12 best dolls for girls of 5 to 11 years old

There aren’t many girls that could remember what dolls they liked to play with if they were 5 to 11 yrs old. It could sometimes be considered a challenge to buy women dolls for pre-schoolers, particularly if they aren’t your own child. There are a wide variety of dolls out there, so we have put together a set of 12 very best dolls for women of 5 to 11 years old to work with you at birthday and Xmas times, or anytime when you merely feel like ordering for the special 5 to 11 yrs older in your life.

DC SuperHero Girls Training Batgirl86 g4.9

DC SuperHero Girl's 12 inch Poison Ivy Set299 g4.8

DC SuperHero Girl's 12 inch Batgirl Toy299 g4.9

DC SuperHero Girl's 12 inch Wonder Women Toy299 g4.8

Monster High DNX21 Welcome to Monster High Lagoona Doll141 g4.8

Ever After High Apple Doll (White)159 g4.8

Monster High DNW89 Clawdeen Wolf Doll136 g5

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll9 g3.9

Monster High DNX65 Ghoul-to-Bat Transformation Draculaura Doll240 g4

Legler Denise Doll458 g4.3

Ever After High DHF96 Meeshell Mermaid Doll159 g4.3

Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Doll259 g4.6

1. DC SuperHero Girls Training Batgirl

The DC Super Hero Young girls action dolls are training to be action-ready! Unleash your ability and train your internal hero along with the action figures inspired by the effective pupils of DC Super Hero Great. Each 12-in . Super Hero figure wears her action-ready training attire with iconic logos and signature color. Batgirl action doll is all set for training wearing her attire (non-removable), along with a dark cape and utility head of hair accessory. Fans will love the signature color scheme, recognizable facts and iconic logo design. Find your own exceptional abilities and find out your true potential combined with the learners of DC Super Hero Large (each sold separately, at the mercy of availability). Pick your selected Super Hero. Features Batgirl actions doll with cape and hair accessory. Colors and decorations may vary.


This is an awesome looking barbie doll.

2. DC SuperHero Girl’s 12 inch Poison Ivy Set

Being a genius at gardening is a lot more than just staying brainy with biology. One student at DC Super Hero High knows this, which explains why she’s a proficient pupil with plant life. Learn the means of dirt and flora by delivering residence this DC Super Hero Ladies Poison Ivy 12″ Action Doll. Rocking her signature green clothing with vine and ivy particulars, the redheaded hero can summon and control crops on a whim, producing her extremely priceless when fighting crime. Contrary to popular belief, Poison Ivy will expand on you.

Welcome Poison Ivy into your circle of good friends with this genius college student at DC Super Hero High
Save your day with Ivy’s ability to summon and control plants
Traditional green with ivy details and garden flair creates a look that blends iconic parts from the original DC Super Hero character with contemporary trends
Manipulate the doll’s multiple articulation factors to move her into battle-ready, plant-controlling or classroom-attending poses
Bendable vines and ivy leaves extras let you truly customize the appearance of Poison Ivy before she cuts class to avoid crooked criminals
Assemble your course by collecting all of the DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls (extra dolls sold separately)
Suitable for ages 6 years or more.


I bought this for my niece for Christmas.she loves it. She takes it everywhere with her.

3. DC SuperHero Girl’s 12 inch Batgirl Toy

Unleash your electric power and explore the inner hero with DC Super Hero action dolls! Encouraged by the powerful pupils of DC Super Hero High, the DC Super Hero Young girls action dolls are prepared for effective fun. In 12-inches scale, the Batgirl action doll can press the restrictions! She wears the perfect costume that blends the iconic factors of her primary DC Super Hero character — with Batgirl symbols on her behalf shirt and bat-motivated mask and hood — with contemporary trends ready to use it. Accessories are equally great! The tech genius and qualified detective includes her bat-shaped backpack, mobile gizmo and utility belt. Designed with high articulation and the capability to stand alone, the Batgirl actions doll is prepared for effective posing and imaginative storytelling — capture an instant of action easily. Girls will like finding their own abilities combined with the preeminent students of DC Super Hero Superior who learn to master their powers and the hero fundamentals with techniques big and small.


Well made!! Daughter of 9 loves it.

4. DC SuperHero Girl’s 12 inch Wonder Women Toy

Train to get your own inner Super Hero with this doll inspired by DC Super Hero Young ladies. The powerful teen action doll wears her training outfit as observed in the webisodes. She likewise comes with a moving cape and specific hair accessory.
The DC Comics Super Hero Gal 12 inch Action Doll – Wonder Woman Features:
Doll wears her trendy training outfit as seen in the webisodes
Includes flowing cape and unique wild hair accessory
Explore your have inner Very Hero with this doll
Perfect addition or beginning to any DC Super Hero Young ladies collection!
Great gift for just about any DC Super Hero Young ladies fan


My granddaughter really liked it and it appears reasonably well-made with an articulated body so the knees bend, etc.

5. Monster High DNX21 Welcome to Monster High Lagoona Doll

Monster High DNX21 Welcome to Monster Superior Lagoona Doll
– Recreate favourite scenes, pose for scary cool get together pics or tell new monster tales with this favourite Monster Large character.
– Check out the “Welcome to Monster Great” movie, and collect each of the dolls and add-ons for your own testimonies of a monster world (each sold separately, at the mercy of availability).
– Features Lagoona Blue doll wearing fashion and gadgets with image booth prop.


Lovely quality, beautiful hair and dress detail.

6. Ever After High Apple Doll (White)

The Ever After Great Apple White Doll is the girl of Snow Light. She is a charismatic leader who puts her best foot frontward in a spellbinding attire. She’s wearing a reddish detailed outfit with a installed bodice, a pink peplum and a cropped jacket. A golden crown with bow as well tops this manner doll’s long blond hairstyle. She actually has apple-inspired equipment, such as apple reddish colored heels and an apple-designed purse. This stylish and posable Ever After doll includes a stand to proudly display her on a dresser or shelf when not in use, a doll hairbrush to continue to keep her locks tangle no cost and a bookmark with her specific story.


It is perfect and a fun doll. Would recommend it highly.

7. Monster High DNW89 Clawdeen Wolf Doll

– Ghouls at residence will love learning to embrace what makes them unique with their beast good friends from Monster High.
– Collect all of the Monster Superior dolls (each offered separately, at the mercy of availability).
– Features articulated Clawdeen Wolf doll using fashion and accessories.


It came exactly as pictured. My daughter loves it.

8. Barbie Glitter Hair Doll

Glam, trendy and fun, young stylists may create glittery looks for Barbie doll using this glamorous glitter hairstyling place – unique adhesive design sheets and glitter bed linens allow your imaginative expression to sparkle. Split a small portion of Barbie doll’s hair and clip it in to the hair software – or do the job freehand for a completely unique appear. Select an adhesive design and style, and press it on to the hair. After that select a glitter sheet. Press it on to the adhesive style and clean the glitter sheet downward to transfer the sparkle onto Barbie doll’s hair! It’s very easy! Then style even more with the included barrettes and locks elastics to make a look to take pleasure in. Barbie doll can look gorgeous in her trendy costume with the perfect necklace and cute pair of heels that comprehensive the look. Try different colors, variations and combinations to match the story or design! Express a mood or a moment!


The Barbie Glitter Hair doll is a really awesome toy.

9. Monster High DNX65 Ghoul-to-Bat Transformation Draculaura Doll

In a position to transform from ghoul to bat immediately, Draculaura doll is preparing to soar! The girl of Dracula showcases a freaky fabulous flaw with a trendy teen skirt that opens to make boo-tiful bat wings. Simply draw straight down the lever on Draculaura teen doll’s bodice to discover her shimmery pink overskirt unfold into body-sized wings. Drive the wings right down to go back to a “frequent” ghoul. Then do it again to repeat the wow point in time. Shimmery pink externally and decorated with a bat and heart print on the inside, the huge bat wings help testimonies fly. Both looks are gore-geous. When dressed just as a teen, Draculaura includes a pink bodice with bright white ruffles and a dark-colored bow tie, a pink skirt with heart print and collected overskirt. As a bat, her bodice is opened up to reveal a lace-up corset in pink, blue and black with bat information. Pink shoes happen to be fangtastic with either seem. Recreate favorite reports or tell latest tales with this uhh-mazing doll. Do it again the transformation for extended storytelling, display and innovative expression. Fly into fun – again and again! Includes transforming Draculaura doll wearing fashions and gadgets. Doll cannot standalone.


My daughter is in love with her, easy to use and nothing complicated.

10. Legler Denise Doll

Childlike collector doll with sapphire-blue eyes and precise outfit with crochet cap. The doll with a porcelain brain and limbs can be decoratively shown on a light stand! Incl. small teddy bear.


The doll is very pretty doll just like the photo.

11. Ever After High DHF96 Meeshell Mermaid Doll

Meeshell L’Mer, girl of the tiny Mermaid, makes a splash in her first outfit fans might recognize from the webisode. The shy singing superstar and Ever before After Royal includes a mermaid-encouraged skirt and sea-themed gadgets that include sneakers, jewelry, a headpiece and seashell-shaped purse. A doll stand and persona storybook add to the play and screen fun.


Beautiful doll fantastic attention to detail.

12. Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Posea Doll

Help to make monster waves with Posea Reef, a fresh Monster High personality from the ocean. When the Monster Superior ghouls get pulled right here to the homeland of Lagoona Blue in the Monster Superior Great Scarrier Reef video — they end up underwater where they help to make fresh beast friends and deal with new enemies. With fascinating glow-in-the-dark bioluminescent effects, the Posea Reef doll produces a significant splash. The girl of Poseidon wants to choose with the movement and opts for floaty fashions that sway with the existing. A seaweed tail — that allows the doll to stand on her behalf own — holds ocean creatures that glow at night for scary cool result. A colorful print leading looks boo-tiful, while accessories are fun. Enthusiasts of the video will love recreating moments or playing out new adventures. Collect all of the Monster High Superb Scarrier Reef dolls for an sea full of Monster Superior ghoulfish (each sold individually, subject to availability). Incorporates Posea Reef doll using fashions and accessories.


granddaughter is very happy with the doll.

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