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With the recent issue of leaching chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, PVCs and polycarbonates, discovered in plastic baby bottles, you may be searching for an alternative child bottle for your beloved youngster.

Pure and Honest has the best bottle solution for you! Produced by a feeding specialist and award-winning designer, the Babylife Wee Go Bottle is beautiful, stylish, safe, developmentally-appropriate, eco-friendly, and most importantly, BPA totally free! The bottles are not just functional, but modern and fun too!

Available at Pure and Honest Kids, the Wee Go Child Bottle is made from glass and is completely devoid of harmful chemicals discovered in many plastic bottles. Not just that, however the bottles have a brand-new security twist- the bottle is covered with a colorful silicone sleeve that will assist secure the bottle from breakage. This silicone sleeve is likewise totally free of plastics and is 100% non-toxic. The sleeve provides a great gripping surface during feeding as well as an enjoyable tactile touch for your toddler! The bottles and silicone sleeve are safe in both boiling water and in the dishwasher.

The plastic ring includes no poly-carbonates and is made from FDA-approved and food grade plastic, and is also recyclable. Since the bottle cap and ring are made of soft plastic that might not hold up to boiling temperature levels, Wee Go Baby Bottles suggests that you hand-wash these parts.

This glass bottle is an exceptional choice for many reasons. Glass bottles are made from natural product, simple to clean, and are terrific insulators. You likewise do not have to fret about scratching or wear and tear with glass bottles, like you finish with plastic bottles, and glass is far better for the environment than plastic.

Babylife is the business accountable for the Wee Go Baby Bottles. Babylife wased established by Pam Marcus and Daren Edward Delight. After working with children for several years as a pediatric physiotherapist, Pam saw that numerous baby items and toys were either created badly or had actually not altered in Twenty Years. She chose to work with Daren, an integrative designer, to create child products that are environment-friendly as well as developmentally appropriate. A crucial element to Babylife’s mission is to educate parents and caretakers about issues that are necessary to the child’s wellness.

Wee Go Baby Bottles also includes 100% silicone, non-toxic, latex-free nipples, however can be interchanged with other nipple brand names.

There is absolutely nothing old fashioned about this bottle. It’s contemporary and trendy, and most crucial, it’s safe. You’ll be pleased you made the switch to glass. Wee Go Baby Bottles were very first launched in October 2007, and have offered out often times due to its gaining appeal. They are back in stock at Pure and Honest Kids, and better than ever, so place your order today!

< br/ > The Wee Go Baby Bottles holds 9 ounces (260ml) and is available in lots of fantastic sleeve colors, including pink, raspberry, orange, yellow, sky and ocean.

< br/ > Each bottle is offered separately and all are offered at Pure and Sincere Kids for $ 18.00 a bottle.

Molly Ridenhour is a happy co-owner of Pure and Honest Kids, a kids’s and infant e-boutique. Pure and Sincere Kids is proud to offer only the finest choice of Child Bottles. kids clothes, total with exceptional service! Visit us today online for the finest selection of Infant Bottles.
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