50 Fun Stories For 4-10 Year Olds

50 Fun Stories For 4-10 Year Olds

Product Description

The ultimate storybook collection by best-selling children’s authors Kurt and Michelle Zimmerman. Treat your child and yourself to exciting adventures, hilarious bedtime stories and engaging, fun-filled action! Over 700 pages make this one of Amazon’s biggest bargains. If your child likes Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems, Laura Numeroff, Jeff Kinney, A.A.Milne and P.D.Eastman, your child will love this amazing collection of children’s stories.

Picture books, story books, chapter books… this large volume has them all!

With this collection, you will always have a fun and fascinating story at your fingertips. Perfect for story time, bedtime, or anytime! Beginner and advanced readers will love reading these stories over and over again!

This collection includes the following titles:

Harry Saves the Day
The Bee Who Was Different
Big Sister
Imagine That!
Katy Bakes Smarty Cakes
Little Pete, the Pushy Tugboat
Cody’s Magical Train Ride
Dragon Breath
The Dragon Egg
Alex, the Boy Who Watched Too Much TV
Super Pig!
Katy Gets a Pet!
Ted: The World’s Fastest Turtle
Alex Goes to School
The Magical Pet Store
The Paper Airplane
The Trouble with Trolls
The Shortest Giraffe
Too Much Candy!
Alex Builds a House
Olivia’s New Glasses
Megan Goes to the Zoo
Moving Day for Megan
Aero- The Little Airplane
We Found a UFO!
Kids in Space (The Sky is Not the Limit)
Super Kids! Code Green! My Grandpa’s a Super Hero!
Super Kids! Code Green! Somebody Kidnapped Grandpa!
Super kids! The Traveler: Mission Earth
…and many more!

Praise for 50 Fun Stories-

“I had initially wanted to purchase only the story “Super Kids! The Traveler: Mission Earth” for my kids – two boys aged 6 and 10. However, when I saw the story was included in this bundle at a bargain price, I decided to go for it. That story remains our favourite out of all, but the others are all worthwhile too!

The great thing about the book is that there are about 7 longer stories that my older son enjoyed, and then about 30 or so shorter stories that my younger son especially liked. It really is a book that you would be able to use for a number of different ages and that can be read together as a family. Some of the short stories had colourful illustrations and images that appealed to my 6-year old with their bright colours and realistic style.

All the stories contain elements and themes that are very relevant to young kids, such as pets, school, accidents, family, Halloween, space, aliens, computers and various possible complications that can arise regarding these elements – but combined with a fantasy streak that is certainly appealing (a granddad with super-powers and a pet shop with rather unusual animals for example).

What is most successful about the book is the style it is written in though – the use of language that is just at the correct level – understandable but also challenging. Plus the villains and opposition that are real enough but not so violent or gross that it will give anyone nightmares. Positive values underline all the stories and the book sparkles with a frequency of JOY.

I am genuinely glad I purchased this book and look forward to many more stories from Kurt and Michelle Zimmerman! I can see that they love kids, understand them and that they also put a lot of love and effort into their book.” – By Soft Paws

“You can tell the writers are parents themselves because the kids can relate to these stories of other children. Their stories had my two sons, 6 and 8 years old, in stitches at bedtime.” – By Grace

“Wow! What a great book. Such a variety of different stories and at such a great price. My son loves these bedtime stories.” – By Dozer

“Fantastic collection of fun and inspirational stories for children. Love the variety contained in this book – great for bedtime, read alouds and young readers. So glad I purchased this collection.” – MShine

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