Sale on Vtech 193703 “Kidizoom” Selfie Cam Toy

  • Take great photos with your friends with this compact and lightweight Selfie Cam
  • Includes a selfie stick for you to take even greater photos and videos
  • Cover all the angles with the rotating 180 degree lens
  • The built-in rechargeable battery provides hours of fun
  • Loads of cool features and games, including a make-up studio, fantasy effects and more
  • Proper fun as long as one (and one’s child) does not take it too seriously.Anyway, essentially one has a camera and an extending stick / arm. The stick is fine. It’s easy to attach to the camera and easy to extend.

    The camera works well and has fun software accessories to embellish ones’s images (wigs and make-up, stars etc) … my six-year-old daughter LOVED this feature and was able to master the menu controls with very little input from me. I bought a 32 GB micro SD card (class 10) in advance to max-out the storage … on reflection unless there’s a spare card around at home I would not bother, the on-board storage is sufficient for most purposes (see below). There are also three games and the camera can shoot in video mode and also rotates for that special day when one gets fed up of taking selfies.

    So why be so mean about the rating? Well because (for the most part) the pixel rating of the camera (0.3 MP) is so low that essentially the images are always destined to be of such low quality that their lives will be spent only being viewed on the Vtech’s screen .. really? Even the worst phones from yesteryear can / did beat this image quality? Whilst one can export the images via the supplied USB cable there really is little point … viewing then on a computer screen shows how ‘low-resolution’ they are. My daughter wanted to print out a few images for her scrap book and even she (at 6) recognised (and was disappointed to realise) that the images should only be viewed on the camera.

    Great idea but why use such a low resolution camera? CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRICES

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