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It’s only sometimes simple to think of new and inventive ideas for enjoyable activities that keep kids involved, delighted, and learning, whether you’re a teacher or a parent. We are all aware that staying occupied all year can be challenging, particularly when dealing with elementary pupils who are full of energy. 

Include sports, entertaining games, and crafts in your 7 year old dull existence. Give your daughter the respect she deserves, and enjoy your time together. Girls begin playing as soon as they are born. They discover themselves and their surroundings through play. It is how they learn and practice the physical, mental, and social abilities necessary for life.

Fun Things To Do With 7 Year Old Daughter

Your daughter’s toys and playthings should be chosen based on her age or developmental stage. This post will suggest enjoyable activities that your 7 year old daughter will like.

Weeding the garden with your 7 year old daughter

It will encourage your daughter’s natural interest in gardening and small green thumbs to have her little plot to grow vegetables as part of your vegetable garden ideas or perhaps plant a gorgeous flower pot as a lesson in container gardening.

When gardening with her, make sure her plot has healthy soil and is in a sunny location so she succeeds. If she tries and fails, she will quickly lose interest. Your 7-year-old may not care for their garden section, but they will enjoy working alongside you on a unique plant in a container or a tiny area.

Role-play with your daughter

Role play fosters the development of critical abilities like communication, creativity, and problem-solving that are necessary for a child’s growth. These abilities are acquired through utilizing imagination to act out real-world situations that kids have seen from their parents and friends.

At the age of seven, daughters typically are excellent observers. You will enjoy yourself while learning more about her thoughts through this activity. When play improves your body and mind, it is always helpful.

Spend time at a spa with your 7 year old daughter.

At least once, every mother and daughter should be treated like royalty. It will be a day to remember with a relaxing mask, manicure, pedicure, and a glass of cool cucumber water. The opportunity to spend time with your daughter is the nicest part of a mother-daughter spa day.

So put away your phones, switch off the TV, and spend time together just talking. A spa day with your daughter is an event that neither of you will quickly forget, whether she is six years old, 16 years old, or 26 years old.

Make a cake or cook something

You’ve probably occasionally asked your daughter for vegetable peeling or cookie-baking assistance. Try making a whole cake or cook a four-course meal. Baking is wonderful for keeping the brain active. 

Since it requires weighing and measuring, which can help jog memories, stimulate the senses, increase appetite (which can promote a healthier connection with food), and enhance appetite.

Keep recipes straightforward and foster the development of fundamental skills like mixing, spreading, peeling, grating, and chopping (Note: Children under the age of 7 should always be supervised).

Schedule regular mother-daughter outings

There is no need to wait for a particular occasion to spend time with your daughter, whether over lunch, an outing through the park, or a trip to the neighborhood museum.

All of these types of daddy-daughter dates, daddy-son, mommy-son, and mommy-daughter are enjoyable. And while it may sound like a mouthful, what it means is that you have many wonderful opportunities to make a significant contribution to your child’s life with a specific date. Early child training is greatly aided by taking your daughter out on dates. 

Starting parent-child dates with your daughter in infancy is ideal. It is time well spent for both parent and kid to take your daughter out on a date. On the way ask her how she is feeling what she will be doing after getting to destination . you would never miss that excitement out.

Have  dance parties

There are many useful parenting advantages to having dance parties with your daughter, which is another reason you should do so as frequently as you can.

• Music uplifts everyone.

• Music inspires us to complete tasks.

• Music makes me laugh, relax, and enjoy myself. Dance parties give us something to speak about later, strengthening the shared experience among family members. 

Walk across nature with your 7 year old daughter

Kids have numerous advantages when they choose to spend time in nature instead of indoors. Even something as easy as playing in their backyard can help their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Spending time outside keeps your 7-year-old daughter active and engaged, which lowers stress and exhaustion while enhancing physical well-being. It also fosters imagination and creativity by enabling kids to engage with nature in original ways freely.

Visit the store with your daughter

For both of you, spending the day with your daughter may be enjoyable and educational. You might be as excited to get in the car and start driving as your daughter is to go shopping since it seems fun. 

To guarantee that you obtain the clothes you want and aren’t forced to settle for whatever you have a chance to discover, I suggest having a strategy in preparation for this particular circumstance. Naturally, it also implies that you’ll be more likely to obtain the desired pricing.

Shopping with your 7-year-old daughter alone is more than simply a chance to spend time together. It gives you a chance to share some important lessons that could make the difference between raising a smart consumer and one prone to being taken advantage of.

Playing phonic games

Together, playing phonic games complete word searches, and then create your own. To concentrate on fusing letter sounds to create words:

  1. Play word/spelling games like Junior Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Boggle.
  2. Using a word from the weekly spelling list, write it out.
  3. Ask your daughter to assemble it once you’ve cut it up.

Your daughter will be encouraged to experiment and be reassured about making mistakes with a well-designed game. It is thought that learning to take risks is advantageous to learning. Children who play video games are encouraged to take chances to advance.

Game boards

Go to the number of squares on the dice after rolling it. When you land on it, you ascend up a ladder to get closer to the top. You have to incline a waterfall after landing on it. The winner is the first to reach the summit. As they move along the board, this enables your kids to learn their numbers and to count.

Early learning opportunities are provided through board games. They also stimulate the minds of older youngsters. They improve their linguistic abilities. They make your child more focused. They impart the value of cooperation. Playing board games can replace taking a break. Playing board games calms nerves. They teach young people how to be good losers.

Attend high tea

Get your pinkies up and look for a stylish hat. Every mother and daughter ought to experience high tea at least once.

It symbolizes quality time spent with loved ones in charming tea rooms while indulging in luxurious food and fascinating conversation. It’s an opportunity to unwind or celebrate a significant milestone with your daughter.

Attend a formal dinner

Schedule a dinner date with your daughter at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit. They can discover how to make healthy decisions. Most family-friendly eateries provide the same five meals on their “kids’ menu.” 

The feeling of boredom develops very quickly. Also, it is not advised to consume the same five meals each and every day. The majority of the upscale restaurants that we’ve tried have menus with healthier options, and many also give children the option to pick and choose which foods they want to mix.

Play water fight

Purchase some water pistols and balloons, then spend the day getting soaked. Water fight improves communication between parents and children, helps kids learn to set boundaries, and deals with violence.

 For children of all ages, playing in the water offers the chance to improve their fine and gross motor abilities. Pouring, cleaning, squirting, stirring, and squeezing are all crucial activities that improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

Children often become engrossed in their play with water and lose track of time, exploring and having fun with it for extended periods. This helps children concentrate, and any activity that keeps a child’s interest for an extended time will gradually help them develop a longer attention span.

Plan a high-quality photo shoot

We all enjoy a good selfie; most mothers have hundreds of pictures of their daughters. But hiring a professional photographer to take long-lasting memories is a gift you’ll treasure for years. We adore photoshoot, a business that connects consumers who want their photos taken with nearby photographers.

What are some good questions to make of a 7-year-old

Here are some thought-provoking questions for you to ask your daughter, who is now 7 years old.

  • What skills do you possess that you could impart to others?
  • What sound, if any, would you like to be?
  • What has ever happened to you that you find the funniest?
  • What do you envision the future of your life to be like?
  • What has been the best thing to ever happen to you?

What can I do to strengthen my bond with my 7-year-old daughter

Make eye contact with your daughter, flash them a warm smile and offer heartfelt welcomes to encourage open dialogue. Use the phrase “I love you” quite frequently. Put in place certain restrictions, standards, and approvals. Sense and take in the world. Have fun together. Maintain a state of being open and availability. Eat your meals together as a group. Create traditions for both the parents and the daughter.

How does one prove love to a 7-year-old daughter

When you make a mistake, apologize. Tell your 7 years old daughter a tale from your youth. Listen to them carefully. Go for a 1:1 lap of the block. When speaking to them, look them in the eye. Join in on the fun. Tidy up their room. 

Your 7-year-old daughter may notice more labels, announcements, posters, newspaper headlines, TV commercials, etc. Use this new reading opportunity to its fullest, then! This further emphasizes the significance of reading proficiency.

Try entertaining math games and activities with your child to help them develop their numeracy skills, gain confidence, and reinforce what they are learning in class. Inquire about their day’s highs and lows.

How can I raise my 7-year-old daughter well

Learn as much as you can about her peers and her friends’ parents. The best kind of supervision is active, present supervision. When your daughters tell you about their day, especially when they mention faults or failures, refrain from passing judgment.

Use consistent time restrictions for TV, computers, and video games. Make sure screen use doesn’t interfere with family time, physical play, or getting enough sleep. Encourage them to create a structure and routine for their housework and academic responsibilities. Continue to read to your 7-year-old and ask them to read aloud to you.

What does a mother need from her daughter

A sense of comfort, aid, and closeness all at the same time. It should not come as a surprise that daughters who indicate that their relationship with their mother is generally favorable and believe that these traits define the nature of their relationship with their mother.

Things To Do With 7 Year Old Daughter


A happy childhood can be had at any time. Take note of your 7-year-old daughter’s intense concentration and how she runs non stop while playing. Observe how they lose sight of potential issues almost as if they have granted themselves permission to be free, and they demonstrate this by losing themselves entirely in their play. 

You don’t have to give up being an adult to be like a baby. A successful parent of a 7 year old daughter can function as both an adult and a child at the same time. Renew the youthful emotions of wide-eyed astonishment, spontaneous admiration, loosening up, awe and wonder at this amazing universe. After reading it all, I hope you enjoy spending much time with your cute little daughter.

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