Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier Review

Review of UK Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier

We are going to give you the Know How on the Mountain Buggy Juno, We will show you the 4 ergonomic carrying positions & we will check out some of the carriers award winning best features for babywearing. Juno is Mountain Buggy’s first release into the baby carrier category and its launchedwith a super strong contender. The Mountain Buggy Jono is already winning awards for its innovation and design features. Juno is a comfortable multi functional baby carrier that transitions from newborn to toddler and has four medically approved carrying modes. Juno is suitable from Birth to a maximum weight range of 20kgs and has 3 levels of patented innovation – A hands through connection pouch. A width adjustable seat and flip out seatfunctionality of the infant insert.

So lets take a tour of the carrier itself. The Juno Carrier is a similar design to the popular Ergo baby carrier range consisting of the wide padded waistband, thick padded shoulder straps and sternum strap fasteninghowever looking closer there are a few fantastic features that set the Juno apart from itscontenders. if your going to use the Juno from birth the patented infant insert which has padded headand neck support, padded back to support babies spine and height adjustable cushioned seatplus it’s adjustable in width so your growing baby is completely secure and supported. Becauseof the adjustability of the newborn insert there’s no waiting for your baby to grow that little bit taller to use the Juno Carrier itself, you just adjust the insert & onceyour baby has reached the recommended milestones you remove the insert and use the Carrieras is. Plus a major bonus for you is that the infant insert comes included with thecarrier when you buy it. The padded shoulder straps and waist band make for an even weight distribution for you. Which I have to say this was certainly tested with my 3yr old who is at the top weight rangeof the Juno carrier at 20kgs and it certainly was very comfortable to wear because of thateven distribution. All Juno textiles are breathable, free from harmful substances and the fabrics are 100%cotton for natural breathability, the inner fabrics against babies back are really reallysoft. The shoulder straps and waist band are lined with breathable 3D mesh. The padded waistband has two tailored, retractable storage pockets, I absolutely love these pocketsfor your quick grab baby items or your own personal items like your phone or keys. theseare a super handy feature utilising the extra space that on other baby carriers can go un-utilised. The waistband buckle also includes a safety elastic to flick over as an extra safeguard. On the front of the carrier to both sids are slots so you can put your hands through. Thehands through connect pouch is exactly what you naturally do when you have your baby inthe carrier you slot your hands around your baby so this pouch and design features reallymakes baby able to feel your hands on their back and as Mountain Buggy word it so elegantlyits Hands through connection. To the top of the carrier is a super deep stow away pocket where the protective hoodcan be accessed, again the part of the hood that goes agains babies skin is super softcotton. Two metal snaps on the shoulder straps is where you connect the hood straps to. The stow away pocket does not have any closures to it however it is super deep going all theway to the waistband, so you certainly could store some flat items like a bib, taggie or folded muslin cloth in there. This is also a great pocket for the scorching summer daysto insert a cooler pack into, to help keep your baby cool. The shoulder straps includes runners so you can slide the sternum strap up or down dependingon your carrying position and comfort. The sternum strap has another super clever designfeature and that is, that its magnetic. No more will you be standing their trying toconnect the two pieces behind your back trying to get them together because all you needto do is touch the two connection points fairly close together and it basically magnetisesinto place. On both the shoulder strap excess & the waistband there is an elastic loop so you can wind up the excess straps and secure them away.

Now for the four medically approved carrying modes of the Juno baby carrier. There is the Front face in suitable for 0-24 months the front face out suitable for 6-18months. The back carrying mode suitable from 6-48  months and the hip carrying mode suitable form 6- 24mths.  To achieve the Medically approved carrying modes the Juno Baby Carrier has a innovativewidth adjustable seat, with a few press stud adjustments you change the base of the seatso its suitable for either the front face in or the front face out to achieve the correcthip position for your baby. We have created a bonus in-depth video which goes into the full details and How to’sof the four carrying positions and how to safely and correctly carry your baby including those width adjustments to the seat. Things to consider: – The New born insert is an extra layer aroundyour baby when it comes to the hotter months remember you can place a cooler pack in thandeep stow away pocket as we mentioned. There is No closure to the hood pocket tosecure the hood away The metal snaps to adjust the seat width arequite firm to adjust and can not be done with the baby in the carrier. Things to like: – The fantastic on board storage pockets foryour quick grab items & the hands through pouchThe well padded waist band & shoulder straps for even weight distribution that make this carrier very comfortable for you The magnetic sternum strap for easier fasteningdefinatly one of my favourite features The adjustable infant insert + the fact itsincluded and not an additional cost The flexibility of the 4 carrying positionsand lastly the lovely soft fabrics against babies skin. So now you have the KNOW How, on the award winning Mountain Buggy Juno. Now its yourturn, let us know your thoughts. Did you carry your baby in the Juno? What was your babies favorited carrying positioning?

Should youn’t already have an infant carrier, now is a superb time to receive one. For newborns, the juno carrier also includes an infant insert that’s exactly like a small seat that sits within the carrier. At £139 it may feel expensive but it’s a fantastic high quality carrier. Few carriers can boast this without purchasing additional accessories. Baby carriers have come a ways in the last few decades. Finding any baby carrier on always requires a little bit of practice. To discover more about Juno baby carrier, including different reviews and exact specifications, have a look HERE.

Made from 100% cotton, the bucket seat gives an exciting means to find the Earth, while dads remains comfortable due to the padded shoulder straps. It provides you ultimate comfort in regards to providing the most appropriate for your infant. It ensures not only your child’s comfort, but in addition an ergonomic position.

Beauty comes out of a life well lived. There are many colours, it’s simple to coordinate with your stroller, play gym, or only choose a favorite. With this innovative model in your house you can keep a close watch on the baby even if you aren’t in an identical room. It’s a hands through connection pouch which permits you to relish a all-natural connection with baby whilst carrying. The massive pocket is padded so you don’t need to be worried about its contents poking into your child’s back. No extra reach straps required! It’s far better make sure that it remains at arm’s length.

The Juno gets lots of things right in regards to bells and whistles. The Juno can likewise be utilized in a hip carry. The Juno provides many innovative capabilities. The Juno is among the simplest carriers for transitioning baby! It’s a fact that the Mountain Buggy Juno doesn’t arrive in a number of different print alternatives.

The game fish you receive like trout, reddrum, and snook has to be thrown back. You will likely think of another sort of boat or train that isn’t here. Different men and women utilize this to make trips to visit family or friends who dwell in different locations or to go on vacation.

Attempt to acquire wish lists in from family and friends so you’re prepared to strike. Take some time to discover what’s essential to you, dad. Baby carrying can acquire heavy. Strapping your infant directly to you is an excellent way to raise your mobility whilst keeping your eye on the tiny one at all times. A Mountain buggy pram would earn an excellent present for any mum. It boasts a couple of features that I do really enjoy!

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