Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet is the fun way to have a pet bird without having the pet bird mess. The Cleverkeet is a dancing, singing, swinging, chatting, and cart-riding bird. The Cleverkeet comes with its own perch, swing, and car.

What is Little Live Pets Cleverkeet?

Cleverkeet is the coolest bird that has ever flown into the Little Live Pet Shop! Cleverkeet is an interactive, singing, and talking bird! You can name him and he will talk and play in many different ways! Cleverkeet will respond to your voice and he loves learning new words. You can pet and chat with him or play your favorite music and dance with him.

There is so much for you andCleverkeet to do on his playground, take him for a walk on his perch or watch him ride along on his cart.

Details about Cleverkeet

Cleverkeet is recommended for children age 5-15 and does include small parts so best kept away from children under the age of 3 as it could be a choking hazard. It requires 2 AA batteries that are included.

Why should you purchase Cleverkeet?

Cleverkeet is very sturdy and will keep the laughs coming with the random things that it says. Kids will love teaching it new things to say keeping them entertained for hours. They will treat it like a real pet, but it is much easier than a real pet because you don’t have the mess.

Cleverkeet is a toy the whole family can enjoy, he is smart and he learns quickly. You will have a great time moving your bird from his perch to his cart and to other areas of his cage to see what his reaction will be.

This could possibly be one of the coolest toys you could ever get for your child, they will love naming him, teaching him new words, and talking to him. They will be thrilled when the bird talks back to them!

What are the downfalls of the Cleverkeet?

It appears that parents love this bird just as much as children. The whole family gets a kick out of the things he says and could laugh for hours. It has been mentioned by some parents that he can be very loud which can be quite annoying, but other than that he seems to be a big hit.

Final thoughts about Cleverkeet

The Little Live Pets Cleverkeet is worth the purchase because it brings fun to the whole family. Its ability to interact and speak with your children and you if wanted is simply amazing and amusing.

Cleverkeet is also great if you aren’t quite sure your bird loving child is ready for the responsibility of a real pet bird. Cleverkeet is just like having a pet bird, just without all the mess.

Cleverkeet is durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon. He will be able to keep you and your children entertained for quite some time.

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