The Best Travel Pillow for kids on long journeys

By Anna / July 28, 2018

Thinking of a long haul and kids travelling with you? Safety and comfort of your child should be one of the main consideration.  Imagine a young kid undertaking a journey of 10 hours or more, most of the time will be spent sleeping? Agree As this is the time of the year where most kids […]


Top Five Mini Trampolines for Kids For 2018

By Anna / July 20, 2018

Mini trampolines are the best way for small kids to experience being on a big one without the risks and hazards that big ones present. here are some of the safest smallest trampolines out there.          


Top 7 Best Inflatable Paddling Pools 2018

By Anna / July 25, 2017

Now its summer we need to cool down and have some fun. These paddling pools are the best paddling pools you will get. So take a look at these amazing paddling pools. Not all pools are built alike and if you’re looking for something a bit more special you’ve come to the right place. Madeforkids has […]


Top 5 Little Tikes toddler slides 2017

By Anna / July 19, 2017

Your kids will be jumping about in excitement once they see these amazing slides! They will be begging you to get these made for toddler slides .so what are you waiting for?Take a look! 1.   2.   3.   4.    5.    


18 best Baby Trikes for 2018

By Anna / March 16, 2017

Every Kid really wants to ride Tricycles. Tricycles will be the first car or truck for the children. By using Tricycles, Kids can find out the pedaling and Steering mechanism. Tricycle also known as as Trike, is a human-powered three wheel vehicle. Below we listed 18 Very best Tricycles for Kids. As well, we have […]


10 best Role Play Tent for boys and girls

By Anna / January 26, 2017

A most desired category in toys for children generally has been and definitely will be – the play tent! Children can hide away in their individual space, creating their private worlds while they take up. Whether a young child enjoys some theme, a type of “let’s pretend,” or is extra of a rough-and-tumble adventure type, […]