The Stick Man With a Big Bum: A children’s book for ages 7-12

The Stick Man With a Big Bum: A children’s book for ages 7-12

Product Description
Meet Eric Trum, the stick man with a big bum. He’s only just come to life, and he’s looking for something to do. Luckily, he’s a stick man with a plan: from secret codes and string telephones to making his own comic strip, he’s determined to keep boredom away! In this funny story, Eric will try out various fun activities that anyone can try, as all the instructions are included! Find out how things don’t always run smoothly for the little stick man. If it’s not his large bottom getting in the way, it’s his neighbour, Jeremy Mothballs, trying to spoil his fun. How will he cope? The Stick Man With a Big Bum is a hilarious new book, with a heart-warming ending. Recommended for children ages 7-12, but anyone up to the age of 108 and beyond can enjoy this book! Also available – ‘More Fun With Stick Man Trum’ and ‘The Stick Man With a Big Bum Doodle it Yourself Book.’

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