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Top 10 Kids earphones headphones reviews

By Anna / July 29, 2018

Are you looking for the best headphones and earphones for your kids? I know that choosing the right ones is very important because you want the product to be as safe and reliable for little children as possible. Your child wants to look cool, but quite often, that will require sacrificing audio quality. And regarding […]


Top Ten Bow and Arrow sets for Archery for 2018

By Anna / July 20, 2018

If you’re looking at introducing your child to archery, buying them their own kit is the first step you shoud take. Although this may sound dangerous, with the correct care, attention and supervision, archery can be an amazing and fun hobby for your child. archery is often known for its accidents and injuries, however, with these […]


The 10 Best Pool Tables uk for teenage boys

By Anna / July 10, 2018

      Recently our teenage son has been looking at pool tables for his upcoming birthday gift. We found buying a pool table a great idea to cut down screen time and get our son to team up actively with his friends and sibbling to play matches and become very competitive and lively. It […]


Top 7 Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes Of 2017

By Anna / July 19, 2017

With the summer sunshine coming in, Bike enthusiasts are ready for their outdoors adventures. Here are the best dual suspension mountain bikes which will surely be one of the best investment in your bike purchase this year.   1. The ever popular  adults dual suspension mountain bike, the Arden Trail, is back! With 21 speed […]


12 Best Water Guns for summer 2018

By Anna / July 18, 2017

With the hot summer sun coming, we need to keep cool. These top 12 water guns will keep you having fun and are bound to get you soaking wet! Water guns are a great way to keep cool and have good fun with your family. 1.Nerf Super Soaker Freeze Fire Blaster   REVIEW: Although the […]


Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone Review

By Anna / July 10, 2017

Drones are becoming more popular, with dozens of different consumer-level drones available. This includes a wide range of options, including small remote control drones and larger drones capable of recording HD video from the air.   The Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Drone falls into this latter category. It is equipped with an HD camera […]


SELFIE MIC Music Set Review

By Anna / July 9, 2017

Your kids like to rock? The SELFIE MIC music set gives the chance to become popstars. They can record themselves singing using a selfie stick attached to a microphone. Allow your kids to record their own music videos and then share them with their friends on Facebook.   If this sounds like a fun gift […]


15 best nerf guns reviews for 2017

By Anna / January 23, 2017

Let’s face it, as our kids grow up, they like imitating almost anything that we adults do. These days there are Companies dedicated to ensuring children enjoy up to date toys that keep up with their needs to imitate and grow. There are a number of toys ranging from cars, planes, animals and guns. Nerf guns […]