Kinderkraft Safetyfix Car Seat with Isofix 9-36 kg Group 1 2 3 (Beige)

Kinderkraft Safetyfix Car Seat with Isofix 9-36 kg Group 1 2 3 (Beige)

Product Description
The Safety Fix is intended for up to three weight groups: 9 to 18 kg from 25 kg to 15 and from 22 to 36 kg. With the ability to disassemble the internal seat belts, designed for younger children, it can serve the family for many years. To ensure exceptional protection, this model is equipped with Isofix attachment system. It is now one of the safest systems available fixing car seats in vehicles. Isofix system effectively protects the seat from shifting or tilting during the ride. Just connect it using a specially adapted to snap Isofix fixtures in the vehicle. These handles are attached directly to the vehicle structure and located between the seat and the backrest. Clip system virtually eliminates incorrect assembly. Clicking sound indicates correct fitting Isofix brackets. After installing the child seat firmly adheres to the upholstery, providing an extremely high level of security.An additional element of security this model is a belt attachment Top Tether.

Price: £60.00

  • Fluent adjustment of seat inclination angle
  • Simple, simultaneous adjustment system for headrest height and safety harness length according to the height of the child
  • Seat durability and comfort: covering is made of airy and at the same time highly durable material
  • Timeless design and three unique colors
  • Simple installation with color-coded markings on the seat, detailed instructions with illustrations
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