Antique Coin Operated Machines – An Introduction

Saint Michael To Protect Bronze Antique Challenge CoinFor the last 35 years I have been collection American antique coin operated machines.

< br/ >< br/ > When individuals utilize the term slots, this incorporates a larger variety of payout type slots. in the late 1890’s these machines were primarily wooden cases with single wheels that turned when activated by a coin. The single wheelers frequently had extremely elaborate graphics on the dials. The can be found in both counter top and flooring design variations. The floor designs frequently had actually cast iron really decorative decorations on the case and the coin head which often had 4 to 6 choices for coin positioning. A few of the well understood flooring designs consist of The Dewey, Lion, On the Square, Owl, Centaur, Cupid. A few of the well understand countertop variations consist of The Brownie, Silver Cup, Uncle Sam, Owl Jr., and Mascot.

< br/ >< br/ > In the period between 1900 and 1910, Cast iron Floor Model trade stimulators were manufactured. These were cast iron stands with a leading piece that confined 4 to six reels with playing cards that spun. Some popular examples of these include Fortuna, Jumbo Success, The Hamilton, The Clover.

< br/ >< br/ > Throughout this exact same period lots of really elaborate counter leading cast iron 2 and 3 wheel payment machines were created. These are extremely searched for by collectors since of their rarity and fancy styles. Some popular designs include The Libert Bell, Operator Bell, Baseball Slot, Big 6, The Pilot, Little Rip, Umpire, Color Match, The Tourist, Square Deal Gum Vender, and Silver Cup.

< br/ >< br/ > Throughout the very same duration lots of cast iron tabletop card makers were produced. A few of these were pay machines and some were trade stimulators, where the clerk would pay you based on your outcomes. Some well understood examples include Queen Brownie, Your Next, Excellence, Commercial, The Trader, King Dodo, Reliable, Hy-Lo, Mayflower, Draw Poker, Pilgrim, The Register, Globe, Bon-Ton, and Victor.

< br/ >< br/ > Beginning at about 1890 coin drop makers were presented. The standard idea was that a coin was introduced at the top of the machine and would cascade down the playing field hitting lots of strategically positioned nails. The payment was determined by where the coin eventually arrived at the bottom. The machine were created so that it was very tough to win. There was no ability included and the odd were considerably in favor of the operator. Some models likewise would give gum. Popular models include The Tower, Nickel Ticler, The Dynamic Stogie seller, Skillard, Yankee, The Premium Gum Supplier, The Favorite, Tri-it, Hindoo Fortune Teller, Capture the Ball, Beer Here, Pleased Days, and The Bouncer.

< br/ > Horse race video games were also popular. The earliest variation was introduced in the 1890’s and they were made well into the 30’s. Some versions paid and some were trade stimulators. The basic principle was you would wager on the horse of your choice and a race was run. if your horse won, you won. Some popular variations include Epsom-Downs, Saratoga Sweepstakes, Glow Plug, Superior Races, The Darby. Among the most complicated variations was the Paces Races. This was housed in a big ornate floor model cabinet. One would bet on a horse by placing a coin, the race which was then run, was run by a mechanism like a player piano which checked out a roll and pushed the horse ahead based upon the race on the roll. The horses move by a complex mechanishm including pneumatics.

< br/ >< br/ > Dice Device were also popular. These was available in both payout and non-payout variations. A few of the earlier versions were really ornate. Some Popular makers include The Eagle Dicer, Log Cabin, I Will (which is most likely the most ornate with art nouveau women and three dice poppers in glass tubes), Pippin, On the Level, Cherry Jitters, and Black Magic.

< br/ > Wheel Makers were introduced in the 1890’s. The fundamental idea belonged to a carnival wheel. A coin was placed and the wheel turned. Where it landed determined the payment. at first these were rather plain makers in wooden cabinets with non descript wheels. One early machine of interest is the Bike, where there was a two wheel bike in a glass case. On insertion of a coin the wheels turned and the payout was figured out by the number on the wheel that landed at the arrow. Other interesting variations included The Star, Busy Bee, Automatic Vote Recorder, Bulls Eye, Wizard Fortune Teller, Comet, 20 for 1, Square Spin and Shoot the Moon.

< br/ >< br/ > Live roulette Machines were also a popular variant. One Would wager on different choices and either a payment or credit was sustained if you won. A few of the makers are very desireable to collectors. These include Monte Carlo, Peerless Roulette (which is a really elaborate wood floor model with cast iron designs), Little Scarob (which has castings with whimsical scarobs), and The Aristocrat.

< br/ > There were a group of” ability video games “With some makers ability added to the possiblity of winning, however there was likewise a large part of luck, which was grealty stacked in favor of the operator. Some unusal examples include the Little Knocker, where you place a coin in the device and an owl would move when struck, which if it arrived at your color, you won. Other examples consist of Log Cabin, The Manilla, The Play Ball Supplier, Perseverance Designer, Japanese Ball, Sunny Boy, indian Shooter, Play Basket Ball, Laddie Golf, Honest John, The Champ Speed Tester, Chip Golf, Football, Play Golf, B && M Ball Gum Device, Play Hi-Li, Stack Chauffeur, Par-Ket, and Lucky Coin Tosser.

< br/ >< br/ > Electicity Machines were presented about 1900. The basic idea was a coin was inserted and you grasped one manage and turned another The more the deal with was turned the higher the amount of electicity you would recieve. Electriciy at this time was felt to be of healthful advantage. Competions were also motivated to see who might take the most charge. Sought after designs include Simplex, royal Shocker, and Zsa Zsa.

< br/ >< br/ > Coin Operated Selling machines were introduced in the 1890’s Almost every imagineable item was offered through these machines. The novelty of that the item was being sold through a device, on a regular basis with uncommon design or forms of the device, and typically the mechanical or animated element of the machines encouraged company. Some unusual models include: The Circus, which dispensed sweet and had a really ornate circus theme on the case, with a clown inside which turned and gave sweet. Freeport Vendors were very fancy models some of which had actually embossed dragons. Gabels Merchant a really ornate cast iron peanut vendor, Pansy Gum, Mexican Fruit. The Maniken Vendor Co. made a series of clock work mechism machines including the Baker Young boy, which had a baker that would pivot to take a gumball out of an oven and deliver it for a penny. Loop The Loop, included diavolo, the bike rider who looped the loop and dispensed a stick of gum. A Variant of the was the Teddy Bear, which include a bear which revolved around the device. Orbit and Orbit Jr were very elaborate cast iron peanut vendors. Pansy Gum delivered a love letter with gum. Pulver created many versions of clockwork figures which would fetch a piece of gum and deliver it. Roover produced several clockwork devices including Madam Zita, Puss n Boots, the Elephant which were highly animated. Other uncommon devices include Niagra with a little black kid that moves, Blinkey Eye, Columbus Design L, A Wink A Smile, Tutti-Frutti. Pleased Jap was a very uncommon cast iron head of an asian figure that dispensed stick gum through a clock work mechanism. Case Pepsin Gum made an uncommon fortune teller gum maker. Lukat was an figural cat which gave numbered tickets. Design Gum Store was a different cast iron variation of the baker-boy. A very uncommon peanut vendor called the Griffin is known. Fragrance suppliers include a flooring models Lady Perfume Sprayer, and miniature fragrance sprayer and well as cast iron Whiffs of Scent and a Bull’s Head Fragrance, where when the horns were moved the fragrance was provided throught the bull’s snout. Sunny Call was a fascinating cake shaped dispenser for cake. Cigar suppliers include Honest Clerk and Doremus. Even Bathroom tissue and Towels and Soap and prophylactics were dispensed by devices. There were unusual stamp suppliers consisting of American Selling Stamp Machine with a shield with stars as well as postcard dispensers. Numerous forms of match makers were made.

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Dr. Robert Lerch< div class =” bio” > I am a nationally understood collector of antiques including Tiffany studios, bakelite, stained glass. My collections have actually been released in Architectural Digest, and a number of books.

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