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If you need a bite to eat while doing grinds, stop at a rest stop on a long car trip, or want to give your child a special treat, Happy Meals from McDonald’s are an easy and convenient solution. But before you purchase, you should find out what happy meal toys are included in McDonald’s.

Many of us have great childhood memories of going to McDonald’s, and over the years, the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain has launched some of the best toys for keeping youngsters entertained while eating. 

These toys range from Disney characters and Frozen toys to Minions and Furbys, and they even have Frozen toys. Because they are only available for a limited time and are frequently collectible, the toys that come with Happy Meal can sometimes be valuable.

The Happy Lunch at McDonald’s is a delectable lunch for kids that comes with cool toys and a wide variety of games that are amusing in their unique ways. When you get a Happy Meal, you get a toy belonging to several collections.

What is the Current Happy Meal Toy Uk
What is the Current Happy Meal Toy Uk

By reading this article, discover which toys became popular at McDonald’s uk in 2023. Because McDonald’s is concerned about the environment, all of the components used in the production of the toys are created from natural resources and can be recycled.

Current Happy Meal Toy UK 2023

In 2023, the McDonald’s Nintendo Super Mario Bros Movie Happy Meal toys will be the ones that are included in the Happy Meals sold in the United Kingdom by McDonald’s. 

Current Happy Meal Toy UK 2023

There are a total of twelve different collectible toys included in the full collection, and they are as follows: Mario Kart, Princess Peach, Princess Peach Bike, Luigi, Mario & Luigi Van, Toad, Donkey Kong Kart, Bowser, Cranky Kong Kart, Donkey Kong, Toad Kart, and Mario.

Toys from various limited-edition Hasbro Gaming sets will be included in Happy Meals sold in the United Kingdom by McDonald’s in 2023.

 The five different toys that are up for grabs as part of this offer take their design cues from well-known classics from the Hasbro Gaming catalog, such as Jenga, Connect 4, and Guess Who? Hasbro Gaming is now available, for the first time, in a paper or card format and requires construction, making these compact versions ideal for bringing along on summer days out and playing anywhere.

Customers of McDonald’s can collect Jenga, Twister, and Connect 4 for enjoyable family moments – whether it’s a game while eating your Happy Meal or a fight to take home. 

They can also play the ultimate game of Guess Who? or uncover the mystery in Cluedo Junior. In addition, customers can play the ultimate game of Guess Who?

You can get a book instead of a toy with your Happy Meal if you don’t want the toy, and you can select from two biographies about remarkable people who have achieved a great deal of success in their respective fields:

I Have What It Takes to Be a Champion

Your youngster will be able to learn about the lives of famous athletes such as Bruce Lee. The famous martial artist and Hollywood film star Billie Jean King is a famous tennis player. Who has devoted her life to breaking barriers both on and off the tennis court, and Jesse Owens, a famous track and field athlete.

I can Be an Inventive Designer

 Your child will meet the lively (and accidental) fashion star Iris Apfel and discover the enlightening true story of Zaha Hadid,cThe visionary Iraqi-British architect; the child will also learn about the life of Frida Kahlo, the world-renowned painter; and they will learn about the life of Frida Kahlo.

The books are part of McDonald’s goal to boost children’s reading, in which the quick-service restaurant business has teamed with Little People Big Dreams, the best-selling biography series for children written by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, and will continue to do so until the year 2023. 

Children can learn about remarkable individuals’ lives, ranging from artists and designers to scientists and activists, through a book series.

What Happy Meals are there in the UK

Current happy meal toy uk 2023
What Happy Meals are there in the UK

Five options are available for the main course in happy meals sold in the UK: A hamburger or a cheeseburger, some McNuggets, some fish fingers, or some vegetarian dippers. In addition, a beverage and a side dish of your choosing (fries, cucumber sticks, or a melon fruit bag) are included with each meal.

  • Cheeseburger Happy Meal

Yogurt tube, 1% Partially Skimmed Milk in a 250-milliliter container, Cheeseburger with Small (Small) Order of World Famous Fries

  • 660 calories

It should come as no surprise that this is a customer favorite given that it is constructed with a patty made of beef sourced entirely from Canada, pickles, onions, and a piece of melted processed cheddar cheese, all of which are sandwiched between two freshly toasted buns. You can order it with apple slices or mini or tiny fries, as well as yogurt and a small or child-size drink (as appropriate).

  • Happy Meal with Six Pieces of Chicken McNuggets

Apple slices, 1% low-fat milk in a jug, Chicken McNuggets (6 pieces), World Famous Fries (Kids) 475 Cal.

If you order a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, you will receive a kid-sized portion of their World Famous Fries, six tender Chicken McNuggets prepared with white flesh and a side of apple slices. Some beverages designed specifically for children are 1% Low Fat Milk Jug, Reduced Sugar, Low Fat Chocolate Milk Jug, DASANI Water, or Honest Kids Appley Ever After Organic Juice Drink. 

Every Happy Meal a child orders from McDonald’s receives a free toy! A Happy Meal consisting of six Chicken McNuggets, 1% milk, apple slices, and kids’ fries from McDonald’s contains 475 calories. 

Three individual fish fingers.

651 kJ | 155 kcal651 kJ 155 kcal

These fileted fish fingers may be made with hoki or pollock, featuring a light and crispy coating. They are tender and proof that good things come in threes.

  • Happy Meal with a Vegetarian Option

Whether or whether you consume meat, it sounds like a pretty damn tasty way to spend your time. It comes with ketchup, lettuce, and tomato on the side, as well as a soft tortilla that has been toasted, which is then wrapped around some crispy red pesto goujons.

Fish Fingers (3 pieces)

651 kJ | 155 kcal651 kJ 155 kcal

With their light, crispy coating, these tender, fileted Hoki or Pollock fish fingers are proof that good things come in threes.

  • Vegetarian Happy Meal

Whether or not you eat meat, it sounds pretty damn delicious. It comes with a soft, toasted tortilla wrapped around some crispy red pesto goujons alongside ketchup, lettuce, and tomato.

Is the UK doing Happy Meals for adults

An explosive revelation made by McDonald’s has left adults in the United Kingdom “unable to sleep at night.” 

The announcement that the fast-food giant would begin selling adult versions of the Happy Meal inspired newfound optimism. On the other hand, McDonald’s has stated that this will only be available in the United States. 

Burger lovers in the UK have been informed that there are currently no plans to provide adult versions of the Happy Meal.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s informed the Manchester Evening News that the company had “no plans to roll this out in the UK,” even though the adult Happy Meal has been popular in the United States. 

Many of the company’s adult clients were taken aback by the announcement and resorted to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with it.

Bad news for people living in the UK: adult Happy Meals are only available as part of a limited promotion in the United States, where they can be purchased at participating restaurants, drive-thrus, and delivery locations. 

This indicates no method to acquire an adult Happy Meal in the United Kingdom. Sob. People are more relaxed with the news, as you might assume they would be.

Happy meal menu

When you choose from the Happy Meal menu, your child can enjoy a convenient meal that includes selections such as Hamburger Chicken McNuggets, complete with kids’ fries, apple slices, and their choice of beverage, in addition to a Happy Meal toy.

Various options for children’s beverages

• 1% Low Fat Milk Jug, reduced sugar 

• chocolate milk, 

• DASANI® Water or Honest Kids

• Appley Ever After 

• Organic Juice Drink.

The adult version of the Happy Meal comes with a Big Mac, ten pieces of chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink. You’ll also receive a collectible toy in Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie or Cactus Buddy, depending on your chosen character. Getting a hamburger, cheeseburger, or chicken nugget is as simple as purchasing a Happy Meal and selecting from the menu.

McDonald’s came up with the concept of happy meals for children, which were designed to appeal not only to children but also to adults. It is impossible to find an experience that can compare to the thrill of opening a red box to find a surprise gift inside, in addition to the smells of freshly cooked burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries.

How often do Happy Meal toys change

Each new Happy Meal toy release typically changes  approximately every one month. Throughout the month, children will each get a unique toy related to the topic above. To be eligible to purchase an additional toy during the same transaction, a customer must first purchase one or more Happy Meals. Regardless of the number of Happy Meals purchased, customers can only purchase one other toy during each transaction.

After the Happy Meal promotional period has ended, McDonald’s can choose from various alternative options for what to do with the toys that come with the Happy Meal. Occasionally, a particular toy will be particularly popular, and when this occurs, the toys in question will be relatively small. Here is when the other toys come in handy. 

Also, every year, typically during January, McDonald’s has a period of about a week or two during which they dump all of their old toys by simply giving them out instead of a national happy meal toy for those two weeks. This is done to save money. This occurs nationwide, and if you do not have any to distribute, you can order some of the additional copies that the distribution center may have in stock.

What was the first Happy Meal Toy

The very first Happy Meal toy  was produced in collaboration with Star Trek. McDonald’s collaborated with Star Trek for the first Happy Meal, released in 1979. A snap-on ring, glittering iron-on patches, a Star Trek board game, and a Star Trek video communicator were included in the toy set.

Including toys in these kid’s meals has been the key to the Happy Meal’s long-term popularity, even though other fast food restaurants have tried over the years to match the Happy Meal’s level of commercial success.

Some of the Happy Meal toys that stand out as particularly noteworthy are the McDonald’s Changeables. They were modeled after Transformers and included a variety of popular McDonald’s foods that could transform into different forms. 

 If you have some of them stashed away somewhere, now may be the time to retrieve them from the depths of the cabinet. The squishy, stuffed toys known as Squishmallows, which children adore, will be featured in Happy Meals at McDonald’s locations across the United States beginning in the latter half of 2023.

How many different Happy Meal toys are there

The Happy Meal Toys from McDonald’s and the year they were released are listed below.

  • 1983 – Barbies & Hot Wheels Ghostbusters came out 
  • 1984.1985 – The release of My Little Pony
  • 1986: Boo Buckets, McRobots Transformers debuted 
  • 1987.1987: Muppets, Disney, Inc. from 1987 
  • 19911988: Nugget Buddies,1990: Mario, Dino Changeables was released
  •  1991.1992: Batman, 1994’s Happy Birthday Train
  • 1996’s Space Jam
  • 1998 – 1999: Teenie Beanie Babies
  • 1999: Furbies, Sonic Sega Handhelds
  •  2003, Build-a-Bear
  •  in 2006 and then 2007, American Idol debuted.
  • 2009: Kidz Bop CDs
  • 2011 – 2012: Pokémon,2012: SpongeBob Squarepants
  • 2015: Year of the Minion,
  • 2016: Emojis
  • 2019 will bring us Hello Kitty,
  • 2021 will bring us Sing 2
  • 2023 will provide The Little Mermaid.

Is there a bigger Happy Meal

Yes! This is a bigger happy meal lunch for children called a mighty kids meal. Children between the ages of eight and ten, who have outgrown the colorful, kiddie-style packaging and lesser amounts that Happy Meals provide, are the target demographic for the Mighty Kids Meal.

In the new bigger happy meal, larger portion size, a toy is included. The size of the hamburger is doubled, and there are six pieces of chicken instead of four. There are fries and a soft drink included. The size of the drinks and beverages has also increased.

bigger Happy Meal
Bigger Happy Meal


Because they are only available for a limited time and are frequently collectible, some of the Happy Meal toys go on to become worth a significant amount of money. Some of the best toys for keeping kids entertained while eating, from Minions and Furbys to Disney characters and Frozen toys. 

Many have fond childhood memories of going to McDonald’s as kids. It is all about what will make your child happy, and the toys with the Happy Meal will continue to evolve. Your children will experience unending joy if they consume McDonald’s Happy Meals and play with the associated toys; you should not stop purchasing these items for them.

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