Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack Review

Are you looking for a new collectible toy for your child? The Twozies could be a great match.


The Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack includes a variety of Twozies babies. Every pack is random. You never know what you are going to get. There is a total of 29 baby and pet pairs in the series.


Learn more about this collectable toy. Check out the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack review.

Features and Details of the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


What are Twozies? They are small toy figures, but makes them stand apart is that each character has a matching animal. So, Twozies are a combination of a baby and a pet. Here is what you get in this Two-Gether pack:


  • A random assortment of pairs
  • You get 6 babies and 6 pets
  • 5 babies are visible and 1 hidden
  • 2 pets are visible and 4 are hidden
  • Collector’s guide


Similar to other small collectible figures, there is a large number of baby and pet pairs to collect. As mentioned, there are 29 different pairs. This particular pack of Twozies includes a total of 6 pairs. This means that you get 6 babies and 6 pets.


The fun of buying these sets is that you never know exactly what you are going to get. This makes it an entertaining collectible for children to trade, as you will likely end up with a few duplicates if you purchase multiple sets. Though, this should be expected when buying a collectable item.


Within this pack, 5 of the babies and 2 of the pets are visible. Though, 1 of the babies and 2 of the pets are hidden inside a blind bag.


You also get a collector’s guide. This includes images of all the babies and pets in the series. Your children can keep track of which characters they have and which ones they still need.


Advantages of the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


The premise of these toys is the that Twozies have lost their pet friends. Your goal is to help them get together again by finding and matching the babies with their corresponding pet friends. You can then display them in the shadow boxes located in the packaging.


There are 29 different pairs in this series of Twozies, but there are a total of 140 different babies and pets when you factor in the solid color figures, including the ultra-rare neon Twozies.


Twozies are recommended for children ages 5 years and up, as the Twozies are relatively small. This is especially true of the pets, as the pets are a little bit smaller than the babies.


The characters are quite cute. They all have unique headgear that matches their pet friend. For example, Woolbur and Woolsin are a pair resembling sheep. The pet friend is a small little sheep while the baby has a sheep hat on with matching diaper. This makes it easy to match the babies to the pets.


This is just the first series of Twozies. Moose Toys, the company that produces these toys, plans on releasing additional series, referred to as seasons.


Kids seem to love these little characters and it is easy to see why. They are adorable figurines and the fact that each baby has a matching pet is a neat idea.


Moose Toys, the company that manufacturers Twozies, also created the popular Shopkins toys. These are similar in a way. Though, instead of food and items that you would find in a mall, you get small babies and pets in matching pairs.


Along with Shopkins and Twozies, Moose Toys is also responsible for Mighty Beanz and Little Live Pets. So, this company knows a lot about making miniature figurines that appeal to young boys and girls.


Pretty much every parent that has commented on these toys have exclaimed that their children absolute love collecting the baby and pet pairs. Just remember that after you buy one pack, your child will likely ask for more. They will want to collect them all.


Disadvantages of the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


The idea that you do not know exactly which characters you are going to get can be disappointing for some. There is no way of telling whether or not your child has some of the characters in the pack. Though, this is also part of the fun of collecting these figures.


As with trading cards, the idea of purchasing a pack of characters and having to collect them over a period of time is an exciting aspect. As mentioned, your child could also trade duplicate babies and pets with their friends, if they happen to know anyone else that collects these toys.


Final Thoughts on the Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack


The Twozies Season 1 Two-Gether Pack is a cute set of little figures. The mystery of not knowing which characters you are going to find means that you have to purchase multiple packs in order to collect all of the baby and pet pairs.


For some, the idea that you may get duplicates can be annoying. But, if you just want a fun little gift for your child, they should be happy with the variety included in the pack. After all, you get 12 different miniature figures.


Along with these Two-Gether packs, Moose Toys have additional sets in this series of toys. This includes a Twozies Holiday Gift Bundle, a Two-Playful Café, and the Sweet Row Boat. These additional sets include exclusive Twozies that you cannot find in the Two-Gether pack.


As discussed, this is the first season of Twozies. After you and your child collect them all, you should keep an eye out for the next season. Though, it may take a while for you to actually collect all 140 figures.


Overall, Twozies is targeting a niche market. If your child likes playing with small toys, the Twozies are a cute little set to begin collecting. Just keep in mind that some of the pieces are small, especially if you decide to purchase any of the additional sets.

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