SALE on VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera – Pink


We bought this for our granddaughter’s third birthday as she follows her photography student aunt every where and kept trying o use very expensive grown up cameras.
She is thrilled with her own camera and takes it absolutely every where and in the space of just over a month has managed to take nearly 1500 photos! It is a very robust little gadget, and considering the price paid it actually takes really nice quality photos. It is really easy to use and she has quickly mastered the knack of switching between the front and back lenses and using the filters and fun frames.
It has a very good battery life – we are only on the second set of batteries, and she uses it daily to take photos and play games.
It has the capacity to take an SD card if required (not supplied), but the camera holds about 150 photos at any one time so there really isn’t any need to waste your money on this. I wish I could give this more than 5 stars, as it really has been the most perfect gift and it has already given our little girl so much pleasure and fun, CLICK HERE TO SEE PRICES

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