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Hi guys! Kit, the kids’ money software is created by Commonwealth Bank. It has taken a risk by incorporating gamified learning. Presenting you engaging bite-sized educational experiences. This move aims to equip young people with crucial financial literacy.

These adventures will first concentrate on making wise goals. It will spot frauds with more thrilling tasks on the horizon.

Currently, Kit is introducing “Kit Money Quests,” an exciting component of the Kit app. This feature encourages kids to go on an exciting adventure. It will be in a universe inspired by quantum computing. Kids will engage in missions and play minigames in this digital world. It is created to teach them important financial concepts.

Launch of Kit Money Quests in the Kit App

“Kit Money Quests,” a cutting-edge update to the Kit app, went live today. With the help of this feature, young people can go on an exciting quest. Of course, the motivation is quantum computing. Kids will engage in quests and play minigames. It will be in this digital world that teaches children important financial concepts. It will be laying the groundwork for a huge improvement in financial literacy.

Impact measurement: How Kit improves financial capability

Find out how Kit’s 16-month trial phase has already had a substantial influence. Especially on kids’ financial capabilities. Learn more about the measures and modifications in financial behaviour. It shows how well it helps young Australians become successful. That too in the financial world.

A Fun Approach to Financial Learning: Yish Koh’s Vision

The Managing Director of Kit Yish Koh stated his enthusiasm for this great program!

“We’re taking financial education for young Australians to the next level. Although our efforts over the previous sixteen months have been fruitful! We acknowledge that gamification can also make learning more fun. We believe that Kit could benefit greatly from including this feature.

Tasks from the Real World and Authentic Learning Opportunities

Kit Money Quests provides minigames. Prods encourage kids to finish practical financial activities. such as establishing savings goals. It introduces learners to real world learning opportunities. These opportunities include recognizing phishing emails and texts.

Empowering the Next Generation for Financial Success is Kit’s mission

Kit’s main goal is to equip young Australians with the skills and information. That information is necessary to successfully negotiate the intricacies of personal finance. The game “Kit Money Quests” is a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

Kit Money Quest’s Ultimate Creators

Kit put together an internal game design team. It was composed of Wendy Allott, a specialized learning designer, and Jesse Perry. He is the game director, to produce Kit Money Quests. They also collaborated with the Australian game and app developer Chaos Theory.

The learning program that forms the foundation of the Kit app was created by Wendy Allott. She is a former secondary school teacher and children’s book author. She is in charge of developing kid-friendly content for upcoming quizzes. Also nudges, and minigames in the Money Quest series.

Jesse Perry has expertise in creating video games. He focuses on creating engaging educational activities. It encourages youngsters to want to learn more. He ensures that each adventure finds the correct balance between difficulty and reward. He strives to smoothly integrate Kit’s characters and plot with interesting quest mechanisms.

The “Kit Money Quests” gamified financial world is entertaining

“Kit Money Quests’ ‘ presents a novel method for teaching kids about money. This feature uses gamification to transform financial education into a fun adventure. It is replete with objectives, difficulties, and insightful lessons.

Unique design in-game avatars

Children may now design unique in-game avatars to represent themselves in the Kit universe. As players finish tasks, more unique assets will become available, bringing the total to around 70. These include apparel, costumes, facial traits, accessories, and assistive equipment.

Take part in the Financial Adventure: Now Available: Kit App and Kit Money Quests

Don’t pass up the chance to travel the financial world with Kit. Downloadable versions of the Kit app and “Kit Money Quests” are also accessible. Be ready to equip! A message to Young Australians with crucial money management abilities.

Financial Literacy Gamification: Kit’s Playful Approach

Starting with the introduction of “Kit Money Quests. Kit, the pioneering kids’ is a money app from the Commonwealth Bank. It is redefining financial education through a fun lens. This innovative strategy attempts to turn financial education into a fun trip. A surprise for young Australians.

Impact on Financial Capability Measured

Kit operates within x15 ventures CommBank’s venture scaling arm. He finished a sixteen-month test phase and will be revealed in May 2022. Tens of thousands of users tested the Kit app during this period. They showed an impressive 3–14% increase in children’s financial aptitude. Interesting thing is it was after just eight months of use.

Australian youth empowerment for the future

Kit’s in-app environment is a useful tool for empowering young Australians. It is done with the abilities they need to make educated decisions. They ensure their financial well-being. It is done at a time when such decisions carry more weight than ever before.

The path to becoming a confident money manager starts with Kit’s new in-app universe. It’s an exciting step toward a time when learning about finances won’t be a chore. It would be rather an adventure that prepares kids for a lifetime of financial success.

Kit Membership is Free for Eligible CommBank Customers Yellow Clients

An offer that waives the Kit membership charge will soon be available. It will be to qualified CommBank Yello clients. We’ll soon release all the information on this deal.

Improving the financial capability of young people in Australia is no small task. It’s a mission that has united Kit x15 and CommBank from the beginning,” said Toby NortonSmith. He is the Managing Director of x15 ventures. Kit is one step closer to realizing that goal where the next generation is better prepared. To navigate their financial future with the launch of Money Quests today.

Before October 31, 2023, new customers who sign up with Kit will receive a free membership till 2024. After that date (beginning November 1), new users will still get a 30-day free trial. Terms and limitations, as well as more fees, are present.

Download On Apple and Android smartphones, the Kit app and Kit Money Quests right now.

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