Meet Team !

Anna Vatuone

Anna Vatuone is a full time writer for She has very good experience about writing about kids in every area. Like kids products, kids games , kids toys , kids gifts. Anna said she loves kids and she enjoy very much about writing about kids things.



Agapatoka From Poland , Is Working As Kids Trainer .

Agapatoka skillfully engages young minds through a blend of interactive activities and educational games, fostering both physical and cognitive development in an enjoyable way.

Midian Mendes

Midianmendes Is Also Working As Kids Trainer.

This profession I carry with greater pride and love wherever I go. . This profession allows me to transform lives. . This profession allows me to meet wonderful people. . I only wish that we have more and more Physical Education Professionals passionate and committed to the mission.

Danaa Ardelean

Danaa Ardelean From Oradea , Is Working As Kids Coach And Trainer .

Every responsible parent wants to provide a valuable legacy to the child, but this is not just about material possessions. Personal development is a valuable value that every parent must pass on to their child.