What should you consider first before buying your teenager a gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are a very burgeoning industry and they ensure that the users get the desktop experience. The desktops are also awesome for gamers but the issue lies in the fact that they are not portable at all. It can lead to issues and lugging desktops is not practical at all. There are even issues which are related to repair and performance upgrade. In such cases, it is hard to carry the desktops all the way to the repair shop to get the required done. The gaming laptops have developed a lot in recent years and the only reason is the fact that these are being developed along the lines of desktops. Before purchasing gaming laptops there are certain points which should be addressed for sure. This will make the user choose the right type of machine which requires minimum to no maintenance.


  1. Display

This is the first and foremost factor which should be considered before the laptop is chosen for gaming. The display should be small in size. For gaming, 14-inch laptop is highly recommended and there are several reasons for it. It will be light in weight, slim and sleek in design. The 17 and even 18 inches are also available in this regard but these should be avoided if a lot of lugging is involved. These laptops are heavy obliterating portability factor completely. Now size does matter but it should not be the only threshold. The resolution of the monitor size is also an important consideration. Gaming laptops are also being offered in the 4K resolution which is highly in demand and a bit expensive. However, these are highly recommended.


  1. Trackpad

Online reviews are the best to gauge to make sure that the trackpad is up to the mark. The other to gauge the performance is to ensure that friend’s laptop is gauged before the work starts. This also leads to the best outcome and the user will be able to get a trackpad which is as per needs. It is a known fact that the desktops are always paired with a substandard gaming mouse. It never means that gamers should settle for same quality when it comes to a laptop. Each and every factor including precision and sensitivity should be gauged before making the final decision.


  1. Keyboard

It is another important factor which is to be considered before a final purchase is made. Most of the games in the market are very tactical in nature and therefore the keyboard should be such that it offers high precision and targets the antagonists as the gamer moves his fingers. The games of today heavily depend upon the keyboards for proper functioning. The keyboard should have large travel with minimum error percentage. Before using it for play the keyboard should be tested against normal typing and usage. The gaming laptops come with RGB light and thus it makes it easy for the gamers to play in dark areas of the house.


  1. Sound

Gaming sound is the best way to enjoy while playing. Sound i.e. speakers should is, therefore, another factor that is of high importance. The gaming laptops are notorious for substandard sounds but it is not the case with every tech piece. There are laptops which provide a decent sonic boom and hence they should be purchased if the sound is one of the foremost motives of gaming. Headsets are normally used while gaming but still sound without the headsets should be considered as at times headsets are not used for certain games. The laptops having main and subwoofers should always be considered before moving forward with the final decision.


  1. VRAM

Getting VRAM is a tech aspect which a normal gamer does not know. It is because the gaming frames and colors are not displayed properly if GPU has less VRAM than expected. Getting a VRAM will also apply less load on the GPU meaning increased performance. This is very important as VRAM ensures that GPU works at full capacity and provides an optimal experience. The Nvidia GeForce GTX series is regarded as the best of all and thus must be made a partner in the process. The VRAM can be increased as much as possible and it should be that way. The reason is more VRAM means high quality and high resolution which will provide the best quality.


  1. Hard Drive

The massive hard drive is recommended if more than 20 games are to be played on the laptop. This means that 2TB of it will suffice in most of the cases but not all. It is therefore recommended to make sure that the laptop is paired with the external hard drive as well. It will add extra storage space and the files from the internal hard drive can also be transferred to the external one allowing more space and optimal gaming experience.


  1. The GPU

It is the most important part of any gaming console and therefore should be of highest quality. The Graphics Processing Unit has to be the one that performs all the hard work for the gamer. It is always paired with the CPU which is second to GPU when it comes to working. Again Nvidia GeForce series is the one that is highly regarded and therefore should be used and preferred. The best GPU is the one that performs consistently and makes sure that the best output is provided. User reviews for different GPUs will make the process easy when a new console is in question.


  1. USB ports

A gamer needs data transfer and storage on a continuous basis. It is, therefore, the most important aspect which should be given priority. It is really important that the USB 3.0 interface is used instead of USB 2.0 due to fast and efficient data transfer. SD card support and USB type C are the other factors which should be regarded. The USB ports should be at least 4 in number to ensure a smooth transfer of data. Some games are also installed in USB drives and are booted from the same. This also increases the importance of a large number of USB ports.

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