Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow Review

Get ready for the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow, a fun robotic puppy that lights upand plays songs while moving various parts – including his head and tail.


Designed to introduce your baby to the basics of counting and colors, the Beat Bow Wow is colorful and entertaining for children 9-months to 3-years. Learn more by taking a look at the following review.


Basic Features and Technical Details


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is an adorable toy dog. He moves and plays songs, to entertain and teach your child. Here is a closer look at the main features:


  • Weighs 1.7 pounds
  • About 1-foot tall
  • Intended for children 9-months to 3-years of age
  • Large, multi-colored LED display on tummy
  • The head bobs and the ears wiggle
  • His soft tail contains a LED light and wags back and forth
  • Beat Bow Wow has soft, floppy ears


What exactly is this toy? The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is a robotic puppy with a large, multi-colored LED grid on his tummy. When your child presses the buttons on his paws, his tummy lights up, he dances, and he plays music. The soft tail wags back and forth, his head bobs, and his ears wiggle.


What Do Parents Like About the Beat Bow Wow?


Even though the body and head of the dog are constructed from plastic, the pieces that extend from the body are made of soft cloth. Along with this benefit, you and your child may enjoy the following:


  • 25 different songs and phrases
  • Cute facial features
  • Cute voice
  • Stimulate your child’s senses – sight, touch, and hearing
  • Helps teach cause and effect
  • Can help teach your child to count
  • Easy to remove from packaging
  • Includes batteries


When you press a paw, the dog plays a song or repeats a phrase. Beat Bow Wow contains a total of 25 different songs and phrases. As he plays his song or talks, the moving parts go into action. His head bobs side to side and his tail wags. The voice does not sound robotic. Instead, it actually sounds cute, so it is not too annoying to have to listen to constantly.


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is designed to help stimulate your child’s senses. The various textures help with the sense of touch, while the lights, movements, songs, and phrases stimulate their hearing and sight.


By pressing a paw, the puppy will begin his song or phrase. This helps to introduce the concept of cause and effect. Your child will learn that when he or she presses the paw, the puppy will perform an action.


As your baby grows, they will be able to use Beat Bow Wow as an introduction to counting. You can ask, “how many paws does he have?” or “how many stripes are on his ears?”. Basically, as with many modern toys, the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow is intended to entertain and teach.


Another advantage is that you do not need to purchase any batteries. The toy comes with 4 AA batteries. It is also incredibly easy to remove from the packaging. Instead of using twist ties, the puppy is secured to the box with 3 small plastic clips. Within minutes of opening, your child will be able to start playing with the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow.


Does the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow Work?


One of the main questions that parents have when thinking about buying a toy is whether or not it actually works. There is nothing more frustrating than unboxing a toy and discovering that it does not function properly. This is not the case with the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow.


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow works as advertised. As mentioned, when you press his paws, the puppy will dance, move, play songs, and repeat phrases. All of this works properly.


It should be noted that some children may not particularly be interested in counting along with the songs. The lights on the tummy of the puppy are so fascinating that some children will simply sit and stare at the funny puppy.


Several parents have mentioned that their child did not find Beat Bow Wow as entertaining as Beat Bo – the other dancing dog available from Fisher-Price. Though, this will vary depending on your child. If you do not already own Beat Bow Wow, then your child will likely be enthralled with this funny puppy.


Final Thoughts on the Beat Bow Wow


Should you buy the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow? As always, the decision is yours. Quite a few parents have mentioned that this is a great toy for occupying your child’s time. It is a great distraction.


The Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow works as advertised and includes 25 different songs and phrases. The way that the product is marketed, you may think that this is an interactive toy, but really it is an entertaining robotic dog that makes sounds, lights up, and moves several body parts.


Even though you may not be able to consider this an active play toy, it can help stimulate your child’s senses. For this reason, the recommended age range of 9-months to 3-years may be a little off.


There is a good chance that a 3-year old may not find this puppy entirely entertaining, especially considering the limited interaction. But, it is great for younger toddlers.


There are no major drawbacks or technical issues with the toy. Nearly every parent that has reviewed this product has mentioned howcute the toy is. The fun facial features are comical and the voice is not as annoying as some other toys.


In the end, the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow provides a great solution for keeping your infant entertained. As a bonus, you do not have to purchase any batteries and the puppy is easy to remove from its packaging. If you are looking for a fun little toy to entertain your little one – get the Fisher-Price Dance & Move Beat Wow.

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