kilofly Instant Pop Up Portable UPF 35+ Baby Travel Bed + Sleeping Pad, 2 Pegs

kilofly Instant Pop Up Portable UPF 35+ Baby Travel Bed + Sleeping Pad, 2 Pegs

Product Description
kilofly Baby Travel Bed is ideal for protecting your little baby from harmful UV rays and insect bites when you are on the beach or in your backyard garden. It comes with a snap-on sleeping pad that makes it a more comfortable sleeping area for your little one. kilofly Baby Travel Bed can be folded down to an oval disc at about 650g (including sleeping pad), making it so easy to put inside your bag or luggage.


1. Baby Safety First – To reduce the risk of SIDS, kilofly baby travel bed is surrounded with lightweight mesh, and no padding inside the bed.
2. Comes with a sleeping pad snapped to the outside of the bottom.
3. Made of UV protective fabric – SGS Lab tested, UPF Rating of 35+
4. The fabric and ink of our baby travel bed use certified non-toxic, lead free, baby safe material.
5. Our kilofly Baby Travel Bed comes with 2 bed pegs and 2 anchor straps. Now, no need to worry about the travel bed getting blown away.
6. No Lost Part – To avoid any missing part, the zipper mesh panel is attached to the bed with a side pocket especially designed for convenient storage.
7. Toy hooks on top for hanging lightweight toys to keep your little darling entertained.
8. An elastic strap that secures your folded kilofly baby travel bed from popping open, avoids any unpleasant surprise and serious injury.
9. We know that many parents have problems with folding up the travel bed. kilofly baby travel bed has clear instructions printed on the cover of the carrier bag, as well as a video demo shown online to help you master the folding method.
10. As the sides of the travel bed is collapsible, it is not suggested to be used on a bed, but to be placed on the floor.

Recommended for babies up to 80 cm (31 inches) long

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Price: $36.99

  • Detachable sleeping pad – Can be snapped to the outside of the bottom, easily removed for cleaning
  • UV Protected & Baby Safety First – Our baby travel bed uses certified non-toxic, lead free, UPF 35+ (SGS lab tested) baby safe material
  • Quick Set up & Clean up – Self-expanding screen bed that can be popped open and folded back down in seconds; Worry Free – Comes with 2 bed pegs to keep the bed securely fixed on the ground / sand
  • Recommended for babies up to 80 cm (31 inches) long
  • Opened – 97 x 60 x 50 cm / 38 x 24 x 20 inch; Folded – 40 x 33 cm / 16 x 13 inch (Oval); Sleeping Pad – 97 x 61 cm / 38 x 24 inch£¨L x W); Weight: Bed – 380g; Sleeping Pad – 220g
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