Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen (Red)










“What can your baby rustle up found in the tiny Tikes Cook ‘n Shop Home? This big playset includes 34 unique add-ons for cooking up a storm. Place a pan on the stove best, click the dials and pretend to get a sizzle! There’s a good amount of room for storage space on the spinning shelves in addition to a sink for cleansing up after a meal. Grab something extra neat from the fridge and ice dispenser and even work with in a microwave for meals in a rush! The Cook ‘n Retail store Kitchen playset’s also totally assembled for fun direct from the box. In addition, it folds up for easy storage towards the end of a difficult day’s cooking! Filled with salt, pepper, foodstuff and a lot of kichen utensils, budding chefs will head out crazy for the Cook ‘n Store Kitchen! A great gift for ages 1 . 5 years and up.”

Product Features:

-No assembly required!

-Compactly folds up for easy to do storage

-Room to retail store all accessories even while folded up

-Includes oven and stove top rated with clicking knobs

-Includes spinning shelves for storage

-Comes with 32 accessories, including plates, cups, silverware, pans, food preparation utensils, and play items and spices


*** Excellent size for my 15 month aged and he absolutely loves it again. Bonus offer that it folds up for storage area but doubt he’ll stop using it long enough to store it away.

*** The Cook ‘n Retail store Kitchen was prepared to be played with in less than five minutes. Upon opening the container, you’d find which you pull it out of the box, pull the side panels open up, unbag the components that it was included with and voila! Prompt fun! 🙂

*** Completely adorable! It is the perfect gift idea for my granddaughters primary birthday. Age ideal and durable materials. She will love it!

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