Lundby 1:18 Scale Smaland Dolls House

Lundby 1:18 Scale Smaland Dolls House

Product Description
Casa delle bambole “base STOCKHOLM

Price: £65.37

  • Traditional Dolls house Made By Lundby
  • Features 5 separate rooms to furnish as you wish!
  • Add-on’s, Furniture and Acessories available separatly
  • Newly Refurbished in 2011
  • Fitted with 4.5 volt lighting systems which was pioneered by Lundby, there is a large selection of Child Safe electrical fixtures available

Lundby 1:18 Scale Dolls House Smaland Lamp Set 4 Floor and Ceiling Lamp

Product Description
Set lampade 4 SMALAND

Price: £11.78

  • Ralistic design
  • Made by Lundby of Sweden
  • Fantastic addition to the Lundby range
  • 4.5 Volt lighting System;1.18 scale
  • Fitted with 4.5 volt lighting systems which was pioneered by Lundby, there is a large selection of Child Safe electrical fixtures available

Light-up dollhouse! Lundby Småland Swedish doll’s house! Time for Toys

Light-up Dollhouse! Lundby Småland Swedish doll’s house! Time for Toys. The girls unbox and play with this amazingly detailed light-up dollhouse courtesy of Lundby!
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How To Make Candy | Saturday Welcome to Småland – Lundby’s traditional doll’s house with an open plan design and beautiful wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper! The house has plenty of room for play and is easy to extend with an additional floor and a garden. The windows can be opened and all rooms are prewired for lighting.

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