbrush Teeth care With 3 Replacement Brush Head kit (Green)

Electric Toothbrush with 3 heads.
Rotate 6800 defeat per minutes.
Vitality Precision Clean removes more plaque when compared to a regular manual brush, leaving teeth feeling clean.
Brush grinding processing,could not hurt you gums.
Enclosed switch,secure and waterproof.
Straight forward and elegant, blister cards packaging, compact and practical, simple to carry.
It could be as an excellent gift idea for friends and family members.


is a great product. easy to use and just buy the one and each family member use the different heads provided.

7. Oral-B AdvancePower Kids D 2010

The Braun Oral-B Progress Power Kids D 2010 (312765) can be an electric toothbrush specifically for children. The electrical toothbrush Oral-B AdvancePower Youngsters D 2010 (312765) from maker Braun is usually waterproof and equipped with an anti-slip handle and a child-friendly indicator brush-on brush. Thus kids from three years onwards could be brought step-by-step to the optimum dental hygiene with the electrical toothbrush.


very good product and functions as described.

8. Braun Oral-B Advance Stages Power Kids Battery Toothbrush Disney Cars for 3+

The Braun Oral-B Youngsters’ Power Toothbrush cleans better than a manual toothbrush – with much less coaxing.
Research has also demonstrated that the Kids’ Ability Toothbrush is really as gentle on children’s pearly whites and gums as a soft manual toothbrush. Small brushhead permits better access, the excess soft bristles for delicate cleaning, and the brought up middle row bristles for successful washing of the chewing floors.
Made to help children brush better
Ideally for children 3+
Adult supervision required
Smaller children’s brushhead
Extra soft replaceable brushhead
Made to clean chewing surfaces
Really helps to prevent tooth decay
(bristles fade halfway when it’s time to replace your brushhead)
Extra soft flowered bristles
24 months manufacturer’s warranty
Powered by 2xAA batteries (2 Duracell Batteries Included)


grandson loves it and it’s now easier to get him to brush his teeth.

9. Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush Featuring Marvel Avengers Characters

The Oral-B Stages Vitality Kids Electric Toothbrush – puts the energy of an excellent clean within your own little superhero’s hands.
This rechargeable electric toothbrush features extra-soft bristles for young mouths. It’s compatible with the Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B. Download the application to help your children brush for a dentist suggested 2 a few minutes, and learn appropriate oral care patterns which will last a lifetime.
Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush – Features:
Rotating powerhead gets to, surrounds and thoroughly cleans multiple floors;
Extra-soft bristles tidy teeth as gently as a smooth manual brush;
Removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush;
Makes brushing tooth fun;
Appropriate for the Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B to greatly help kids brush longer;
9 out of 10 kids will brush longer with the Magic Timer App;
Rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 days.


Good, easy to use and easy to charge toothbrush.

10. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush

Everybody loves a healthy, bright smile. Featuring one of a kind Sonic technology, 5 brushing settings and advanced brush head technology, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Electric power Toothbrush Set offers Philips Sonicare’s greatest whitening system. Pick from Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care or Sensitive for a custom made cleaning experience. Which can naturally whiten pearly whites in just one week, DiamondClean may also gently remove espresso, tea, tobacco and red wine spots. Each bristle is shaped like a Diamond for Philips Sonicare’s best stain removal. In addition, it features Quadpacer and Smartimer to encourage attentive brushing of every quadrant of the mouth area and reinforce the advised brushing time of at least 2 minutes. The charging travelling case allows you to have your toothbrush on the run and it links to your notebook via USB or could be charged by wall structure outlet. The included charging glass can be utilised for charging or to rinse the mouth area after brushing.


Works very well, been using for about 1 week.

11. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids


Electric toothbrush for kids
Philips Sonicare For Children is an electric power toothbrush for kids aged 4 and older. It provides optimum plaque removal, sonic technology, customizable stickers and educational tools to help make correct brushing fun for life.

The Sonicare for kids comes with two numerous brush heads, large and small, made to gently clean growing teeth.
Ensure the kids brush their teeth for the required period of time with KidPacer, a good musical tone that has for 2 minutes.
Utilize the KidTImer brushing program and slowly carry your kids brushing period up two minutes over 90 days.
The Sonicare for Children comes with a range of interchangeable stickers, allowing the young ones to have their own brushes.


Attractive turquose and white styling with matching toothbrushes and rubbery grip.

12. Colgate Barbie Toothbrush

Great clean made fun!
Clean your teeth better than with a typical manual brush and generate brushing entertaining! Enjoy all the various designs!
2x Energizer® inside
2 replaceable AAA alkaline batteries
Slim handle, simple to hold
Tiny oscillating head with extra gentle bristles: cleans teeth and gently sweeps away plaque
Easy on/off buttons
Brush lays smooth for easy toothpaste application.

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