Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset Review

Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool set is not only fun for your children, but educational as well. It will teach them about music, the world, and what it will be like to go to preschool.

What is Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset?

It is a musical preschool that will help toddlers to imagine their own preschool experience. Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset has over 35 sounds, phrases, and songs. It includes the preschool itself, Eddie, Mia, teacher figures, and a table with 4 chairs. The playset is intended for children ages 12 months to 5 years, it also requires 3 AA batteries.

What does this toy do?

There are so many things that can be done at The Little People Musical Preschool and your toddlers are the ones that will make it happen! There is an aquarium they can make “bubble bubble” sounds come from, they can make the dino roar, the hamster treadmill squeak, or even send Eddie and Mia down the slide.

When children push the buttons on the rug the whole school will come to life with many more sounds, phrases, and songs!

Just like many other preschools, each of the Little People friends has their own special place on the rug. What makes this so magical is that children can push each button to hear different sounds from the flute, violin, guitar, piano, or saxophone allowing them to build their own song! They will also be able to add sounds from the hamster, easel, aquarium, or dinosaur to make their song even more exceptional.

What are the Advantages?

If your child is coming up on the milestone of starting preschool the Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset will help them to imagine what their own preschool experience will be like. If they are already in school they could reenact their own experience they have already had, helping to build confidence.

While discovering how much fun preschool can be, they will also discover how they can make things happen, aiding in the understanding of cause and effect.

This playset is made of sturdy plastic and other Little People will fit in it as well. Although it says ages 12 months to 5 years, it is probably more enjoyable for children ages 12 months to 3.5 years old.

Are there any disadvantages?

Children and parents appear to love this fun and educational toy, the only real disadvantage found is that the power button is on the bottom of the toy which could upset a toddler if their Little People fall off when it is being turned off.

Final Thoughts

The Fisher-Price Little People Place Musical Preschool Playset is great for older babies and toddlers, it catches their attention with all of its bright colors and sounds that it makes. They can place the Little People where they want them and make their own sounds and music. This playset also helps to learn about the real world and what going to school might be like.

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