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Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace PlaysetReview

Inspired by the hit Disney film Frozen this 2 in 1 expandable playset allows your child to re-create the escapades of the sisters Anna and Elsa the two main characters in the movie. The playset opens up to two gorgeous settings; the remarkable mansion in Arendelle that is Annas home and the grand ice palace Elsa makes up high in the mountains.

Features and Details of Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset

Anna’s half of the playset is an impeccable place for her to call home, take the cheerful staircase upstairs where she can get ready at her vanity, that is complete with her chair and bottle of perfume.

Downstairs she has a kitchen that features a stovetop that changes into a tabletop where she can revel in a tasty treat, or she can relax by the fire on her comfy chaise and her pink pillow.

On Elsa’s half you will find an enormous room with a luminous blue icy throne, with a special place for her to rest her staff. Elsa too has a vanity of her own to stay beautiful, which also turns into a bed with a gorgeous printed blanket.

If you flip the playset around you will find a magnificent snowy mountain with a slide for the sisters to go for a ride.

The castle comes with more than 10 accessories from the film, including Olaf the snowman figurine; however Anna and Elsa dolls are sold separately. The Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset is intended for children 36 months to 8 years old and does not require any batteries.

Why you will love this toy

If you have an Anna, Elsa, or just a Frozen lover in your home they are sure to love this playset. They will be able to use their imagination to create their own story or recreate the one from the movie.

The dolls will have to be purchased separately and it is made for Barbie sized dolls, but smaller ones will work as well.


It should be said that this toy does require assembly of small pieces and stickers as well. It should be kept away from small children due the choking hazard of the small pieces.

Some parents found it to be nuisance to put together because of all the pieces and stickers, but most didn’t seem to mind the assembly. It is best that it stays in one place one place once assembled because it is large and not easy to move around.

Final Thoughts

If your child is addicted to Elsa and Anna the Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset is perfect for them. It includes both Elsa and Anna’s sides of the castle making it great no matter which character is their favorite. It folds up nicely making cleaning up much easier. You are sure to make your little Frozen lover’s dreams come true with the Disney Frozen Castel & Ice Palace Playset, but don’t forget to purchase the dolls or they won’t be getting much use out of it at all.

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Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit

Give the lips a sweet treat by creating your own lip gloss by using this kind of Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Package. When this great ice cream vehicle rolls into town, you can decide on the cherry and vanilla flavors, add in glittery sprinkles and mix everything alongside the cherry spatula. Then, put the glossy concoction to the ice cream equipment and dispense it in to the sundae dish – just like soft-serve ice cream! Provide your lips a lip-smacking makeover and share with good friends with the included cups and Noms.

Product Highlights:

  • Create your own delicious lip gloss types with the cherry and vanilla flavours in this kind of Num Noms Lip Gloss Vehicle by MGA Entertainment
  • Add a feel of sparkle to the gloss with the included glitter sprinkles
  • Combine the gloss, flavour and glitter in the bottom to mix everything together
  • Place the gloss blend in the ice cream truck’s dispenser to deliver it in to the sundae dish like soft-serve ice cream
  • Go over your lip gloss with the three fun Noms to hold it fresh
  • Wheel the vehicle around or carry it by the cope with on the roof
  • Recommended for ages three years and up
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Lil Lockitz Memory Studio Review

The Lil Lockitz Memory Studio is a locket making craft kit that lets your child make their own original lockets, bracelets, and charms. It includes everything that they need to get started.


Discover perfect gift for the creative kid in your life, check out the rest of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio review.


Features and Details of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


What exactly are Lil Lockitz? They are reusable jewelry lockets that can be customized in dozens of ways with the included accessories. Take a look at the rest of the features to learn more:


  • Includes enough pieces to make 10 reusable Lockitz
  • A complete design studio with storage compartments, lights, and music
  • Includes custom charms, keychain clasps, necklaces, photo stencil, tweezers, and backgrounds
  • 121 pieces and accessories
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Intended for children 5 years of age and up


How does this toy work? Easy. Your child starts by filling the base of the locket with an element from the includes accessories. There are 10 different lockets to choose from along with a selection of backgrounds.


Next, your child gets to add their choice of charms and gems to tell their own story with a locket. This is the fun part. There are many different charms and gems to choose from. The top is then attached, to keep the charms and gems in place.


The locket can be attached to a keychain clasp, a necklace, or a bracelet, giving your child multiple options for wearing their own custom locket.


The Memory Studio stores all of these accessories and pieces. There are 11 covered compartments with room to organize and sort the charms and assorted pieces. The top of the studio even features 4 jewelry holders for displaying their 4 favorite lockets. With this single kit, your child can make 4 necklaces, 3 keychains, and 3 bracelets, for a total 10 different jewelry lockets.


There are 40 charms to choose from. This includes an assortment of small items, such as a popsicle, a guitar, sunglasses, flip-flops, and a paw print. Your child gets to choose the charms that represent the things that they love.


Along with 40 charms, there are 30 different gems and 16 backgrounds. There are literally thousands of ways to combine all of these pieces into various jewelry lockets.


Since some of the pieces are small, the studio also comes equipped with a pair of tweezers, a photo stencil, and instructions. The instructions are easy to follow, as the process is really simple. As mentioned, your child just needs to add a background, charms, and gems to a locket and then place the top on it to keep everything inside.


Advantages of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


Who is this toy designed for? Creative children that enjoy making their own items will absolutely love the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio. Kids that like craft projects, playing with small pieces, and designing things will be able to express their creativity with this fun little jewelry studio.


The Lil Lockitz Memory Studio does require a small amount of assembly. It does not take long to put the studio together. But, the individual pieces, such as the charms and gems, will need to be punched out.


The variety of charms and gems should keep your child entertained. The jewelry lockets are cute novelty items. The jewelry is not high-quality, but it is original, as you would expect from a simple craft kit like this.


One of the greatest advantages is that the jewelry lockets are reusable. The top of the locket can be removed and your child can create an entirely new locket. It is not a permanent design. They are free to mix and match the pieces in any way that they choose – as many times as they want.


The addition of lights and music is an interesting choice. This is the reason that the studio requires batteries. What this has to do with the jewelry making process is hard to guess, but it is a neat little addition.


Disadvantages of the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


Are there any disadvantages to the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio? Overall, nearly every parent has mentioned how much their child loves making their own original lockets. But, there are a few instances where people have claimed that the locket does not remain secure.


Before your child wears the locket out anywhere, you may want to double check the top to make sure that it is securely attached. This appears to be a rare issue, as an occasional manufacturing defect is inevitable with any toy.


The other issue is the size of the charms and gems. There are definitely small parts that could pose a choking hazard for small children. This is why the recommended age is listed as 5 years of age and up. This does not mean that a 4-year old will not love this toy, but you will probably want to supervise the creation of their jewelry lockets.


Also, you may need to help your child punch out the pieces. They come attached to a sheet of plastic. So, the setup of the studio and the sorting of the pieces may require supervision.


Final Thoughts on the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio


Is the Lil Lockitz Memory Studio worth buying? If your child loves crafts or enjoys plastic jewelry or charms, then this will be a hit. Most kids fall in love with the studio as soon as it is unwrapped.


Though, it is always hard to predict whether or not this will last for more than a few days. Luckily, there are thousands of ways to combine the charms, gems, and backgrounds.


If your child begins to get tired of using the same charms and gems over and over again, there is no reason why you could not use charms and small items from other sets or charms that you purchase separately. The studio contains enough storage space to add additional charms and pieces to their collection.


Overall, this is a decent toy that children of all ages enjoy, especially if they like crafty toys. The Lil Lockitz Memory Studio is a hassle-free jewelry kit with no mess.

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Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse Review

Is there a special little girl in your life who loves Barbie’s and horses? This is the doll for her! Barbie will swing up onto her favorite horse and ride away in one quick motion and when her horse really walks forward little girls will we wowed!

That Wow Moment

Has your child ever imagined leaping onto a horse and riding away spirited grace? Now they can recreate that moment over and over again with this Barbie doll and horse set that catches that wow moment for real.

Barbie doll will swing up onto the saddle with a child-activated device and then her horse will really walk on its own, after that it’s time for your child’s imagination to take charge.

How does Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse work?

It is pretty simple to get started, Barbie’s pink gloved hand fits into the decorative ribbon on the horse’s mane and with a push of the button on the horse’s brown your child will be amazed. Barbie will life herself up on the fixed pretty pink saddle and the horse will then walk on its own.

Barbie can play out of the saddle as well; to play with Barbie and her horse separately you can easily push the button on the horse’s ribbon to release Barbie’s hand.

Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Details

Barbie and her horse are absolutely pretty in pink; her horse’s reins match its pink saddle and have realistic buckle and stitching details. Barbie is dressed coolly in pink plastic pants that cannot be removed, a floral tunic with a ruffle, and a fashionable denim-like vest. She is also sporting tall brown riding boots and stylish pink helmet. She also comes with a horse brush that fits in her hand.

Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride is recommended for ages 36 months to 10 years, and should be kept away from children under 3 due to small parts and the choking hazard.

Are there any disadvantages?

Barbie’s horse does not walk well on carpet, so this toy is probably best played with on a hard surface, non-carpeted floors, or outside on a sidewalk. Barbie is made especially for the horse; she doesn’t stand normally and has hollow plastic legs.

Only one of Barbie’s legs is moveable and her arms only go in circles not out to the side, so she is not really interchangeable with other sets of clothing. There may be a minor delay when the button is pushed to make the horse walk, and the horse will only walk for about 8 seconds and then stops.

Final Thoughts

Little girls will love it, but parents should keep in mind that this is basically a one trick pony. Regardless Barbie and horse lovers will love this set that brings action to play with its totally amazing trick. These best friends are ready to trot into any adventure together and your child will love going on a horseback ride with this pair who really know how to ride!

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Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit Review

The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit includes everything that you will need to make your very own flavored lip gloss. You start by choosing your flavor, add sprinkles, then mix everything in the lip gloss ice cream machine. The result is custom flavored lip gloss.

If you are looking for an original gift for girls of any age, then learn more about the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit, as we review the top features.


What is the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit?


The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit is a fun toy that actually allows you or your kids to create something. It is designed to resemble an ice cream truck, complete with a miniature ice cream machine. Though, instead of making ice cream, you are going to be making lip gloss. You get everything that you need to get started, including:


  • 1 lip gloss base
  • 2 lip gloss flavors
  • 1 set of sprinkles
  • 1 cupcake making tool with a cherry spatula
  • 1 special edition scented Num – Cherry Scoop
  • 3 lip gloss container Noms
  • Lip gloss menu
  • Intended for ages 3 and up
  • The ice cream truck case holds all the ingredients and components

The process is simple, you start with the lip gloss base and then choose which flavor you want to use for the lip gloss. The ingredients are placed in the ice cream truck. You can then add sprinkles and mix everything together. The ice cream machine can then be used to dispense the ice cream lip gloss.


You can store the lip gloss that you have created in the 3 lip gloss containers that are provided. They are designed to resemble ice cream sundaes. Once the lip gloss is thoroughly mixed, you place it in the containers and allow it to set.


As the lip gloss sets, it begins to harden and should be ready for use within a couple of hours. If you find that the lip gloss does not harden as quickly as it should, then place it in the fridge or make sure that you have used enough of the lip gloss base.


If you need help figuring out how to combine the various ingredients and how much of each item to use in your lip gloss, you can check the lip gloss menu or look in the instruction manual. It really is easy to use.

What Do People Like About the Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit?


The main advantage of the Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit is the fact that you, or your children, get to experiment and make something out of nothing. This is always a fun activity, especially if your children like using lip gloss.


The design of the truck is cute and all of the little Num Noms and accessories match. Overall, it is a fun set that should provide hours of fun, until you run out of lip gloss ingredients.


So, what do you do when you run out of ingredients? You can find refills at most toy stores, as Num Noms are popular products. The top department stores often carry them as well. Though, you may have difficulty finding the refills online. This can be a slight disadvantage for those that are used to buying everything online.


While the refills may not be incredibly easy to find, they are available at local stores. This gives you or your children the option of purchasing new flavors in order to create new, interesting lip gloss flavors.


Along with the Num Noms containers, there is one special edition scented container. The scented container is slightly larger than the other containers, allowing more room for lip gloss.


As discussed, there are refills available for making more lip gloss. In addition to these refills, you can buy additional containers, including special scented containers. Once your child has enough of these containers, you could add a Num Noms compatible storage box.

Are There Any Disadvantages to the Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit?


There are no major disadvantages to the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit. Though, there are a few minor issues. The fact that the truck only comes with two flavors means that you are limited to the variety of lip gloss flavors that you can create.


You can either use one flavor or the other or combine them to make a mixture of the two. This gives you three options, which is rather limited. If you want to explore additional combinations, you will need to purchase extra refills.


The other issue is the size of the Num Noms containers. You only make a small amount of lip gloss at a time. Though, it does go a long way. Still, your children will likely waste some of the gloss attempting to get it all into the container. So, you should expect them to use up the included ingredients relatively quickly.


Final Thoughts on the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit


The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit is a fun craft toy that gives children the opportunity to mix their own lip gloss flavors. The only downside is that there are only two flavors available with the set, which limits your options. Other than this minor complaint, children that like to experiment and mix things together will get a lot of enjoyment out of this product.


The bottom line is that you get a small craft kit for making your own lip gloss. As a bonus, it is made to resemble a cute, little ice cream truck. All of the accessories are designed to fit the ice cream theme, including the small Num Noms containers that are used for storing the lip gloss.


If you know someone that likes crafty things, then the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft kit could be a great gift. The main thing to consider is whether or not they enjoy craft projects, lip gloss, or both. If so, the Lip Gloss Truck craft kit should provide hours of fun.


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Electric Scooters For Girls

[[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]] [[Amazon_Link_Text]]


There are great deals of electric scooter models out there today. And also because they are primarily produced for the benefit of those that are either handicapped or also old to walk around, certainly any person can use this piece of equipment– indeed, also little girl.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter4

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter4.8
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter - Grey4

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter - Teal3

Slick Revolution Slick Scooter Folding Electric Scooter. Lithium Ion Battery, 19mph and 21 mile range.4.8

Bluefin Kids' Cobra Self Balancing Scooter, White, 8-inch

Razor MOD "Chrissy" Electric Scooter (13+ Years)

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self Balancing Electric Scooter4.2
Feber 12 V Dareway3.5

Bluefin Kids' Cobra Self Balancing Scooter, Black, 8-inch

Electric scooter dimensions vary, however some could go as light as 22 extra pounds. Girls could quickly steer scooters like these without needing to ask for assistance. Therefore, if you fret about your youngster growing tired with walking to institution everyday, you can have her usage a small electrical mobility scooter. At the very least, it’s even more fashionable than going on a common bike.

Little kids will take pleasure in riding around in electrical mobility scooters since it gives them a feeling of freedom . Naturally, you ought to not allow your child to go too far without an adult in tow. But if it’s just for simple area journeys, definitely there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with your little woman operating an electrical mobility scooter.

An excellent brand would certainly be the Zip’r Wheelchair, whose heaviest model is just 29 pounds. Furthermore, it has a tiny basket infront for your little lady to position her points in, similar to the bike she uses to head to institution in the past. And if you’re worried regarding her riding home on dark weather, you could breathe easy because it’s likewise furnished with massive fronts lights.

Another is the Guardian, which has just 22 extra pounds as its heaviest model. Not only that, it likewise has 5 various seat modifications for better comfort.

so the next time your little woman commemorates her birthday celebration, why not gift her with a nice little electrical mobility scooter? Not just is secure and also functional, yet they are additionally stylish adequate to proudly flaunt to her pals.


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Molto 7150 Play Kitchen with Lights

This Molto Deluxe Kitchen with Lights is brightly coloured with fun and realistic features. Molto Deluxe Home with Lights comes fully built with two different take up areas. One area works extremely well for cooking and the other side is a breakfast bar utilized for eating and storing all the accessories. Hours of fun with Molto Deluxe Home with lighting which features an extractor admirer hood, oven, fridge, dual stove cooker and hotplate. Tidy up with the sink and washer.

Product Rating

Product Features:

  • Real working lights and a breakfast counter.
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 118L x 34.5W x 110H cm
  • Contents: Kitchen and 19 accessories.
  • Batteries Required: 3 x AAA (not included).


*** Really nice little kitchen, son loves it. Whenever we set it up we discovered that one of the lights wasn’t working but Smyths very kindly substituted it for all of us and the new you have proved helpful wonderfully. It’s a major kitchen for the purchase price and seems quite strong only down side is the breakfast bar movements when lent on and gets trapped out of shape

*** I purchased this for my granddaughter for Holiday she completely loves it, sturdy and lights up wonderful toy.

*** Very nice little kitchen for my 2 12 months old. Was somewhat concerned buying it as the assessments wasn’t great on assembling. But I set this together myself and really enjoyed it. Experienced to work with your imagination for a couple of things but otherwise it was quite easy to assemble on my own. Gorgeous looking kitchen. Happy I brought it.

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Kids Kitchen 1 – The Golden Spoon, The Twins, and The Kidkraft Toy Kitchens w/ Spiderman & Elsa

Large Girls Kids Pink Wooden Play Kitchen Children’s Role Play Pretend Set Toy

Product Description

Please note we are currently unable to deliver to Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland.

Great For imaginative games and role play. Feeds imaginations and makes kids more creative, Kids can easily imitate their parents role in the kitchen and add in their own unique creative elements, your child can use their imagination to understand what really happens when people cook in the kitchen. Please note, This item is flat packed and will take an hour to assemble.

Suitable for children from 3 years

EN71 approved

Made from MDF

Price: £74.99

  • Large Size Wooden Kitchen Role Play Set
  • Great For imaginative and role play. Feeds imaginations and makes kids more creative
  • Kids can easily imitate their parents role in the kitchen and adding in their own unique creative elements, your child can use their imagination to understand what really happens when people cook in the kitchen.
  • Microwave oven, Stove, Window with Curtain, Removable Sink, 2 Cupboards for storage room.
  • Size: LxWxH: 82x30x100cm

Children can explore a world of fun with kids kitchen playsets. Children love to mimic what they see and play pretend. With their own kitchen playset they can do just that. It. ‘s a great way for young minds to play imagination games.

Kitchen playsets come in a variety of styles and functions but they all promote imagination. No matter what your space you can find a playset to fit it. There is even a stacking one piece set for a tight space. There are a lot of options for any parent of any home. Or perhaps you are a grandparent that would like a playset at their home for when the grandchildren come over to visit.

The classic wooden playset is a timeless beauty. It is well constructed and sturdy. They even now have designer wooden sets at many boutiques. Many times you can also find them at a custom wood furniture store and a craft show where wood makers take pride in creating one of a kind piece of art.

Hard plastic sets are great too and versatile. You can easily place them outside if you want to and they can even be hosed down if need be in case your child decide to make mud pies. They are light in weight and can be easily moved back inside if you would like to. This is especially good for places that get cold in the winter time.

The playsets are interactive with all their knobs to turn and doors to open and close. Children can place items it them or move them around. And then they can do it again. They can arrange their kitchen any way they want to and you will have fun watching them do it.

Many accessories can be purchased to go with your child’s playset. Food galore in every shape and size is available. Also available are specialize kits such as pizza, for example. Many choices are also available for pots, pans, plates, cups and you name it they have it.

As with any children. ‘s toy check manufacturer labels and note any safety hazards. Enjoy watching your child explore their new playset. Kids kitchen playsets are affordable and fun play that be used by all the children in your home and possibly your grandchildren someday.

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12 best dolls for girls of 5 to 11 years old

There aren’t many girls that could remember what dolls they liked to play with if they were 5 to 11 yrs old. It could sometimes be considered a challenge to buy women dolls for pre-schoolers, particularly if they aren’t your own child. There are a wide variety of dolls out there, so we have put together a set of 12 very best dolls for women of 5 to 11 years old to work with you at birthday and Xmas times, or anytime when you merely feel like ordering for the special 5 to 11 yrs older in your life.

DC SuperHero Girls Training Batgirl86 g4.9

DC SuperHero Girl's 12 inch Poison Ivy Set299 g4.8

DC SuperHero Girl's 12 inch Batgirl Toy299 g4.9

DC SuperHero Girl's 12 inch Wonder Women Toy299 g4.8

Monster High DNX21 Welcome to Monster High Lagoona Doll141 g4.8

Ever After High Apple Doll (White)159 g4.8

Monster High DNW89 Clawdeen Wolf Doll136 g5

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll9 g3.9

Monster High DNX65 Ghoul-to-Bat Transformation Draculaura Doll240 g4

Legler Denise Doll458 g4.3

Ever After High DHF96 Meeshell Mermaid Doll159 g4.3

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Doll259 g4.6

1. DC SuperHero Girls Training Batgirl

The DC Super Hero Young girls action dolls are training to be action-ready! Unleash your ability and train your internal hero along with the action figures inspired by the effective pupils of DC Super Hero Great. Each 12-in . Super Hero figure wears her action-ready training attire with iconic logos and signature color. Batgirl action doll is all set for training wearing her attire (non-removable), along with a dark cape and utility head of hair accessory. Fans will love the signature color scheme, recognizable facts and iconic logo design. Find your own exceptional abilities and find out your true potential combined with the learners of DC Super Hero Large (each sold separately, at the mercy of availability). Pick your selected Super Hero. Features Batgirl actions doll with cape and hair accessory. Colors and decorations may vary.


This is an awesome looking barbie doll.

2. DC SuperHero Girl’s 12 inch Poison Ivy Set

Being a genius at gardening is a lot more than just staying brainy with biology. One student at DC Super Hero High knows this, which explains why she’s a proficient pupil with plant life. Learn the means of dirt and flora by delivering residence this DC Super Hero Ladies Poison Ivy 12″ Action Doll. Rocking her signature green clothing with vine and ivy particulars, the redheaded hero can summon and control crops on a whim, producing her extremely priceless when fighting crime. Contrary to popular belief, Poison Ivy will expand on you.

Welcome Poison Ivy into your circle of good friends with this genius college student at DC Super Hero High
Save your day with Ivy’s ability to summon and control plants
Traditional green with ivy details and garden flair creates a look that blends iconic parts from the original DC Super Hero character with contemporary trends
Manipulate the doll’s multiple articulation factors to move her into battle-ready, plant-controlling or classroom-attending poses
Bendable vines and ivy leaves extras let you truly customize the appearance of Poison Ivy before she cuts class to avoid crooked criminals
Assemble your course by collecting all of the DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls (extra dolls sold separately)
Suitable for ages 6 years or more.


I bought this for my niece for Christmas.she loves it. She takes it everywhere with her.

3. DC SuperHero Girl’s 12 inch Batgirl Toy

Unleash your electric power and explore the inner hero with DC Super Hero action dolls! Encouraged by the powerful pupils of DC Super Hero High, the DC Super Hero Young girls action dolls are prepared for effective fun. In 12-inches scale, the Batgirl action doll can press the restrictions! She wears the perfect costume that blends the iconic factors of her primary DC Super Hero character — with Batgirl symbols on her behalf shirt and bat-motivated mask and hood — with contemporary trends ready to use it. Accessories are equally great! The tech genius and qualified detective includes her bat-shaped backpack, mobile gizmo and utility belt. Designed with high articulation and the capability to stand alone, the Batgirl actions doll is prepared for effective posing and imaginative storytelling — capture an instant of action easily. Girls will like finding their own abilities combined with the preeminent students of DC Super Hero Superior who learn to master their powers and the hero fundamentals with techniques big and small.


Well made!! Daughter of 9 loves it.

4. DC SuperHero Girl’s 12 inch Wonder Women Toy

Train to get your own inner Super Hero with this doll inspired by DC Super Hero Young ladies. The powerful teen action doll wears her training outfit as observed in the webisodes. She likewise comes with a moving cape and specific hair accessory.
The DC Comics Super Hero Gal 12 inch Action Doll – Wonder Woman Features:
Doll wears her trendy training outfit as seen in the webisodes
Includes flowing cape and unique wild hair accessory
Explore your have inner Very Hero with this doll
Perfect addition or beginning to any DC Super Hero Young ladies collection!
Great gift for just about any DC Super Hero Young ladies fan


My granddaughter really liked it and it appears reasonably well-made with an articulated body so the knees bend, etc.

5. Monster High DNX21 Welcome to Monster High Lagoona Doll

Monster High DNX21 Welcome to Monster Superior Lagoona Doll
– Recreate favourite scenes, pose for scary cool get together pics or tell new monster tales with this favourite Monster Large character.
– Check out the “Welcome to Monster Great” movie, and collect each of the dolls and add-ons for your own testimonies of a monster world (each sold separately, at the mercy of availability).
– Features Lagoona Blue doll wearing fashion and gadgets with image booth prop.


Lovely quality, beautiful hair and dress detail.

6. Ever After High Apple Doll (White)

The Ever After Great Apple White Doll is the girl of Snow Light. She is a charismatic leader who puts her best foot frontward in a spellbinding attire. She’s wearing a reddish detailed outfit with a installed bodice, a pink peplum and a cropped jacket. A golden crown with bow as well tops this manner doll’s long blond hairstyle. She actually has apple-inspired equipment, such as apple reddish colored heels and an apple-designed purse. This stylish and posable Ever After doll includes a stand to proudly display her on a dresser or shelf when not in use, a doll hairbrush to continue to keep her locks tangle no cost and a bookmark with her specific story.


It is perfect and a fun doll. Would recommend it highly.

7. Monster High DNW89 Clawdeen Wolf Doll

– Ghouls at residence will love learning to embrace what makes them unique with their beast good friends from Monster High.
– Collect all of the Monster Superior dolls (each offered separately, at the mercy of availability).
– Features articulated Clawdeen Wolf doll using fashion and accessories.


It came exactly as pictured. My daughter loves it.

8. Barbie Glitter Hair Doll

Glam, trendy and fun, young stylists may create glittery looks for Barbie doll using this glamorous glitter hairstyling place – unique adhesive design sheets and glitter bed linens allow your imaginative expression to sparkle. Split a small portion of Barbie doll’s hair and clip it in to the hair software – or do the job freehand for a completely unique appear. Select an adhesive design and style, and press it on to the hair. After that select a glitter sheet. Press it on to the adhesive style and clean the glitter sheet downward to transfer the sparkle onto Barbie doll’s hair! It’s very easy! Then style even more with the included barrettes and locks elastics to make a look to take pleasure in. Barbie doll can look gorgeous in her trendy costume with the perfect necklace and cute pair of heels that comprehensive the look. Try different colors, variations and combinations to match the story or design! Express a mood or a moment!


The Barbie Glitter Hair doll is a really awesome toy.

9. Monster High DNX65 Ghoul-to-Bat Transformation Draculaura Doll

In a position to transform from ghoul to bat immediately, Draculaura doll is preparing to soar! The girl of Dracula showcases a freaky fabulous flaw with a trendy teen skirt that opens to make boo-tiful bat wings. Simply draw straight down the lever on Draculaura teen doll’s bodice to discover her shimmery pink overskirt unfold into body-sized wings. Drive the wings right down to go back to a “frequent” ghoul. Then do it again to repeat the wow point in time. Shimmery pink externally and decorated with a bat and heart print on the inside, the huge bat wings help testimonies fly. Both looks are gore-geous. When dressed just as a teen, Draculaura includes a pink bodice with bright white ruffles and a dark-colored bow tie, a pink skirt with heart print and collected overskirt. As a bat, her bodice is opened up to reveal a lace-up corset in pink, blue and black with bat information. Pink shoes happen to be fangtastic with either seem. Recreate favorite reports or tell latest tales with this uhh-mazing doll. Do it again the transformation for extended storytelling, display and innovative expression. Fly into fun – again and again! Includes transforming Draculaura doll wearing fashions and gadgets. Doll cannot standalone.


My daughter is in love with her, easy to use and nothing complicated.

10. Legler Denise Doll

Childlike collector doll with sapphire-blue eyes and precise outfit with crochet cap. The doll with a porcelain brain and limbs can be decoratively shown on a light stand! Incl. small teddy bear.


The doll is very pretty doll just like the photo.

11. Ever After High DHF96 Meeshell Mermaid Doll

Meeshell L’Mer, girl of the tiny Mermaid, makes a splash in her first outfit fans might recognize from the webisode. The shy singing superstar and Ever before After Royal includes a mermaid-encouraged skirt and sea-themed gadgets that include sneakers, jewelry, a headpiece and seashell-shaped purse. A doll stand and persona storybook add to the play and screen fun.


Beautiful doll fantastic attention to detail.

12. Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Doll

Help to make monster waves with Posea Reef, a fresh Monster High personality from the ocean. When the Monster Superior ghouls get pulled right here to the homeland of Lagoona Blue in the Monster Superior Great Scarrier Reef video — they end up underwater where they help to make fresh beast friends and deal with new enemies. With fascinating glow-in-the-dark bioluminescent effects, the Posea Reef doll produces a significant splash. The girl of Poseidon wants to choose with the movement and opts for floaty fashions that sway with the existing. A seaweed tail — that allows the doll to stand on her behalf own — holds ocean creatures that glow at night for scary cool result. A colorful print leading looks boo-tiful, while accessories are fun. Enthusiasts of the video will love recreating moments or playing out new adventures. Collect all of the Monster High Superb Scarrier Reef dolls for an sea full of Monster Superior ghoulfish (each sold individually, subject to availability). Incorporates Posea Reef doll using fashions and accessories.


granddaughter is very happy with the doll.

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Barbie Dollhouse Plans Book One

Barbie Dollhouse Plans Book One

Product Description
ALL 4 PLANS: Included in this the Barbie Dollhouse Plans Book One are the Traditional, Southern Mans….

Price: £24.21

    Build Your Own Colonial Dollhouse: Plan Book: 9 Room Colonial Doll House: Volume 4 (Dollhouse Plan Books)

    Price: £6.50

      Making a dolls house like the pro’s.avi

      All about wooden toy plans A wonderfull video showing how one of the top commercial dollhouse suppliers makes stunning kits to build heirloom quality dolls homes.

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