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Over the years, I have helped many local businesses and new start ups get online and skyrocket their income. It will be a pleasure to help you too.

My lifelong love of the written word and an obsession with social media drew me to the world of online work. I especially enjoy helping fellow bloggers succeed! I understand the enormous amount of work that goes into blogging, so why not let me take a few tasks off your plate?

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Blasts – a one time promotion of your content to my growing social media following.
  • Social Media Management , Monthly Package for Start ups
  • Blog Post Editing
  • Brainstorming – Stuck in a rut? Let me help you generate some creative ideas for posts, series, or special projects!
  • Guest Posts and Product/Book Reviews
  • I’m open to new ideas! What do YOU need? Let’s talk!

Outside of the blogging world, I also assist small business owners and real estate agents with online marketing tasks including writing blog posts, initial set up of social media accounts, social media coaching, managing Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, email marketing and creating quote graphics for social media use.

Please fill out the contact form below and I will respond ASAP! I look forward to hearing your ideas. Find me on instagram @quicksteptraffic

Amazon Expert

Do you have a private label product which you would like to launch on Amazon.  I can help you with launching, giveaways, reviews, Drafting your listing, Keyword research, competitor research. Contact me for a quote.

Pinterest Manager

Are You Struggling With Promoting Your Products & Services to PINTEREST Buyers Because You Don’t Know How To Do That Properly or Simply Because You Don’t Have Time ?

=>I’m here to help you

Service included:

  • Create accounts for FREE.
  • Use HIGHEST SEARCHABLE keyword, title, descriptions, pins & boards for your profile so your target audience can find you easily
  • Grow your connections by finding niche related group boards & join you in them
  • ORGANIZE & CATEGORIZE your boards so they look SUPER ATTRACTIVE to help you attract followers
  • Pin during peak times / split over 5 times a day
    • Closely Monitor Your AccountTo Make Timely Adjustments.
    • Commit to DRIVE super targeted visitors to your website within 7 days.

I am only interested in your sastification.
Integrity is the most important thing to me. And that’s why i have such a strong, iron-clad refund policy.
=> Take advantage of this no-brainer offer right now
Do you argee with me that outstanding service cannot be cheap, cheap service cannot be outstanding ?


Video Reviews

I will review your service or product which you can use on your website, sales material, or advertisement or even youtube Channel.

In case you do not have a Youtube Channel, we will gladly post your video on our youtube Channel for free.

  • Pictures of your products required
  • No product giveaways required
  • Transitioning or moving backgrounds
  • Bullet point text
  • Web address along bottom of video
  • Company logo in the video





An Amazon Marketplace Place is a Must!

THE AMAZON GOLD RUSH IS HERE! …As a matter of fact,it’s been here a long time now….There is an increase of physical sellers flocking to Amazon everyday and vying for the same prime real estate….

Successfully selling on Amazon requires more now, more is required to have your product stand out from a sea of products. Let me help you make it big on Amazon. Let’s create momentum for your product today! All organically of course

Social Media Presence…A must

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, we have the expertise to grow your audience organically.  We can help you establish a social media presence effortlessly. Contact us today


Next Steps…

We have served many local businesses and your complete satisfaction is our main focus. So get in touch today.  @quicksteptraffic instagram or email

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