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Regarding the LEGO Group

The goal of the LEGO Group is to use Play to inspire and nurture future builders. With its base in LEGO bricks, the LEGO System is in Play. It enables kids and fans to construct and deconstruct whatever they can think of.

The LEGO Group was established in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Billund, Denmark. Its name, Lego dt, stands for “Play Well” in Danish. The LEGO Group is still a family-run business with its headquarters in Billund today. But its goods are now available in more than 130 nations globally.

Animal Crossing LEGO: 5 new play experiences created in partnership with Nintendo

About Nintendo

Nintendo Co. Ltd has headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, through its combined products.  They developed franchises that have become household names worldwide. It includes MarioTM Donkey KongTM. Also, The Legend of ZeldaTM MetroidTM, PokémonTM Animal Crossing Pikmin and Splatoon.

 Nintendo aims to provide distinctive, intuitive entertainment experiences for everyone. It is done by doing these things.

  • Creating and marketing video game systems like the Nintendo Switch family of systems.
  • Creating and running applications for mobile devices
  • Working with partners on other entertainment projects like visual content and theme parks. 

Nintendo sold over 800 million pieces of hardware and more than 5.6 billion video games worldwide.

 Nintendo’s ongoing objective is to create original entertainment.  It has made people smile worldwide. It all happened since launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System more than 30 years ago, through the present and into the future.

New play activities developed in collaboration with Nintendo

The company developed five new play experiences. It was with an Animal Crossing theme in collaboration with Nintendo. The LEGO Group provided some additional information about the sets. You can quickly and easily switch between structures’ components. It includes window frames. All sets can be altered, combined, and adjusted.

The long-awaited partnership was between The LEGO Group and Nintendo. It follows the popular Mario-themed LEGO sets that have finally been made public. The company developed five new play experiences with an Animal Crossing theme. It was in collaboration with Nintendo. 

The LEGO Group provided some additional information about the sets. Indeed, you can quickly and easily switch between structures’ components, including window frames. Additionally, all sets can be altered, combined, and adjusted. Global release of the new Animal Crossing LEGO line.

Builders are invited to Julian’s birthday party 

Builders are invited to Julian’s birthday party to celebrate with him, share cupcakes, and exchange gifts.

Fans of the great outdoors can pretend to put up a tent, roast marshmallows, or use a vaulting pole. It is used to jump across a body of water in Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities. They can also remove the shovel or recognizable items from the video game series.

Fans can board the boat and travel to another island with Kapp’n and Marshal. Embark on an excursion to find bamboo and coconuts, spot wildlife, hermit crabs and fish, or relax by the fire.

Builders can use their creativity to assist Isabelle and Fauna. Special help in personalizing Fauna’s home and participating in activities.

  • Unwrapping balloon presents
  • crafting supplies
  • selecting fruit and flowers in Isabelle’s House Visit. 

Builders have two options with Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s residence. They can mimic replenishing the Nook’s Cranny store. They can visit Rosie’s residence for freshly made cookies.

Pet Crossing 

Simon Kent, Creative Lead Design Director at the LEGO Group, stated something. “Animal Crossing is all about imagination and roleplay.” So, bringing that to life in real form using LEGO bricks and developing new small figurines has been fun for the team. Making the settings easy to customize so that builders may enjoy the flexibility. They had in the game was one of the challenges. 

When making the small figures, it was crucial that they faithfully portrayed the video game characters. Children’s favorite Animal Crossing characters will be available to play with soon. We are excited about it.

Video game Animal Crossing

According to Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Aya Kyogoku game producer. “The Animal Crossing video game series is about creating a world where you are free. You can build the life you want, and now, with LEGO bricks, you can build that world with your hands in the real world, too.”

 “Assembling the sets is just the beginning. Children can personalize each set. They can use the supplied plant furniture. Also, other items are combined in several sets to make their village.

 Kids can exhibit their creativity in various ways. It depends on what they enjoy, which can change as they age. We hope the Animal Crossing universe and its characters are also available as LEGO bricks. It can brighten people’s days by becoming a part of them.

Animal Crossing has remained one of the most well-known titles on Nintendo systems since its initial release in 2001.

Partnership Between Two Icons

The popular world of Animal Crossing and the inventiveness of LEGO are combined in the Animal Crossing LEGO sets. Fans of both franchises have a distinctive and thrilling building experience.

High-Definition Mini Figures

To allow fans to transport their virtual neighbors into the real world. Kits come with intricately crafted LEGO mini-figures of well-known Animal Crossing characters. It includes Tom Nook Isabelle and the Able Sisters.

Modular Structure

“Animal Crossing” The game inspires numerous settings and locations. LEGO kits include modular building components that may be personalized and joined in various ways.

Interactive Mini-Games

 One of the novel aspects of the sets is the incorporation of playable mini-games. Fishing and bug-catching activities offer interactive entertainment for both players and builders.

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