10 Best Intelligent and Educational Toy Car Robotics kits for Teenagers

So do you think that Robots will take over our world soon? Well let’s see…

One thing is sure, our kids will have great interest into robots and will be wanting to experiment with robots. It is a great educational experience for kids to learn to science,technology, maths and engineering all in one kit , we have reviewed the best robotic kits for you below.

Let’s dive into some terms which might help you understand the concept of robotic kits:

Most of the robot kits listed below are tied to terms such as STEM, Arduino, and Blockly.

 Table could not be displayed.Arduino: An open-source hardware and software platform. It consists of boards that read inputs and convert data into outputs. This data is managed through the Arduino programming language and Arduino-based software. Arduino was built for beginnersbut is sophisticated enough for advanced users, making it a widely used platform in the educational system. Even Intel is on the Arduino bandwagon.

Scratch: A programming language designed for kids ages 8 to 16. It’s separate from Arduino but still widely used in schools for creating games, programming robots, designing animations, and more. Instead of writing code from scratch, kids piece together blocks of commands ranging from motions to events to sensing. Scratch can be downloaded and installed directly to a PC, or used online via Flash.

Blockly: Another programming language for kids, Blockly relies on blocks of code that can be strung together to create a program. It now resides under Google’s umbrella and is typically web-based, although dedicated apps have appeared for Android and iOS. Of the two, Blockly is a simpler programming language; Scratch provides additional features.

STEM: This is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a “movement” set forth by the U.S. Department of Education to help teachers and parents prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow. It’s designed for student interaction with real-world programs, providing experimental learning activities that push students to investigate, understand, and create solutions.


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