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Babies are cute, but it’s always more fun to play with them if they like being around you. Any baby will like you if you pay attention, play with them, and share toys, information, or food. A warm, gentle touch makes your new baby feel safe and strengthens your bond with them.

 You can also get closer to your baby by doing things with them, like giving them something to look at, listen to, and touch. This brings the brain of your baby going and helps it grow. Babies have a big and scary trip when they are born until they become a grown up kid.

how to make babies like you
How To Make Babies like You

At first, they don’t know you’re there to feed and care for them. They only know if they feel safe and at ease or if they don’t. But from birth, they can talk and tell you when they are tired, hungry, or awake and alert. They’re always learning, and it’s the parent’s job to show them that the world is a safe place where their needs will be met.

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Here Are Some Tips To Bond With Babies

  • Give them what they need. The first and most important step to getting a baby to trust you and like you, is to meet their basic wants. This means making sure they have enough to eat, are clean, and get enough rest. If the baby you spend time with is in a bad mood, try feeding them, changing their diapers, or rocking them to sleep.
  • Speak with them. Babies love it when people talk around them. You can talk about whatever you want. Tell them about your life, read them a story, or talk about what’s happening around you. The baby is very calm at the sound of your voice. 
  • Give them your full attention. Being around a baby can be dull. It might be tempting to look at your phone, watch TV, or do something else while you’re with the baby. But if you can give the baby your full attention, even for a short time, it will respond and learn to like you.
  • Instead of always giving them half your attention, it’s better to give them your full attention sometimes. Then, you can let someone else care for the baby while doing something else.
  • If your baby starts to give you eye contact, talk to them, smile at them, or even sing to them. This makes your baby pay more attention to you; they will remember and use these exchanges as they grow up. Eventually, they will like you and fall in love with you.

7 Ways Babies Show Their Love to Parents

Did you know that up to 75% of what your baby eats goes toward building his or her brain? Or that your baby’s brain is more than 80% done growing by the time they are 3.

7 Ways Babies Show Their Love to Parents

 With every hug, kiss, healthy meal, and game you play with your baby, you are helping to build their brain. Here are some tips for parents to make their babies like them and get the best possible start in life and become your biggest fan:

• Give your baby ways to see, hear, move around, and reach out to you. Your baby’s arms and legs should move in different ways from one another. Your baby will slowly learn to control how she moves.

• When your baby smiles, look into his eyes and smile back. You should see that your baby responds well to how you move your face and hands.

• Use soft tones and “baby talk” when you talk to your baby. The father and mother and other people caring for the baby should talk to it. You’ll know she can hear because she’ll soon start to remember and repeat what you say.

talking with your babies
Talking With Your babies

Change the sound of your voice gently. Please change it to be slower or faster, higher or lower, or quieter or louder. You should watch your baby’s face and body for signs of how he feels and responds to you.

Put your baby on her stomach and shake a rattle or bell before her. Lift the rattle slowly and encourage her to lift her head and shoulders to watch it move. Your baby can use her eyes to follow the rattle and practice lifting her head and limbs this way.

Calm, stroke, and hold your child gently. You’ll be able to comfort your baby and see how happy it is to be held and hugged.

Touch each other on the skin. Your baby should feel calm and safe when they see, hear, and smell you.

How can I show love to make babies like me

make your baby physically safe
Make Your Baby Physically Safe

The way to your baby’s heart is through love and care. When you’re with them, be on their level. Please don’t get mad at them. adore them like they are the apple of your eye, be their safe place, and hug them all the time. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.  

Inhale their scent

No one has yet found a way to bottle baby smell, but since the good stuff is right in front of you, smell away. You’ll find that your baby’s smell is more seductive than that of any other baby.

Play with clothes

Let’s face it: every time you see your baby in a new outfit, your heart melts a little, right? No one will think less of you if you put on a fashion show for babies just for yourself

Look at yourselves in the mirror

Your baby might not understand yet what it means to see themselves in a mirror, but that’s fine. Babies like to look at people’s faces, which is a great way to get close to their own.

Hear their hearts beat

Remember how excited you were during sonograms when you heard that sweet sound? Now you can listen to it whenever you want.

Get some rest when your baby does

Do not, we repeat, do not feel bad about going to bed at 7 o’clock. Your baby will benefit most from you getting enough sleep because a happy parent is a healthy parent.

What playtime can make my babies like me

Playtime is the best time when you can build a strong bond with your baby and will make them like you even more.

Here are some play ideas:

  • Simple things are best for babies, like singing, talking, tickling, cuddling, counting toes, and blowing bubbles. Babies also like nursery rhymes like “Round and Round the Garden” that they can touch. Sharing baby rhymes or old songs from your culture and language is also great.
  • Make funny looks smile, laugh, roll your eyes, or stick out your tongue. Your baby likes to play peekaboo and look at your face. Changing a baby’s diaper is a great time to play face-to-face.
Show love to your babies
  • Give your baby different things to touch, like soft toys, rattles, and cloth books with pages that have different textures. Your baby will learn more about the world as they feel other things.
  • Give your baby different things to look at, like the outside, the inside, other people, or different places.

How do babies choose who they like

Babies usually like their primary caretaker best. Most babies naturally like the parent who is their primary caretaker and who they depend on to meet their most basic needs. This is especially true after six months when the fear of separation starts.

What do babies like the most

Things that move, like wheels and open and close, are attractive to babies. Also, they like sticking their fingers through holes. During this time, babies also make a lot of progress with their speaking skills.

Do babies prefer their moms

Babies don’t show a strong preference or connection to their mothers until they are between 3 and 7 months old. The mother’s heartbeat and unique movements are imprinted on the baby’s brain at birth, making them feel extra safe and secure in her arms.

How do you know if a baby likes you

Babies know who you are when they like you. You can talk to them. Even for a split second, they smile. They look straight at you. They give you hugs and kisses. They put their arms in the air. They’ll start to move away, then run back.

Which type of people do babies like

Several studies done in the past have shown that babies seem to like people with better-looking faces based on normal ideas of beauty. A past study published in the journal Developmental Psychology found that babies as young as 2 or 3 months old liked faces that looked good.

And the study shows that babies like people who want the same foods, clothes, and toys as them. This choice helps us make friends but can also be a problem.


Liking your new baby is a crucial part of development. When your baby gets what they need from you for everything, like a smile, a touch, or a kiss, they feel like the world is a safe place to play, learn, and explore.

This sets the stage for growth and health for the rest of a child’s life. Your baby’s mind and body will also grow as they like things.

For example, your baby’s brain makes hormones when you repeatedly touch, cuddle, talk, sing, and look into each other’s eyes. The brain of your baby grows because of these hormones. As your baby’s brain develops, it starts to learn how to remember, think, and talk.

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