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Looking for kid-friendly Halloween costume inspiration? Activities, games, costume inspiration, and more can be found on PBS KIDS. A few holiday favorites will help you get in the Halloween mood.

Create a custom PBS KIDS pumpkin.

Use your favorite PBS KIDS characters to make your pumpkins stand out. Characters like Pinkalicious, Daniel Tiger, and Arthur can be found on free printable templates. Choosing which one to construct is challenging since each design comes with helpful hints and directions.

Conjure Halloween fun with PBS KIDS

Younger kids can be occupied with basic math exercises like predicting how many seeds you’ll scoop out or comparing the diameters of your pumpkins while you carve out your gourd-your masterpiece. The PBS KIDS for Parents website has more math inspiration in both English and Spanish.

Become a PBS KIDS character.

DIY costumes need not be challenging! It’s simple to transform your child into their preferred PBS KIDS character thanks to the no-sew instructions. 

A cute Daniel Tiger costume may be created with felt, yarn, and a red hoodie. Adults can participate in the fun by following the easy directions for Mom and Dad Tiger costumes. You can walk out trick-or-treating in your outfits and a quick-and-easy tiger headband.

From butterflies and robots to Curious George and Pinkalicious, PBS KIDS for Parents has further costume suggestions and inspiration.

Holiday enjoyment with digital gaming

Fantastic ad-free games are abundant on PBS KIDS and are always free to play. Playing “Arthur’s Tricks and Treats” while helping to sort and distribute candy on Halloween night can be a scary good time for kids. Spiders and other creepy creatures can try to ruin the enjoyment, so be cautious.”Party at Alma’s,” available in English and Spanish, keeps the good times coming. 

At Alma’s Halloween party, players observe what each guest wants to do and assist in fulfilling their requests. The party visitors will have a blast as you play dance music, make food, and set up activities.

Put your sleeves up 

You can have interactive fun by creating your own “Monster Swamp Sensory Bin.” Give your child a plastic container filled with various items of varying textures so they may sort, count, and play with them. Start with items like cooked noodles and peeled grapes. Then include stuff like fidget toys or plastic bugs.

 Ask your youngster to close their eyes, reach into the trash, and try to identify what they find. Please encourage them to think of several adjectives to describe the objects. Are they warm or cold? Smooth or uneven? Hard or pliable?

Monster-themed crafts

With artwork and decorations that Halloween inspires, there are infinite ways to inspire creativity. Rubber cement and watercolor paints can create “Watercolor Resist Spider Webs.” First, use rubber cement to draw a web shape on paper and let it air dry. Your child will be able to observe how the rubber cement resists paint when they paint over it, resulting in a lovely and not-at-all-ominous spider web.

Two kids and their parents are sitting outside. The two kids’ homemade ghost decorations are created from milk jugs that have been emptied.

Don’t like bugs? The “Glowing Ghost Jugs” are worth a try! You only need recycled plastic milk jugs and permanent markers to create amazing phantoms to light up your Halloween evening. Sketch ghost faces on clean milk jugs and inserts a tea light or glow stick into each one to create them. Put them inside your house to give it a spooky glow on Halloween night, or use them to illuminate your driveway or walkway for trick-or-treaters.

 Both English and Spanish are accessible for the instructions. On the PBS KIDS for Parents website, you may find more ideas for Halloween entertainment, such as a list of “Monstrously Good Books for Kids” and directions for making “Secret Message Pumpkins.”

Kids’ Halloween Games

Game of Ghostly Cup Stacking

Halloween party games Stack the Ghosts NOW, ORGANIZE YOUR STUFF

Here is a ridiculously entertaining game for kids of all ages! See how many of these eerie plastic cups they can knock over with a ball by stacking them up after you’ve effortlessly made them with a black Sharpie.

Face the Boo

Pin the boo Halloween party activities BRANDY’S GLAD 

Check out this variation of the traditional game that adds a frightening twist. Play the game “Donkey Tail.” The person whose “boo” sign is pinned closest to the ghost’s mouth wins!

Christmas Word Search

spooky party games Christmas word search MAMA ARTSY-FARTSY

At your large Halloween party, use this free printable as a simple method to keep lots of kids entertained. It will surprise them how many eerie words they can find!

games for a Halloween party throwing eyes BRANDY’S GLAD HOUSE

Any game that involves (fake) eyeballs is just so eerie! For this one, arrange a board with plastic cups with Halloween-themed designs and ask the children to try to fit the plastic eyes inside the cups.

Ring for a witch Toss

spooky party games ring toss in a witch hat ON occasion, creative

In this spellbinding game, players must throw as many rings as they can onto, you guessed it, witch hats! Black witch hats, rings, and a piece of cardboard are all you’ll need to set up the game.

Halloween party games with categories for Halloween ARTSY-FARTSY MAMA

Do you enjoy playing Categories with your family? Then, with this version jam-packed with lots of fun, your kids will have the best time. Halloween-themed questions

skeleton Halloween party games with bones dig for skeletal bones KIDS-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES

Digging for skeleton bones seems like such a creepy way to celebrate Halloween to us! Place the bones inside a storage container or plastic pool filled with packing peanuts. Before the timer goes off, the children assemble the bones and the skeleton.

Pumpkin Catapult THERE IS ONLY ONE MOM

The most enjoyable DIY Halloween party activity, 

You’ll adore this fascinating game that doubles as a fun STEM project if you’re a parent constantly looking for educational possibilities. Give the youngsters craft sticks, rubber bands, and bottle caps to make catapults with. They’ll have a great time launching their candy pumpkins into the bucket using it! Just remember to keep some for later!

the most enjoyable homemade Halloween party games Count the Candy Corn DESIGNS FOR A SWEET BERRY

The question of how many bits is in the jar is even more contentious than the issue of candy corn itself. Put the sweet treat in a jar for this simple game, then start counting. I’m hoping the winner will split!

Halloween fun with PBS KIDS

Halloween party games like “Shoot the Skeleton” are available at BRANDY’S HAPPY HOME. Who’s up for some jaw-dropping fun? When you engage in this game, it is almost a given. All you have to do is use hot glue to attach miniature skeletons to a foam board and then give your kids little squirt guns to use as targets.

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