SainSmart Jr. Amaze BL-14 3D Intelligence Ball Game puzzle

SainSmart Jr. Amaze BL-14 3D Intelligence Ball Game puzzle

Product Description

SainSmart Jr. BL-14 3D Intelligence Ball Game puzzle is a great puzzle gift for you or your kids to foster S.T.E.M. skills and to practice their critical thinking skills! S.T.E.M. toys are all about promoting learning through fun. They enforce the necessary science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills children will need in the future.


* Instruct kids correct understanding of various geometric shapes and colors forehead.
* Instruct kids thinking ability and exercise baby conversion relations, understanding, reasonable collocation pieces space imagination.
* Instruct kids in the actual operation process, train baby hand brain application.
* Really great brain test toys apply to different IQ player.
* Good way to improve your divergent thinking and patience.
* Great fun for all the family, keeps the kids busy for hours.


Color: 4 different colors
Material: plastic
Dimension:box about 17*10*8cm ;the ball diameter about 8cm
Suitable for: 6+ years old
Weight: about 0.35kg

Price: £8.99

  • Establish high-order thinking logic.
  • Training hand-eye coordination, cultivate patience and concentration.
  • Learn the ability of control by combining mind and fingers.
  • Ascending parent-child interaction relationship.
  • Recommand Age: 6+.
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